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Three Day Seige in Long Lake 2011

The water starts to recede and the events start to blend together… so here’s a recap.

Roads to and from Long Lake had limited vehicular traffic for three days. The water has started to recede.

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Flood Waters Start to Recede

April 30, 2011, Long Lake NY. 7:00am.

This morning at 7am, near the Adirondack Hotel and Helms Seaplane Base along NYS Route 30, the flood water had gone back down to levels seen on Thursday afternoon.

NYS DOT still has the road blocked to truck traffic between Blue Mt. and Long Lake across the bridge. Passenger cars and trucks are still getting thru at their own risk. The water was down and will continue to recede throughout the day.

The Adirondack Hotel reports they were able to turn off the pumps to let them rest for a bit (but they are back on, just in case). Initial reports say the compressors were spared. Electricity was turned back on. Northern Borne Store had stopped pumping water out of the basement as of 7am this morning (if not sooner)

There is a log truck parked in town, currently awaiting permission to travel north to Tupper Lake once the NYS DOT gives clearance.

Special thanks to the Hamilton County Highway, Long Lake and Indian Lake DOT and the Long Lake Highway Department for manning the roads on 24 hour shifts to keep truck traffic routed through Newcomb.

We look forward to having a reunion with both sides of town very soon.

May 1, Fiddle Jam is postponed until further notice.
Written by Alexandra Roalsvig

Fiddle Jam Postponed 2011

With deep regret the Long Lake Parks and Rec Department has postponed the Spring Blossom Fiddle Jam slated for Sunday, May 1st. Unfortunately due to a State of Emergency by the Town of Long Lake it was recommended to reschedule the event for another time when all roads are open to full traffic.

At this time Route 30 from Blue Mt. Lake to Long Lake has limited vehicular traffic. No tractor trailers or log trucks are permitted from Blue Mt. Lake to Long Lake. All truck traffic is being diverted to Newcomb on Route 28N as trucks are not allowed through downtown Long Lake over the Long Lake Bridge on Route 30 until further notice.

Passenger vehicles have been getting through at their own risk.

We will reschedule with Frank Orsini and The Whippersnappers and Donnie Perkins and the Family Band for a future date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Always call ahead. All events are subject to change without notice.
May 1, 2011


Day 2 of Record Breaking Flood in Long Lake, NY 2011

April 29, 2011
Day Two of the 100 year flood. Long Lake, NY

The water at Route 30 in Front of the historic Adirondack Hotel measured 18 inches at the deepest part of the road. It was over the second step at the hotel. Beaver activity was spotted in Jennings Park Pond. A park bench from the Long Lake beach was floating down river. Photos and reports have been filing in from around the area. Long Lake Central School is closed.

Some re-caps for folks – Newcomb, Long Lake and Johnsburg and Indian Lake Schools are closed; Rt 28 between North Creek and Indian lake is closed, State Rt 28N in Newcomb is closed by the gas station and Lake Harris. Route 30 in Sabeal is open in one lane for traffic between Sabeal and Speculator. Route 30 between the Adk Hotel and Long Lake bridge is closed and covered with 18 inches of water, but larger trucks are passing through at their own risk.

There is a detour for cars only on Route 30/28N in Long Lake in Deerland on Emerson Road.

The Town of Long Lake and the Fire Department and Rescue Squad have equipment on both sides of the bridge so the town has safety response in place in the event of emergencies. Thank you to all volunteers, the Long Lake Highway Crew and NYS DOT for coordinating these efforts.

Posted April 29, 2011 – Archived
Written by Alexandra Roalsvig

The Hundred Year Flood

Check out the view from the porch of the Adirondack Hotel. While we clearly are laughing it up, it is not lost on any of us the damage the flood waters have caused. Our thoughts go out to all the property owners of Long Lake. It’s only April 28th. We have plenty of time to dry out. Long time resident of 93 years has never seen the water this high.


The Long Lake 100 Year Flood

Water Hits New Levels

The NYS DOT will be closing route 30 dividing the town of Long Lake in two. Look for the road to close at 1pm on Thursday, April 28th. The Town of Long Lake at 1pm will declaring a State of emergency due to the conditions of the road between the Adirondack Hotel and the Long Lake Town Bridge.

Water rises in front of the Adirondack Hotel

The Long Lake Fire Department has a pumper at the Adirondack Hotel and is attempting to divert water from the historic building into Jennings Park Pond which has seen record levels of water.

Last of the cars passing through before the road is closed at 1pm

Long Lake Central School released the students early.

Dave Lamos, proprietor of Northern Borne Store, was concerned about the peak level of water predicted from all the rain and run-off. He was unsure if he should clear out and move his inventory to higher ground. A large generator was in place pumping water out of his submerged basement. The level of the water was two feet below the first floor at 11:30am.

In the midst of all the emergency chaos the Red Cross is at the Long Lake Town Hall for the spring Blood Drive which opened at noon today, April 28th. If you are able to reach the Long Lake Town Hall the Red Cross will appreciate your time and donation.

High Marks for Water in Long Lake

“It’s the highest water I’ve ever seen,” exclaimed longtime resident and Long Lake Marina owner Terry Folmsbee. It’s no joke. The water continues to rise and more rain is predicted in the next two days. Route 30 near Quackenbush’s Long View Lodge and Emerson Road is now flooded and DOT workers are out managing one lane of traffic.

Route 30 at 4:30pm

A storm system rocking over 40 states in the US didn’t miss Long Lake, NY. Backyard streams became rivers, backyards became ponds. Docks, styrofoam, winter debris, logs, set of stairs, canoes and even a porch swing were in the path of destruction and floating down the widening of the Raquette River on Wednesday afternoon.

At 1pm on Wednesday, April 27th water was seeping across NY State Route 30 in the Deerland section and Emerson Road.

Water from Long Lake seeps over Route 30

The Long Lake Town Beach has seen record high levels of water, the lifeguard stand yesterday was partially submerged and today was barely peaking out.

Before the storm

Lifeguard Stand at 4:30pm

24 hours later

Water at Helms Aeroservice reached the edge of the building. Tom Helms, wearing waders, carefully navigated to his dock to move a ramp and was picking items up off the floor in the office to prevent water damage.

4:30pm the water continues to creep up the shoreline

Helms Aero Service

Water hits the edge of Helms Aero Service

The Long Lake Spillway, built during the by the Civilian Conservation Corp as part of the New Deal back in the early 1930’s usually boasts a steep height of five to six feet drop to the lake. Today it is level with the lake.

Spillway usually a five to six feet drop is even with the lake

Forecast tonight calls for more rain at a rate of two inches per hour. Hard to believe. The sun is out, it’s humid and best of all… NO BUGS!

Long Lake Marina Parking Lot is submerged

20th Anniversary of the Fiddle Jam

On May 1, 2011 at the Long Lake Town Hall, 1204 Main Street, Long Lake NY, Frank Orsini and The Whippersnappers will join Donnie Perkins and the Family Band for the 20th Annual Spring Blossom Fiddle Jamboree in Long Lake, NY.

The Whippernappers, Peter Davis, George Wilson and Frank Orsini have played the Albany Region folk-music scene for decades. Davis plays guitar, piano, and clarinet; Wilson is a traditional fiddler and banjoist who regularly performs at regional folk festivals; and fiddler-mandolinist-guitarist Frank Orsini has played with bluegrass greats Bill Keith and Frank Wakefield.

Donnie Perkins and the Family Band are seasoned vets of the Long Lake Fiddle Jam and return having performed on the Long Lake stage for many years. Over the years, Don’s playing has evolved to include more modern styles such as bluegrass and country-western. All the while, though, he has continued to carry the torch for the old-time fiddle music he grew up with. Now based in Plattsburgh , Don Perkins has won numerous fiddle contests, recorded several LPs and CD’s and published at least one book on fiddling. He is widely regarded as an outstanding New York State fiddler.

Long Lake’s Fiddle Jam is a celebration for all ages and all levels of experience helping preserve, and promote old time fiddling. No auditions are required, no competition, just good times, toe-tapping, spirit lifting music. Fiddlers arrive at the Long Lake Town Hall on Route 30 by noon on May 1st to reserve a slot to play two songs with our backup band or with your own back up musicians. It’s an informal gathering of friends, old and new in a non-competitive atmosphere. Get there early to sign up.

Admission is $7 for Adults, $4 for kids 10-16 and children under 10 are free. The Long Lake Ladies Auxiliary will be selling lunch.

Long Lake is located in the center of the Adirondacks on NYS Routes 30 and 28N offering year-round recreational activities and a variety of events. Long Lake is a widening of the Raquette River and part of the 740 mile long Northern Forest Canoe Trail. Make Long Lake a springtime destination and visit the Fiddle Jam.

For more information about our area check us out on the web at or call 518-624-3077.

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