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Long Lake History Lesson. All About Endion

February 27, 2012

A large crowd assembled Monday afternoon in the Community Room of the Wesleyan Church to listen to Tom Bissell expound on his beloved Endion.

He started off by declaring he lived on Lot 79 of the Totten and Crossfield Township 21. Most of the Town of Long Lake is in Township 21. Totten and Crossfield, mariners from NYC, made a deal to buy 1 million acres from the Indians. The deal became final after getting permission from the British government and in 1772 the land was surveyed into great lots ½ mile wide and 5/8 miles long. Tom emphasized how lucky Long Lake was because our land was surveyed whereas the land in Raquette Lake was not, and they’re still trying to figure out who owns what.

Endion, Tom explained, was 82 acres. The rest of the great lot is in the lake. The acreage here was settled early because like the Kickerville Road and Big Brook area, the land was flat and more suitable for farming. Tom’s grandmother, Lena Talbot Bissell, together with her husband, James Bissell (they were married in 1879) and Andrew Fisher bought the property from Robert Shaw, the Renaissance man of Long Lake (he doctored, he lawyered, managed investments, ran a store, the town and the Wesleyan Church). James was an accomplished carpenter and cabinet maker, and Andrew was a builder. He built St. Henry’s church and also built in Deerland.

The original hotel building was in the Queen Anne style, later additions changed the original design.

Endion 1893

Endion in 1893.

Frederick Durant, a relative of William West Durant, built the Prospect House in Blue Mountain Lake in 1882. He advised Lena to purchase Endion in 1887. Technically, Andrew Fisher bought the 82 acre property for $12,000 and Durant held a mortgage of $300. Tom added an aside here, regarding the timing of the purchase of Endion. “The flush toilet had been invented by the time Endion was built, so unlike the Prospect House, there was no need for a two-story outhouse.”

Endion was named Endion in 1894. Supposedly Frederick Remington learned that “Endion” meant “Home.” It was aid that he learned the word from an Indian he met on a canoe trip in Canada. Tom later learned that Remington’s residence was also named Endion.

We next heard about Clayton Cole who owned Lot 78 just south of Endion. At that time it was common to set fire to the woods to improve the blueberry crop. Harney, one of the hermits on the lake was known to have burned three mountains. Canned blueberries were essential to the winter diet of Long Lakers since there were no grocery stores to provide the settlers with fruit or vegetables during the cold months. Lena Bissell bought out Mr. Cole in 1903,when two of his fires came too close to Endion.

Cole had a son, Sylvestor, known to everyone as Vet Cole. In 1938 in his old age, he lost his home to a fire.. Neighbors all chipped in and built him a new home with new furnishings. One neighbor stopped in to take a look and found the bathtub in the new home filled with coal up to the top. Apparently, keeping warm was more important than keeping clean.

Vet had a guideboat and he would row up and down the lake trolling for fish and often stopped for a meal at Endion. One day he stopped and Tom’s mother (not Lena) invited him for a meal. Vet agreed and took a seat on the porch step (outside the building). Mrs. Bissell carried out a plate of food and had to lean down to hand Vet the food. Glancing up at her face, Vet pronounced, “Mrs. Bissell, you’ve lost your looks.” Tactfulness as with cleanliness was not Vet’s strong point. Mrs. Bissell didn’t seem to mind as she was the one who told the story, according to Tom.

Vet Cole with fish c 1920

Vet Cole with fish c. 1920

In 1904, Tom’s grandfather James, moved to Newcomb leaving Lena, their son Talbot, and daughter, Louise, and Andrew Fisher at Endion. Tom found a penciled note years later when he was renovating the dining room in his home. It read “Wish I were dead, my troubles are great.” But, there were no details in the note regarding what kind of troubles he was talking about although, his wife, Lena, claimed that he was a big drinker. Later that same year, Andrew Fisher died. According to Tom, James Bissell got some of his Newcomb friends together and they came over to Long Lake and had a “horning” to celebrate Andrew Fisher’s death.

Tom’s father, Talbot Bissell was born in 1888, his sister Louise was born in 1893. Talbot went to the Deerland School and later to the prep school, Lawrence Academy, in Groton, MA. Lawrence Academy is where he met Alice Williams, his wife-to-be. She was visiting her sister who was married to the headmaster. Now everyone knows how a young woman from Charleston, South Carolina met a young man from the Adirondacks. They had two sons, Talbot, Jr. and Tom. Talbot, Sr. died in 1941, Talbot Jr. (Tally) served in the Pacific during WWII. Tom’s mother and eventually Tom continued to operate Endion. The property had been left in a trust in order to protect Sister, Tom’s aunt, who had had polio and meningitis when a child. Thanks to one of Endion’s visitors, Walter Saul, the trust was broken so that Tom and his mother could deal appropriately with the property. The Saul family had been guests at Endion for years. Eventually, there were so many children and grandchildren there was not enough room for them at Endion so they bought Forked Pine, a camp, down the lake near Round Island.

Lena Talbot Bissell

Lena Talbot Bissell 1863-1926

The hotel only had about 8 or 9 bedrooms, as Lena had decided to build cottages instead of adding on to the main house.

The 1890s until WWI were very profitable for the hotels in Long Lake. The 20s were also profitable but the thirties were a disaster, economically speaking, because of the great depression. It was a major accomplishment if one was able to keep one’s property. After WWII, the automobile made the Adirondacks very accessible and the old way of staying in one hotel or resort for a month or the entire summer ended. The main building at Endion was torn down after WWII and the Bissells, Jane and Tom, rented their cottages until the mid 1960s when Tom decided to sell the cottages. Many of the families who had been coming to Endion for years jumped at the chance to have their own cottage.

Log Cabin at Endion

This is just a brief summary of Tom’s talk. Here’s a picture of Endion as it looks today. This is a hand hewn log cabin built by Tom circa 20 years ago. It is located on the site of the hotel, next to Tom and Jane’s home.

Long Lake Historical Society
P. O. Box 201
Long Lake, NY 12847

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Adirondack Hors D’Oeuvres Tour Results Long Lake

Participants in the 2012 Hors D'Oeuvres Tour Long Lake

On Thursday, February 16, 2012 the Town of Long Lake opened it’s doors for a special evening out celebrating the Chef’s of Long Lake.

Four year-round restaurants in Long Lake, NY located in the Central Adirondacks were charged with creating three appetizers which could be from their current menu or created especially for the event. Each guest was served exactly the same appetizer selections and voted on a scale of 1-7 using criteria including: presentation, uniqueness, combination of flavors, pleasing to the palate and originality. Voters were asked to try not to be swayed by personal taste and to consider if the food is well prepared, cooked properly and tasty. Awards are given out to each restaurant recognizing the best appetizer for each location.

Over 40 judges were shuttled around Long Lake starting at 6pm and were home by 10:30pm to try 12 different appetizers. Guests hailed from Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, Newcomb, Syracuse, Columbia County and Long Lake. Everyone carefully critiqued and commented on the food served, the most common comment, “I wish I had more room!”

With 100% participation from our four year-round dinner service venues the 3rd Long Lake Hors D’oeuvres tour was a complete success. Participants raved: “Good, wow, comfort of home taste, tender and lovely, could make a meal out of this one.”


Smoked Tilapia
Smoked in house and baked on homemade baguette, cabot cheddar, then topped with horseradish aioli
Quackenbush’s Long View Lodge
Guest from Quackenbush’s raved about their Smoked Tilapia “Really good, wouldn’t change a thing!”

Coffee & Cardamom Braised Pork
Basil-Chevre Cheesecake
The Adirondack Hotel

The Adirondack Hotel’s Coffee & Cardomom Braised Pork elicited reactions “sexy,” “good choice, unique combo” to “ambitious”

Shrimp Ceviche with Fried Wonton
The Cellar Restaurant and Pub

On The Cellar’s Shrimp Ceviche, “Loved the presentation, appearance was perfect, light and delicious”

Shrimp Alexander
Long Lake Diner and Owl’s Head Pub

The Long Lake Diner’s Shrimp Alexander prevailed with “delightful, delicious and lovely and perfect” to “very nice, loved the spices and the white sauce excellent, love the garlic”

Congratulations to all the participating venues for a wonderful evening of gastronomy. The inspired and innovative appetizers surprised and delighted. From bold combinations, thoughtful and bright presentations, original menu selections and great customer service, the evening was a successful celebration featuring A Taste of Long Lake. Thank you to all our restaurants and chefs for sharing a wonderful evening with our guests!

Frank and Lorraine Pine at Quackenbush's Long View Wilderness Lodge

Appetizers Served

Quackenbush’s Long View Wilderness Lodge
Serving Dinner

Braised Beef – Served with red skin gratin, red wine sauce and homemade brioche

Smoked Tilapia – Smoked in house and baked on homemade baguette, cabot cheddar, then topped with horseradish aioli

Grilled Chicken Tortellini – Handmade tortellini stuffed with grilled chicken and sund-dried tomato presto. Tossed in vodka sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese

The Cellar Restaurant and Pub
Serving Breakfast and Dinner

Pulled Pork with Cornbread Pancake
Shrimp Ceviche with Fried Wonton
Chicken Skewer with sweet and sour sauce

The Adirondack Hotel
Serving Lunch and Dinner
Candied House-Smoked Whisky Salmon with Peppered Apple Bread Pudding
Ginger-Guinness Reduction

Coffee & Cardamom Braised Pork
Basil-Chevre Cheesecake

Chocolate Covered Applewood Smoked Bacon
Savory Malasadas (Portuguese Donuts)
Jalapeno Cream Cheese Filling

The Long Lake Diner & Owl’s Head Pub – Open for Breakfast & Dinner
Shrimp Alexander Shrimp wrapped with prosciutto, ham & feta served w/a butter and garlic sauce
Bourbon Tenderloin – Tenderloin with bourbon glazed onions w/fontana cheese
Debbie’s Delight – Sauteed onion, mushroom, zucchini, squash, eggplant in a sesame oil. Finish with a sweet & sour & pepper sauce

Two Groups Exchange Food Notes at the Cellar Restaurant and Pub

Out of Town Guests Mingle anticipating their plates

The Adk Hotel Shined with Savory, Soft, Sweet and Crunchy

The Long Lake Diner offered great variety with a sherbet palate cleanser. Nice Touch commented the guests!

Long Lake Hors D’Oeuvres Tour

On Thursday, February 16th, 2012 from 6pm until 9pm the Town of Long Lake and area restaurants open up the doors for the 3rdAnnual Hors D’Oeuvres Tour. Venues for 2012 are The Cellar Restaurant and Pub, The Adirondack Hotel, The Long Lake Diner & Owl’s Head Pub and Quackenbush’s Long View Wilderness Lodge.

“This is the third year for this event and we’re so excited to have four incredible venue’s participating,” reports Alexandra Roalsvig, Director of Parks, Recreation and Tourism for Long Lake. “For $25, each guest will dine on three delicious appetizers from each restaurant and vote for the best appetizer at each location. The Long Lake Little Bus will provide free door to door transportation. Long Lake has always had a reputation for staying open in the winter and this year is no exception. We have terrific venues, a great group of chefs and great businesses keeping our town vibrant, even when Mother Nature has chosen not to be as cooperative as we’d like to see.”

Guests register and purchase tickets in advance from the Long Lake Parks and Recreation department by calling 518-624-3077. Coming from another town? Park and ride. Call ahead and the bus will meet you at your parking spot. The order of venue’s is selected at random prior to departure. Guests are handed a voting card and each restaurant has a half hour to serve before the guests move on to the next location.

“It’s always a challenge for our kitchens to suddenly get slammed with several orders at once. We take orders, mix the cocktails and deliver the plates as soon as we can. Our dining room remains open to regular business, so we’ve got two teams on deck to make the event happen.” says The Cellar Restaurant and Pub co-owner Michelle Hamdan. “Our goal is always to deliver the fine quality our guests expect and in our third year of competition, we have a system down and it’s all part of the fun.”

Every guest becomes the judge and vote on a points system considering presentation, quality, taste, texture and originality. Comments are encouraged. “We want people to let us know what they like and don’t like. We want to deliver the best we can. Feedback is always welcome” says Adirondack Hotel manager Margi Salhoff-Holton.

Newly installed Chef Dustin Traynor has been at Quackenbush’s Long View Wilderness Lodge since 2011 having worked at Beacon Hill and the former Long Lake Blarneystone. This is his first year for the competition and he’s eager to put Quackenbush’s on the map. Jim and Paula Piraino of the Long Lake Diner are ready to roll up their sleeves and get back in the game this year. “We have surprises up our sleeves. We look forward to seeing everyone come out. “

Adirondack Hotel Head Chef Matthew Newby is excited to try some new ideas for 2012 has this to say about the event, “I support local food sources as much as possible, and seek to promote the Northern New York Area and the Adirondacks in particular with our vendors to support the members of our small food community.” Chef Eric Hample of The Cellar is known for his homemade, original sauces and his ability to find the right combination of flavor to bring to the table.

Matt DeLaMater, author of Adirondack Eats, a regional Adirondack Dining Guide, looks forward to the evening out, having visited and reviewed over ninety Adirondack restaurants in the last year. “The hors d’oeuvres tour gives local chefs a chance to raise their game for the local community, who, for their part, gets to have a fun time sampling creations and casting their votes.”

Advanced Tickets are $25/$30 day of. Reservations are requested by Monday, February 13th to ensure the restaurants have enough time for delivery.

Each participating restaurant will be recognized for the best hors d’oeuvres served at the individual establishment. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 17th, 2012.

All the restaurants will be open for regular dining service the night of the Hors D’Oeuvres Tour.

Raquette Lake Winter Carnival

Raquette Lake Winter Carnival kicks off on Saturday, February 18th with family fun activities all weekend. Long Lake Events Coordinator, Danielle Gagnier has organized the day and is looking forward to her second Winter Carnival of the season. “Our goal is for everyone to have a great time. We know there hasn’t been as much snow this year, but there’s still time. We encourage everyone to sleep in white socks, so hopefully old man winter will surprise us with a snowstorm, but even without a big storm, the fun will still go on!”

[singlepic id=286 w=320 h=240 float=left]

The events start on Saturday morning at 10am featuring activities for the kids, competitions and games including: sledding races, balloon chase, and other frivolous and wacky winter themed recreation near the library. At noon look for the Ladies Frying Pan Toss and Golf Drive. This year due to good ice conditions folks are encouraged to bring ice skates and have some fun on Raquette Lake.

At 2pm, Magician Bob Shelley will be performing a free magic show in the Raquette Lake Library. The Raquette Lake Library will be the best place to warm up, get hot chocolate and delicious snacks. It’s open all day starting at 9:30am.

A bonfire and fireworks display around 6:30pm will round out Saturday.

Sunday at noon look for the traditional cross-cut and chainsaw competition. Contenders will compete for the fasted time for each event.

The Raquette Lake Winter Carnival is sponsored by The Town of Long Lake. For more details check out or call 518-624-3077.

Northpoint Electric

You call, we’ll come. Servicing electrical residential electrical installations and repair.

Adirondack Snowmobile in Long Lake Ice Fest

Yes we have awesome snowmobile trails. Why? Because we have snow, groomed trails and these trails and riders are loving the conditions – to quote “they just aren’t overused.” A fair and balanced amount of traffic keeps the wear and tear on our trails rideable and surprisingly delightful to many who have not gotten in the winter spirit this year. Yes it’s been a mild winter, but Long Lake is winter, and we have snow. Stan from the Ice Farm reports “This is great, you have winter. I didn’t expect to see this” Not a surprise to hear since winter has been so mild outside of our region. “It’s hard to get in the mood for skiing when I’m playing tennis in Cranford, NJ every weekend… outside,” exclaims a note to the Long Lake Tourism email Contact Us page.

So to kick everyone back into winter gear and to celebrate February, Ice and Snowmobiling, The Town of Long Lake hosted it’s very first Ice Fest and turned the Long Lake Logo into a snowmobile to honor our great wintry riding conditions!

On Saturday, February 4th, Stan Kolonko, of the Ice Farm out of Auburn, NY and ice sculpting partner, Hospitality Professor from Syracuse University, Chris Uyehara ate a hearty breakfast to set themselves on a course of installing, designing and carving the five remaining sculptures for Ice Fest.

The Long Lake Diner participated with a patriotic themed eagle in place, a fitting symbol to compliment the Local Veteran’s Dinner sponsored by the Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club of Long Lake.

Hoss’s warmed guests up with complimentary coffee and delicious chocolates as their Long Lake Bear came to life in ice. Cars heading into town to get the mail and run errands were stopping to watch the Ice Farm team at work. John Hosley even had Stan assist in taking down and replacing the American Flags with vibrant new ones to match the beauty of the bear.

The next installation was sponsored by the Friends of the Long Lake Library. The logo featuring Bear Book ends and a slew of books took front and center on the front porch. As the sun beat down, Stan clued us in that the ice acts as a magnifier, refracting the light and through time the ice will become cloudy. While the light was seemingly the enemy, the cold held on and the blue sky and sunshine added to the terrific ambiance of the day.

The next stop, The Shamrock Motel and Cottages. Stan and Chris enjoyed Pebbles, the dog, and all the spectators including guests staying in Blue Mountain Lake. In addition to the traditional Shamrock, Stan trained our Events Coordinator Danielle Gagnier how to carve using a special chainsaw. Danielle confidently took handle of the blade and carved a heart in honor of Valentine’s Day.

The final installation of the day happened at Mt. Sabattis. Five blocks of ice. 1500 pounds of ice to create the iconic symbol of Long Lake in winter, a snowmobilier flying off a drift. As Stan and Chris finished the sun began to set leaving a glow to set off the vibrancy of the ice.

Expensive tools, chainsaws, chisels, handtruck, a bucket of water and images projected onto newspaper and a lot of years of training and practice for our Culinary Institute of America trained sculptor Kolonko made for a great day and a great weekend.

Sculptures on view in Long Lake and Raquette Lake and lit up for evening viewing. They will be on display until the weather changes and melts everything. Let’s hope that’s a long long long long time from now.

Long Lake Adirondack Ice Fest

The Ice Farm has arrived. At noon on Friday, February 3 Stan Kolonko and his sculpting partner Chris Uyehara installed the Raquette Lake Loon at the Raquette Lake Free Union School after a great lunch at the Raquette Lake Tap Room where they were regaled by local lore and jokes from the crowd.

Stan uses a lift, a handtruck and protects his ice in cardboard sheets. It took an entire week to produce the 18 blocks of ice that will be used in the Long Lake/Raquette Lake Ice Fest Event this weekend.

Stan's cart of tools used for the sculpture

Each block of ice weighs 300 pounds and Stan makes it himself at his farm. He uses a special Clinebell machine to freeze the ice. He has three of these units with two tanks. Each tank holds one block of ice and it takes three days to freeze.

Stan and Chris used three blocks of ice weighing over 300 pounds each for the Raquette Lake Logo. Care was given to the location for the sculpture to avoid a location too close to the road so the salt doesn’t kick up and melt it too quickly.

Lou Burke, Stan Kolonko, Bob Brewster, Claudia Brewster, Erik Arsenault, Danielle Gagnier and Chris Uyehara. Photo by Alexandra Roalsvig

The largest ice sculpture Stan has ever made was 30 feet tall.

This summer he will be showcasing at the Syracuse State Fair with over 500 blocks of ice on display.

Buttercup is being carved this afternoon, February 3rd at the Long Lake Town Offices at 1130 Deerland Road.

On Saturday the schedule is

8am The Long Lake Diner – Eat Breakfast!
10am Hoss’s Country Corner – T-Shirt Sale
12:00pm Long Lake Library – Kids Reading Hour
2:00pm The Shamrock Motel and Cottages – Delicious Warm Beverage served
3:30pm Mt. Sabattis – This sculpture will be the largest with five blocks of ice – you don’t want to miss this! Free Hot chocolate & popcorn too!

Come on out and watch world class artisans at work with their chainsaws, grinders, chisels, torches and newspaper.

The Loft

The Loft:

THE LOFT IN RAQUETTE LAKE – GENERAL INFORMATION $100 per midweek night (Sun-Thurs) per couple. $10 per person per night additional, up to 6 people total. (Except holidays; then weekend rate kicks in) $150 per weekend night per couple (Fri & Sat night; Sun night too on 3 day weekends). $10 per person per night additional, up to 6 people total. $650 weekly (7 nights, Sat-Sat) for 2 people. $950 weekly (7 nights, Sat-Sat) for 3-6 people; LATEST SPECIALS- What a HOT DEAL! Snowmobile midweek (Sun-Thurs except holidays) and enjoy better trail conditions, less traffic and cheaper rates! $175 for Tues & Wed nights. Get Thurs night FREE for 1-2 people. Add $10 pp, per night for additiional people, up to 6. Rent for the season $4000 OR BEST OFFER! Dec 1, 2010 through mid-April, 2011. Includes heat, satelite TV, heated garage for snowmachine storage & repair. 315.354.5532

Visit Their Website:

Quiet Time

Quiet Time:

A four-season vacation home on Raquette Lake. Was originally part of the well known Antlers Resort, in the early days of Raquette Lake. It is located on Antler’s Point, Four Bedrooms, 1.5 Bathrooms, 2 Family Rooms, Dining Room, Kitchen Fully Furnished with appliances, cookware, dishes, etc., Television/DVD, Private Patio, Private Beach, Telephone, All Linens, Firewood, Gas Grill/Outdoor Furniture Rented by the month or week in the summer. During the fall, spring or winter season, by the season, month, week or weekend. No smoking and no pets. 315.697.5607 Visit us on the web at: 518.624.3077

Visit Their Website:
Long Lake