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  |   June 27, 2014   |   Posted by admin   |   Leave a comment
Brooke Hample from The Cellar Team is spotted sneaking the trophy through the crowd at the Bed Races!
In the summer of 2013 there were seven entries in the Long Lake Bed Races. Only one team could walk home with the trophy. The rules in Long Lake are simple. You beat everyone, you get a cash prize, glory, bragging rights and your team name engraved on the Bed Race Trophy on display year-round right in the Long Lake tourism office. The team gets an official photo holding the trophy and that’s it. That’s all the team contact with said trophy, but its enough to make the papers, make facebook, snapchat, twitter and everything else in between… but in 2013, something happened to that tradition. It was broken. Brooke Hample from The Cellar Team is spotted sneaking the trophy through the crowd at the Bed Races! The Adk Trading Post team-members, begged and pleaded, (translation… whined) and the tough as nails (actually marshmallow-hearted) Director relented (got hoodwinked) and allowed the team to carry the Bed Race Trophy Cup around during the evening activities at the beach. With one more final team photo opportunity and one last breath of effort, tinged with a slight affable charm, the team members ... Read more
  |   June 12, 2014   |   Posted by admin   |   Leave a comment
Long Lake Road Rally
Well it’s always a hotly contested debate when the family and friends arrive in town. What to do? What to do? We see what it says in the guidebooks, but what do the locals suggest? Here are some great tips for summer adventure (some or all are at your own risk!) Long Lake Road Rally Owls Head Mountain and Fire Tower Buy a Long Lake sticker Sit outside at night at the Cellar around the fire with friends Jump off the Boob (ask a local) Visit the CV Whitney Long Lake Library Climb Mt. Sabattis and check out the view Have breakfast at the Diner Pretend you’re riding on the snowmobile trails and make loud noises while you do it Check out Wide River Antiques Boat cruise to Turtle Beach Where’s that? The northernmost beach on Long Lake, NY Have a beer at the Hotel Play Monday night soccer Do the Long Lake Road Rally on July 23rd Check out the tree growing up through Hoss’s Go on at least one of the hiking expedition series with either Spencer Morrissey or Joan Collins. Great treks! Goodman Mountain, Moose River Plains, Mount Adams and many more. Mostly on Monday’s. Call 518-624-3 ... Read more
  |   June 2, 2014   |   Posted by admin   |   Leave a comment
What’s on your Bird List? Long Lake and Hamilton County is an unbelievable boreal bird zone and not to be missed! The Adirondack Birding Festival in Hamilton County launches on Friday, June 13th through 15th. This three day event features birding hikes, walks, safaris and seminars stretching from Long Lake all throughout Hamilton County. Free birding expeditions, all you have to do is sign up. Hamilton County is over one million acres of the Adirondack State Park. Long Lake is one of the prime destinations to watch boreal birds. Now in its 10th year, the Hamilton County Birding Festival brings together bird watchers from all over the United States to explore and discover the amazing bird habitat of the Adks. Joan Collins is a premier birding expert in the area and calls Long Lake her home. Every year she participates in guided hiking trips in and around the Long Lake area. Her love of birds is palpable and her amazing ability to hear them is something not to miss. “Shhh, be quiet!” Have your ears ready for a special auditory experience. Check out the schedule and sign up! Be ... Read more
  |   May 22, 2014   |   Posted by admin   |   Leave a comment
Over 70 Miles of Garage Sales get underway this weekend stretching from Long Lake, Indian Lake, Inlet, Eagle Bay and Old Forge from May 23 – May 25th. Long Lake Memorial Day Parade will be held on Monday with marching commencing at 8:30am to the Bridge and approx 9am from the Doughboy Monument at the Town Hall. The parade will continue to the Long Lake Cemetery. American Legion Post 650 will be having a service. A tent, chairs and water will be available for guests who need to cool off as temps are predicted to be in the 80’s. Bring your bug spray. The black flies are out in full force. ... Read more
  |   May 15, 2014   |   Posted by admin   |   Leave a comment
Mud Pond
Locals love spring fishing. It’s quiet, the working summer season hasn’t zapped every extra minute of free time. It’s still early yet and while the black flies are out, they are still in their dumb, confused stage, so not quite the venomous monsters expected to hit in a few days. So it’s time to get out and hit the secret fishing spots around the area. With so many abundant waterways to explore there’s plenty. Reports and tidbits from facebook posts include “Brookies are hot. Down deep in the river eddies.” “I saw a 12 pounder pulled out” “Love the sunsets at my secret fishing spot.” It’s a great time of year, and time to get out. Whether you fish from the shoreline or a boat, it’s the best time to get out and relax. Got a fishing story? Submit it to our blog! longlakeinfo@yahoo.com ... Read more
  |   April 28, 2014   |   Posted by admin   |   Leave a comment
Ice went out on Long Lake, NY on Sunday, April 27th. Other waters in and the around the area are finally opening and accessible to fishermen. Spring fishing is open. Link to the NYS DEC website for the most updated regulations. Special Hamilton County Fishing Regulations Statewide Angling Regulations Bait and Tackle are available at Hoss’s Country Corner and Adk Trading Post Don’t forget your boat! Visit their website: Long Lake Marina Visit their website: Bird’s Marina Visit their website: Burke’s Marina ... Read more
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