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Trout Season Opens April 1

Forecast for the weekend is for beautiful weather. Stop by the Long Lake Town Offices (closed on Friday, April 2nd) or Hoss’s Country Corner for your fishing license. Always wise to call ahead.

Enjoy our waters!

Fishing Derby Schedule 2010

Great Transport to Remote Fishing Waters

Long Lake and Raquette Lake boast several fishing derbies throughout the year. At last count there was a total of eight slated per year and launching winter 2011 will be a season long ice-fishing competition, big cash prizes awarded all season.

We are gearing up for spring fishing. Here the dates for the rest of 2010.

May 21 – 22nd 4th Annual Lamphear Memorial Fishing Derby in Raquette Lake. Register RL Tap Room. Prizes for perch, bullhead, brook trout and lake trout.

June 5th Kids Fishing Derby Long Lake, Spillway on Jennings Park Pond. The pond is stocked with trout in the spring. Prizes and an Adirondack tradition is carried on with the next generation.

June 19th Bass/Pike Opening Day Fishing Derby. Long Lake. Launch time 6am from LL Town Beach. Cash Prizes for longest Pike, Large & Smallmouth Bass. No entry fee. Weight breaks all ties.

July 24 11th Annual RL Bass Tournament. Pre-registration required. $110 entry fee, two person in a boat max. Weigh in 1:00pm.

August 28-29
2nd Annual LL Bass Fishing Derby. Pre-registration required. $85 per boat, two person max. Mandatory meeting Sat, Aug 28th LL Town Hall 5pm. One team member must be present. Cash Prizes.

Coming up in 2011
Ice Fishing
Lake Eaton, 2nd Saturday in January, weather permitting
Raquette Lake – Mike Norris Derby – Last Saturday in January
Long Lake – Kid/ Adult Derby 1st Saturday in March

Raquette Lake Fishing
Raquette Lake is located Adirondack Mountains of New York State. The lake is the second largest natural lake in the Adirondacks and is approximately six miles long, with a maximum depth of just under 100 feet. It is also the source of the Raquette River.

Raquette Lake is home to the following species of fish brook trout, lake trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, landlocked salmon, northern pike, chain pickerel, perch and bullhead. This lake is stocked yearly with lake trout and brook trout.

The Adirondack region is located in the northeast quadrant of the state. The Adirondacks comprise about 26 percent of the entire land area of New York State. This region contains hundreds of streams and hundreds of lakes and ponds.

The most notable of the lakes are Lake George, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, Tupper Lake, Long Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, Indian Lake, Cranberry Lake, and the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

Mud Season Talent Show

Winner the original Long Lake Talent Show

Do you have a hidden talent that hides dormant, just waiting for that exclusive invitation to unleash it on the world? Long Lake is opening the doors to the serious, the wacky, the creative, the clever to take a leap of faith and get on the stage. This is your day.

Acts can include anything from bands (practicing for the Battle of the Bands in May.. come on join us, get the buzz going) Taking dance lessons in Tupper, show off your upcoming dance routine. Are you funny, can think of one fantastic hidden talent in LL who is deliriously unhinged at the moment and needs to get on the stage and rip out some one-liners… and then the old favorite.. try your hand at a silly human trick?

Show us your stuff. If you have you ever dreamed of being a “star?” this is your chance!

The Long Lake Mud Season Talent Show is on. Sunday, April 18 at 1pm at the Long Lake Town Hall, Route 30, Main Street Long Lake.

Refreshments and door prizes for all. Open to ALL ages and to the public. Sign up by calling Parks & Rec at 624-3077. Register by tax day (that’s April 15). Five persons per act. Max 7 minutes per act. PA system, amps, keyboard will be available.

Ya Zoo!!!

Adams Wood Shop

Spring Blossom Fiddle Jam Plan

Donnie Perkins and Dick Pierce Featured Fiddle Jam Acts

Long Lake will host the 19th Annual Fiddle Jam on Sunday, April 25 at the Long Lake Town Hall starting at 1pm. This year it will morph into a weekend long event complete with free Fiddle workshops on Saturday with George Harriger Sr and George Harriger Jr.

George and George will coach students to play, all levels of fiddlers are welcome to participate. Workshops start at 1pm at the town hall and run until 4pm. That evening there will be an informal jam at the Town Hall and anyone interested in auditioning for Saturday’s show is to welcome to try out. Six people will be selected to compete in Saturday’s jam for cash prizes of $125, $100 & $75 for Audience Choice.

In the past Long Lake has prided itself on it being a relaxed casual fiddle jam atmosphere, but this year changes were made to amp up the performances on Sunday and award higher cash prizes.

Come on out, stay the weekend, make Long Lake the Fiddle Destination. The Spring Blossom Fiddle Jamboree is made possible with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamliton County, the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts located in Blue Mt. Lake.

Art Installation Melt Out

Light Installation Inspiration for Art Project Slated for 2011

Artists Matt Burnett and Scott Fuller were prepared to battle the rain to work on their artistic formations out of snow, but the temperatures and rapid thaw depleted snow supplies too quickly. Matt surmised sustaining the project for the allotted week of exhibition would have required a blast of artic air and it didn’t look likely this late in the game.

There is still evidence of snowpack on the snowmobile trails, but the large piles around town have visibly diminished. The channel under the bridge has opened up, the south end has opened up and while certain sections of the lake still boast several inches of ice, the slush weakens it and the lake is merely a widening in the river, so currents do affect change under the surface… so common sense rules.

Matt and Scott have an art opening slated for Summer 2010 in Saranac Lake and will collaborate next season to make their art installation come alive. Matt anticipates having the time will allow for more planning and looks forward to placing more formations in and around the village of Long Lake.

Stay tuned. If anyone traveled to the area expecting to see these great creations.. all we can say is thank you for your support and please come back soon!

Last Vintage Race of 2010

Trailers and Trucks Park on Long Lake's Field

Gabe Farr Waits to Race

Bright beautiful and slushy describes Sunday, March 7th for the final day of the New York State Vintage Snosled races. Brian Farr vigilantly plowed the ice track for several days leading up to the final event, determined to make the track ride able. On Friday the pond boasted 20 inches of ice and according to the guide base on clear, blue, hard ice on no-running waters, that should hold about 25 tons. Of course slush ice is weaker and there was plenty of that as the day wore on.

A snowmobile race in Long Lake elicits winter memories of the 100 miler. The humming noise as the engine revs and the track spins, the smoky haze and familiar smell of snowmobile exhaust all tell a story of adrenaline, competition and passion for speed, the snowmobile race always revered as a Long Lake tradition. The ball field was crowded with trailers hailing from all over New York State. A roster of folks who have been traveling the winter circuit since the middle of January.

Bill and Phyllis Ryan Command Roach Coach Central

Phyllis and Bill Ryan were set up on the Town of Long Lake Roach Coach, grilling food, selling hot dogs and sodas for the Cybercreek Café. Pat Benton, Dick Farr, Ali Hamdan and Michelle Helms gathered at the base of the muddy road leading from the the Long Lake Central School parking lot onto the field collecting ten dollar entry fees.

Pat Benton exclaiming “everyone pays, even if they are racing. It’s a fund raiser for the Lions Club. Everyone has been polite and kind and really pulled together for this event. We are all pleased to see such a great turn out.” Lew Plumley popped down on the field hauling hay bales and orange cones pleased to see a good turnout, exclaiming they had twenty five more racers than the previous race in January. Whispers around the sledding circles spoke of a racer in Warrensburgh who had been injured and one of the races was designated a fundraiser for him, but details were elusive.

Sleds were transported from the field to the ice with ATV’s driven by Devin Freeman and Gregg Wallace with flat plywood trailers to help keep the path from the field to the ice passable. Bleachers were set up overlooking the pond, but the action was on the ice. Over 225 people gathered, pit crews, racers, time keepers, and spectators all gathered to watch the slushiest race of the season.

Racer Ryan Kitchen, Johnny Walker and Karl Turner

Racer Ryan Kitchen, Mr. Anonymous and Karl Turner

Catching up with Ryan Kitchen of Delmar, NY was a breath of fresh air. A junior in High School he exuded calmness and enthusiasm for his new sport. This is Ryan’s first season racing. His first season out of the gate was pretty successful. He hit the circuit in Booneville, Winthrop, Orangeburg as well as Long Lake. He took Home a 1st in Winthrop, a 2nd in Booneville and a 3rd in Long Lake. He rides on number 29 a Merc Trail Twister sled. Today’s race in the 340 Fan stock.

Ryan sported protective gear , covering his chest, knees, shoulders and his helmet. Ryan spoke of his race in Winthrop. “It was a very slushy track and I like to pass on the inside, but the track spins on the slush making it tough to pass on the outside” but he did it, taking home a 1st place win.

Brian Farr, Johnny Walker, Marty LaPlant are all ready acting as advisors, pit crew, and coaches. Gabe Farr, experienced rider, clues Ryan in about the track when he has time, gives hints to Ryan “Gabe tells me where to go, what to do, who not to be next to.“ At the starting line Ryan admits his thoughts go to “not getting cut off, not crashing and trying to pass on the outside” The fastest he’s been clocked this season was 60 mph in Booneville, but he anticipated hitting greater speeds on the Long Lake track this day as the crew changed gearing, making the sled go faster.

Spectators truly get their money’s worth watching the racers avoid crashing into each other and stretching their ham strings maximizing the G-forces as they round curve one. This final race demonstrated the confidence build as the season wore on. The race in January was plagued with a very slick and cold track and the racers were looser, sliding over the track, trying to get a handle on their sleds. This race exuded an air of confidence, racers hitting their stride as they round the corners, the weekends of racing providing lessons and experience that only gels with time.

It’s sad to say goodbye to winter, but we are also very pleased we had one and a great one at that. Our snowmobile trails are no longer being groomed and the ice is going out over outlets and running water and the channels are breaking up. Spring thaw came quickly.

Brian Farr and Mike Ross Talk about the Track

A huge thank you to the Long Lake Lions Club for hosting a great day and to Mike Ross and the organizers of the New York State Vintage Snosled Races. Come out next year, make it a weekend, it is a great fun way to spend the day in Long Lake.

Congrats to Ryan Kitchen and Gabe Farr for an excellent season.

Ryan Kitchen on his Sled

Sleds Prepping for Transport to Ice

Ryan Kitchen (in the helmet) with his Fan Club


March Madness Begins

Extreme Cold Ice Fishing... Long Lake is way warmer!

Ice Fishing Derby on Sat, March 6th. Kids and adults team up to catch the sweetest, fattest prize of the Winter Season. Fish caught in waters in and around Long Lake are eligible for prizes. Never gone fishin’ in the winter before? Don’t let that stop you. Head down to the Spillway (that’s across from the town beach) Hook up with our fearless members of the Fish n Game club and get outfitted with tip ups, (adults must be licensed) and head out for the catch of the day. Food will be served. Cash prizes including consolation prizes.. just so the kiddies don’t cry (or the parents for that matter)

Sunday, March 6th is the final race of the New York State Vintage Snosled racing circuit. This is truly a ballsy spectator sport. Got fear? You’ll love watching these sleds pound the ice track at speeds of the most heart pumping caliber. Check out the boards to see if you know someone racing. Our own Gabe Farr completes his tour this season. Come out and root for the Long Lake team!

Got snowmobiles. We still have trails alive. Yes we do have some bare spots, but waa waa waa… just do it. So you may hit some bare spots on some well traveled places, just pack the tools and get yinnin’ The season isn’t over yet and Long Lake still offers miles and miles of free, GROOMED trails – thru the woods… best ride in the Adirondacks – if you don’t believe it.. it’s true. Ya dats rite. Love the kick ass thrill of the ride… you’ll still have fun… I promise. If you don’t.. waaa waaa waaa…

Park the trailer at Kickerville Mobil and gear yourself up. Visit all the local eateries, create your own adventure. Chapter one… LL Diner/Owl’s Head Pub.. get the eggs on… bust up the Powerline for a midday treat at Quack’s Long View Wilderness Lodge, do a Chinese fire drill and head back to the oldest working Hotel in the Adirondacks (that’d be the Adirondack Hotel)

Want to hear birds… just go outside. They are starting to sing and even tho Long Lakers eagerly anticipate the onslaught of mud season.. well guess what… Winter is NOT OVAH yet! Go skiing, snowshoing, go sledding… (the Geiger Ice rink is kind of out of commission.. sorry about that.. can’t help the beating sun) but the sledding hill rocks…

Corn on OUT! C You Soon…

Recruits Needed For Long Lake Army

For those of you not in the know, there is a Long Lake group on Facebook. It has been very proactive this week as there have been requests for definitions of Long Lake, what would you change. Have had lots of thoughtful answers and it paints a picture of nostalgia infused comfort, something along those lines. Most of the thoughts are singing of summertime fun and waxing poetic about the past. This is a call to action to reinvigorate our positive spirit. If there is an event going on, don’t take it for granted, participate. If you want a hose installed at the boat launch, call the DEC and find out why we don’t have one. Everyone has a voice, everyone has an opportunity to create something new in the town. Just this past weekend in Long Lake a hearty crew of two volunteers spearheaded a hugely successful Geocaching Weekend and the Moonlighters organized a Poker Run. These were highly successful, fun, memory making winter time events.

If you have an idea and want it to happen, think about that Nike commercial ” Just do it Know a good band? Write down the info, pass it along to the tourism office. Saw a fun event on vacation? Is it something you think you can help organize? Do it?

Take the bull by the horns. Long Lake is everyone’s town. Make a committment and break a little sweat… the easiest thing you can do.. tell your friends about Long Lake… invite your friends up to experience Long Lake. Our best advertisment, word of mouth. We need you and we can’t wait to see you back in town. Remember be heard. You see something that can be improved… tell someone…

Gearing up for Community Pride in May… Road trip anyone?

Long Lake