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Long Lake Commits to ARISE

Chairlift at Big Tupper

Long Lake sponsors a Chair Lift Tower on Big Tupper

On Wednesday, October 28th, 2009, The Town Board of Long Lake pledged support to the revitalization of the Big Tupper Ski Area with a gift of $1500 to a Double Diamond Ski Pole on Chair Two. Chair Two services two-thirds of the Big Tupper Mt. Morris Ski Area. The Town of Long Lake discussed the importance of reaching out to our neighboring communities to foster economic relationships and develop opportunities for our kids to ski locally.

Tupper Lake has a core group of volunteers comprising ARISE with the goal of re-opening Big Tupper Ski hill on weekends all-volunteer run. Long Lake is 22 miles away and has a population of skiers young and old who remember learning to ski on Tupper slopes. Building up the winter economy is vital to the Adirondack region.

Day passes will be $15.00 a person.

Pumpkin Drop Huge Success

Long Lake 1st Pumpkin Drop 2009

Long Lake 1st Pumpkin Drop 2009

October 10, 2009, Long Lake NY

Fans of the Great Pumpkin gathered on Saturday, October 10th at the Long Lake Town Hall to participate in the first Long Lake Pumpkin Drop. Fourteen contestants participated.

Pumpkins were airlifted into the sky thanks to a special scaffolding machine on loan from Wallace Contracting. Cliff Ross and Jordan Wallace of the Long Lake Volunteer Fire Department were hoisted safely forty feet into the air with fourteen pumpkins by rigging operator Greg Bruce. A panel of judges including: John Rayome, Rose Lily and Tammy Kitchen voted on the best pumpkin drop using a variety of criteria including: best splatter, best noise and biggest impact.

The kick-off pumpkin set the bar for the event as it landed on the pavement and splattered cherry pie filling. Luckily all spectators with a good distance away from the landing zone and no one got wet. Clean up crews cleared the area between drops so each pumpkin would have maximum impact and create a standardized, fair competition.

The Pumpkin Drop took place during the Long Lake Annual Harvest Festival and Craft Fair sponsored by the Town of Long Lake. Over twenty vendors from in and around the area sold their American made crafts and products. Pumpkins were purchased from Gracie Lamos of Northern Borne store.

The first place winner was Chandler Seaman, followed up by second place winner Lillian Dechene. The finale pumpkin weighed over 120 pounds and made an impressive showing.

Next for Long Lake will be the Halloween Carnival on Saturday, October, 31st at the Long Lake Central School Gym from 1pm – 3pm, admission $1.00. Everyone is invited to attend. The carnival is co- sponsored by the Long Lake Central School Student Council and the Town of Long Lake. Look for games, kids to adults costume competition and a traditional Haunted House. Prizes will be awarded in a variety of category for best costumes. Admission is $1.00.

Columbus Day Weekend

Barrier at Lows Lake

Barrier at Lows Lake

Long Laker's checking out the road to Big Tup Ski Area

Long Laker's checking out the road to Big Tup Ski Area

Tupper Road towards Long Lake
Lower Dam at Lows Lake

Lower Dam at Lows Lake

The fall foliage has been outstanding this season. These last few days have been fraught with very windy surges, apparently it was a bit iffy with the electrical power and seems we relied on Newcomb for their generator. I only found out because my husband was going to go to the tanning salon and support the local economy. A theme I find of utmost importance. Shopping local can make the difference. Higher your expectations, you deserve them. We have to do it together!

I traveled north to Horseshoe Lake and down to the Lows Lake area. Attached are some pictures from the lake head (or whatever you call it) and also on our way back towards Long Lake.

Frosty Foliage Alert

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Heron in Shaw Pond

Heron in Shaw Pond[/Long Lake had two days in a row 9-30 & 10-1 where snow fell out of the sky. Two separate couples, summer residents (formerly winter residents) packed their bags and hightailed it out of Long Lake.. .I guess you’d call them snowbirds. Fare-the-well… we’ll be here waiting for you after the ice thaws!

The geese are honking as they fly out of dodge. It’s better than them taking residence on the Town Ball Field, which frankly is a bit of a menace for our soccer players & games. But as it cools off and the flowers turn brown, the geese will flee too.

On a mission to take scenic shots. Saw a heron at Shaw Pond and got a terrific view from the north end of town from a buddies’ beautiful property. A glorious view, don’t know how she leaves the homestead everyday.. and she’s a real woman too because she plows her own driveway and let me tell you, it’s not short. But that is a tale for another day.

Feeling Long Lakey! Harvest Festival Next Weekend should be a good time. We have McGill’s coming from Utica, a yummy food vendor, fried dough, chicken riggies and other yummy treats. Not to mention the assorted crafts that will be for sale and then the infamous… PUMPKIN DROP. We’ll have a panel of celebrity guest judges who make the call as to the best splatter.

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