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Winter Wacky Week Highlights

Winter Wonderland Wacky Week has come to a close. From February 20th to February 25th, 2011 the Town of Long Lake offered a variety of fun family activities to get folks outside into our crisp clear mountain air in the middle of winter.

Sunday was the launch of Winter Shorts! with a Casting Meeting. Director Anton Briones and A small, commitment of five days to work on short, short plays culminating in a Friday night performance sponsored by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the arts. Seven actors gathered at the casting meeting and rehearsed every night at the Long Lake Town Hall.

Monday featured an out of town trip for Long Lakers to the Queensbury Rock Climbing Center. Thank you to Hamilton County Prevention Services for providing transportation. Eleven children from Long Lake had an adventurous day braving rock walls, building their confidence, learning a new skill and having a blast.

Tuesday featured the Winter Olympics. Games included, Skating Races, Curling, Obstacle Course, Sledding Tug-O-War, Sledding Races and more. Over 25 participants made the Long Lake Winter Olympics a success and we look forward to adding more competition next season.

Tuesday evening featured a concert by Chris Shaw at the Long Lake Library. Chris, an Adirondack Folk Singer, Storyteller is a great talent and we look forward to his return visit.

Wednesday was Snow Sculpture Day. Lorraine Esposito, from Raquette Lake and Long Island, brought along her magic shovel and spray food coloring water bottles and a vision to create a giant masterpiece out of the snow. Families came out on the most stunning day of the week to create “Champ” the Lake Monster from Lake Champlain. Champ made his way over to Long Lake to eat up the Orbs left over from the E-Lumination installation from January.

Thursday night saw the Hors D’Oeuvres Throw Down between The Cellar and The Adirondack Hotel. For $10, 46 judges tried 6 dishes offered by the chefs at The Cellar Restaurant and Pub and The Adirondack Hotel. The Cellar walked away with an overall win, “Best Hors D’Oeuvres in Town” while The Adirondack Hotel’s Portabella Wellington wowed the crowd, splitting the vote and letting the Hotel garner “Best in Show”

Friday featured a “Weather Event” A winter storm arrived in the morning dumping between 8” – 10” of snow wreaking havoc on the roads, but that didn’t stop the Parks and Recreation Department from hosting Hip Hop Dance Class with Anton Briones from the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts at the Long Lake Town Hall. Participants from Syracuse worked it out and honed their mad dancing skills under Anton’s guidance.

Friday night was the finale for Winter Wacky Wonderland Week featuring Winter Shorts! a 10 minute short-short play festival. The works included “Supreme Beings Create the World” from Parallel Lives by Kathy Najimy and Mo Gaffney, “Hold For Three” by Sherry Kramer, “Brights” by David Smillow, “The Philadelphia” by David Ives, “Ferris Wheel” by Mary Miller, and “The League of Semi Superheroes” by Val Smith and Bigelow Dixon.

The cast featured Virginia Jennings, Abbie Verner, Camille Nerney, Jason Hall, Mike Nerney, Annalee Pratt, and Yod Crewsy (aka Paul Roalsvig) Directed by Anton Briones from the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mt. Lake.

The Town of Long Lake would like to thank our partners for helping launch our 2nd Annual Winter Wacky Wonderland Week including: The CV Memorial Long Lake Library, Hamilton County Prevention Services and Joe SanAntonio, Caleb Davis for offering two X-C ski workshops, Annalee Pratt, Cindy Black, Lorraine Esposito, The Adirondack Hotel, The Cellar Restaurant and Pub, The Long Lake Highway Department (for moving snow for sculptures and for clean up on the Kickerville Snowmobile Trail), Jackie and John Heron for letting us procure clean snow from the Blarney Stone parking lot, and a special shout out to the Long Lake Town Board and the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department for sponsoring a fun family week.

Next year look for workshops, more Winter Olympics and more fun activities. It will always be held Presidents Day Week (the winter break for many NYS Public Schools) If you are interested in hosting a workshop, concert or event please contact the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department for more information.

Sledding and skating are always free at the Long Lake Geiger Arena. For hours call 518-624-3031 and for more information about our area check us out at or call Long Lake Parks and Recreation at 518-624-3077.

Results for Hors D’Oeuvres Throw Down

Consistency of scores led to overall “Best Hors D’Oeuvres in Town” victory for The Cellar in the 2nd Annual Hors D’Oeuvres Tour Throw Down. This year’s competition pitted The Cellar against The Adirondack Hotel. The Cellar’s menu included a Crab Hush Puppy with sweet chili sauce, Seared flat iron filet with cauliflower puree and a Roasted eggplant dip served on a pita chip.

Voters digesting at The Cellar

The Adirondack Hotel came home with a win for Best In Show for Best Individual Appetizer, Portabella Wellington with a sherry cream sauce. Other selections included a Tandoori Spiced Lamb Shank with a goat cheese fritter and roasted red pepper ketchup and Southwest Seafood Newburg in a corn tortilla.

Guests from Newcomb NY enjoy their plates at the Adirondack Hotel

For a bargain price of $10 forty six judges were shuttled via the exclusive Town of Long Lake Limo Service also known as the Little Bus to each location. From 6pm – 8pm voters were split up into two groups so each restaurant could handle the traffic while also remaining open for regular dining service.

The bus run had to make several trips to shuttle guests between stops

The scoring was rating system from 1-7. 7 excellent, 5-6 good, 3-4, okay and 1-2 needs improvement. Comments on voter cards ranged from praise: “Awesome, More More more,” “All appetizers were excellent. Would have liked another plate of all!” to more specific critiques including: “Mussels are always a risk.” to “Eggplant. Instead of pita, put on toast points – softer”

Congratulations to our winners! The Hors D’Oeuvres Throw Down is part of the Town of Long Lake’s Winter Wonderland Wacky Week during the popular Presidents Way Winter Break. For more information on events in Long Lake check out

The Cellar Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch on the weekends and dinner. Check them out on the web at Phone number 518-624-5539

The Adirondack Hotel is open daily for lunch and dinner. Website is and phone number 518-624-4700.

Winners for Town of Long Lake Winter Wacky Week Hors D’Oeuvres Throw Down.

Overall Winner
1st Place
Best Hors D’Oeuvres in Town
The Cellar

2nd Place
The Adirondack Hotel

1st Place Best in Show
Adirondack Hotel
“Portabella Wellington with a sherry cream sauce”

2nd Place Best in Show
The Cellar
“Seared Flat Iron Filet with Cauliflower Puree”

3rd Place Best in Show
Adirondack Hotel
“Tandoori Spiced Lamb Shank with Goat Cheese Fritter and Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup” 234.5

4th Place Best in Show
The Cellar
“Crab Hush Puppy with Sweet Chili Sauce”

5th Place Best in Show
The Cellar
Roasted Eggplant dip served on a Pita Chip

6th Place Best in Show
Adirondack Hotel
“Southwest Seafood Newburg in a Corn Tortilla”

Big Fish Ice Fish

Raquette Lake, NY Big Fish

Photo by Rachel Pohl

Big Fish caught in Raquette Lake, NY on February 23, 2011. Weighing in at 17 pounds and 37 inches. Based on many facebook comments and deduction crowd consensus labels this a Lake Trout. Or a Monster. Congrats to local Long Laker Mike Lance for making the venture. Common questions.. how big was his auger? How did the tip ups not fall into the lake?

Rules for Adirondack Midwinter Birthday Party

Bonfire in the snow

1. Woodstove for the inside when temp dips to zero point zero
2. Hot Tub Room
3. Appetizer Fire
4. Bonfire in a separate location from appetizer fire
5. Old Jackets to wear at bonfire (in case of sparks)
6. Refresher course “stop drop and roll”
7. Fireworks
8. Good friends with warm boots and long johns
9. Top secret location

That is all.

Winter Carnival

Raquette Lake Winter Carnival

February 19th and 20th look for Winter Carnival Fun in Raquette Lake. The events kick off at 10am with fun games for the kids near the RL Library, followed by the Ladies Frying Pan Toss, Golf Drive, Bonfire, Fireworks, and on Sunday the Cross Cut and Chainsaw Competition. Unplug from the over saturation of the internet and step back in time to old fashioned family fun in Raquette Lake. The Tap Room and the Winter Boat will be open to keep you warm.

Post Ground Hog Day

Some images from in and around Long Lake February 2 and 3, 2011.

Mountains of Snow

Hoss's at Route 30 and 28N Intersection

Helms Aero Service

Custard's Ice Cream Stand

Looking north on route 30 near the Long Lake Beach

Long Lake