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Traveling Town

Today the town ventured to Tupper Lake, 22 miles north.  The Wild Center opened its doors to the neighbors and visitors of the north to experience it in all the springtime glory.  Vendors, exhibits, the sun, all came out to share in the fun.

A group of LL parents traveled north and enjoyed the company and the food at the cafe.  We hiked on trails, smelled mink scents, admired Sturgeon, saw a live porcupine eat carrots and felt the ice and wondered what it would have been millions of years ago as the Adirondacks were carved out of glaciers.

The kids ate boiled hot dogs and cheez doodles.  My daughter had to pee on the Forest Preserve… sorry about that!  She peed on her pants (at least not in them) so she rode home in her car seat without… ya know… the bottoms, but she was happy to have had the adventure.

We drove by Coney Mountain and gave homage to Verplanck Colvin and discussed a future hike up that mountain.  Have to find the magical power line trail.. it’s been over 25 years since I climbed that hill on the the Tupper Road.

Then we came home to Long Lake and had a nice meal courtesy of the Pizzeria behind Hoss’s.  Thanks Jody, it was yummy.  The dogs barking, calling out saying “ruff ruff, where’s my pepperoni?”

The buds are budding and the daffodils are out… and the best part… NO FLIES!

If You Carry it in…Carry it out

My sis and I ate a delicious lunch across from Shaw Pond in LL today. I hate to say it, I don’t want to say it, but I have to say it… yes… I saw flies.. those little buggers were out. They weren’t biting, they are still in the very early, I don’t know anything yet stage. But they were there and they were annoying.

We shared a delicious, fully loaded sub made by our attendants at Kickerville Station. Speaking of Kickerville.. turns out our good friends over there have booked reknowned Blues Musician, Ernie Williams, to play an event May 16th right here in Long Lake! This is huge HUGE news. He’s playing Quackenbush’s Long View Wilderness Lodge. Ernie Williams is the BLUES. From a 13 year old boy playing a beat-up six-string on a Virginia Plantation to the 80 year old dynamo playing for adoring fans at such places as Buddy Guy’s Legends, Ernie has lived the blues.

Ernie Williams, an extraordinarily talented musician, has paid his dues and has won the right to take his place among the legends of the blues. His voice – “the voice” – is instantly recognized and personifies “the blues”.

Saturday, May 16th at Quackenbush’s Long View Lodge. Eric Peters opens.  This historical musical event is from 2pm – 6pm.

Everyone needs to check him out!

Long Lake