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Jazz in Long Lake

2009-08-03 10th Mountain Division 024

10th Mt. Division Audience Members

10th Mt. Division Audience Members

Feeling Long Lakey?  We’ve got the Tony Jenkins Jazz Trip playing on the Town Beach tonight, August 12th at 5pm.  Of course in my wizardry promotional machine the first posters that went out featured Tony “Perkins” so everyone coming will probably be expecting a re-enactment of Psycho to the dulcet tunes of Miles Davis.

On Friday we have the 10th Mt. Division 24 piece Jazz Band coming.   All I know is I paid for the tour bus and paid for promotion in the local newspapers.  They are playing up at the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion.  The location for Shakespeare in the Park, Weddings, Common Ground, Picnics, great bathrooms, Long Lake’s Craft Fair (which was a huge success), Author’s Night BBQ, and the site of next years Americana Festival… (that’s in the works anyway… or maybe it will just be BlueGrass.. haven’t figured it out yet)

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