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The Big Bass of Raquette – An Adirondack Fish Tale

The Town of Long Lake Parks, Recreation & Tourism Department recently received an account about a big bass caught in Raquette Lake. The editing team (of one) decided to let the readers of the online Long Lake, NY blog Mountain Times read all about it. Normally an Adirondack fish story is exchanged at a local watering hole around 3pm. Sometimes the tale is passed on to the local bait point person who gets to share the story while stocking the walls of a cavernous, rustic, tree-filled, pickle-barreled talking, creeky floored store. The salesperson, wearing a t-shirt and teva’s, will stand before a wall festoooned with brightly colored fishing lures and woo the customer with the latest jargon and top secret information about local fishing spots. This highly classified information will include in-depth descriptions about the deepest, darkest depths of the lakes and the coldest running water and the super-top-double-secret-probation fishing spots. (which may or may not be true) So this first hand truthful account, delivered via email to Long Lake, is much appreciated. Thanks to Michael Corazon for his first hand The Big Bass of Raquette – An Adirondack Fish Tale.

Article Submitted by Michael Corazon
After sleeping in the first 2 days of my trip to the Adirondacks trip in New York state, I decided to get myself out on Raquette Lake on August 4, 2012, and try my luck fishing. After trolling and casting lures from a boat for two hours I couldn’t find any hungry takers so I returned to the dock at the “Vigilante” camp at the Greylock Association and unloaded some gear. Before heading up to the car I took a look over the side of the dock and into the clear and shallow water and saw what I first thought to be a lake trout swimming out from under the dock. With my eyes bugging out of my head I then realized the huge fish that had me open jawed was actually a very good size largemouth bass. As I scrambled to get my rod rigged with a lure for that shallow water casting situation, I lost sight of the fish that had swam in the direction of the “Stuchiner” dock.

I then made several casts that way but came up empty. Now, not knowing where the bass actually was had me thinking I missed my chance so I again gathered up my gear and started to head off the dock. I then took another look in the water to my left and to my surprise the lunker bass was now swimming parallel to the shoreline and back in my direction where it then disappeared under the dock I was standing on.

In my mind the situation had now gone critical as I again scrambled for a lure that would compliment a presentation in 2 – 3 feet of water along side the docks edge. I went into my plastic bait box and choose a crayfish imitation jig for the job. I then dragged and popped the lure along the bottom all around the docks edge, but after many minutes of fishing there was no sign of the fish. In my prior haste to find and attach the lure I could not be certain that I hadn’t missed seeing the bass swim away from the dock. Without knowledge of whether or not the fish was even still there I was now about ready to call it quits. I then decided to fish one last time on the side of the dock from where the fish had originally swam out from. With the lure a few feet from where I would be finally calling my jigging operation quits for good, the “hawg” suddenly and magically appeared and had its mouth over the plastic jig. I then reared back on the 7 foot pole and had the biggun on.

The battle had now erupted as I tried to keep the bass close to the dock and out of harms way of running around the dock posts. I managed to keep the brute near the surface of the water where it jumped a few times as I prayed that the jig hook would not come out. With my net in the boat and out of reach, I was able to bend over the dock edge and hold the rod high while applying upward pressure to the fish while I tried for a mouth grab with my left hand. Lots of missed attempts later I finally had the mouth of the fish in my grasp as I lifted it from the water at the docks edge. The lunker largemouth was now mine.

This fish is not only my best ever bass catch from Raquette Lake, but also my lifetime personal best freshwater bass. Here is a picture of the catch where you can see Beecher Island in the backround.

Michael Corazon ( Greylock Association / Raquette Lake, NY )

Camp Firewood

Campfire wood by Doug Finley

Begin the Beguine Shoots in Long Lake, NY

Director Ari Gold and a small film crew descended on Long Lake, NY, Thursday, August 9th to shoot night scenes for the independent feature “Begin the Beguine.” The film crew set up a makeshift production site along route 30 between Helms Aero Service and the Adirondack Hotel. The first exterior shot, according to film producer Zak Kilberg, was a group of characters streaming out of a bar. One character races away from the group, and hops in a guideboat to go home. The rest of the stragglers climb into a car. Seems simple, but when one is shooting on a busy street in Long Lake in the middle of the summer, patience becomes a top priority.

“We don’t have enough PA’s,” uttered an unfazed staffer as the traffic kept moving through. “Earlier today we had to hold shooting for a seaplane buzzing up above the set, but we’re having a blast. These are problems we like to have”

Traffic slowed down mesmerized by the huge lights set up in the Adirondack Hotel parking lot and the crew huddled together on the sidewalk around a monitor.

Curious onlookers and pedestrians were able to pass right through the set up and see production up close. Several times as the crew was ready to roll, a steady stream of cars continued to move through. Shortly before rolling a party barge attempted to dock, but was waved away.

Shooting is slated to go into the night as they will shoot some interior scenes in the Adirondack Hotel.

The cast features Rory Culkin as Ollie

Robert Sheehan as Nikolai

Mary Beth Peil as the grandma

Elizabeth Pena as the maid

Isabelle McNally as Isadora

Citizen Tait of Long Lake

The artist, Arthur Fitzgerald Tait, moved to Long Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks in 1874. Tait, his wife and her half-sister first resided in summer in an elaborate lean-to on South Pond near Long Lake, bathing and dining at Palmer’s House in Deerland. Later Tait purchased 100 acres and built a home on the west shore of Long Lake near the present-day bridge. Two of his sons were born in Long Lake. The Helms and Palmer families were close to the Tait family. Mrs. Helms helped deliver the Tait babies. Tait was considered a member of the Long Lake community and was appointed by the Town Board to serve on a committee to investigate allegations made against the Town Supervisor. Further investigation proved no wrongdoing by the accused and the matter was dropped.

Artist Arthur F. Tait 1877

On Friday evening August 17th, 2012 at 7:30 p.m., Caroline Welsh, Director Emerita of the Adirondack Museum will give a talk on Tait and his Adirondack paintings many of which were painted in the Long Lake vicinity. Long Lake Historical Society and the Town of Long Lake are sponsors of the annual “Historical Showcase” in the Long Lake Town Hall. After the lecture Mrs. Welsh will sign copies of her book “The Adirondack World of A. F. Tait” with contributions by Laura S. Rice and Katherine W. Baumgartner, and published by The Adirondack Museum. All are welcome to attend the lecture and to enjoy the Historical Society’s exhibit of farm, mining, trapping and carpentry equipment used by early families of Long Lake. Photographs of Long Lakers, both summer and year-rounders, who have served in the military will be on view. Information and photos of a nationally prominent Long Laker serving in the Obama administration will also be displayed.

On Saturday evening, August 18th, 2012 at 7:30 p.m., Chris Jennings Blumberg, Long Lake School Board member, will offer a program on the history of the Schools, Teachers and Students of Long Lake. The complete schedule of events follows:

Friday 8/17/12 – Exhibit opens at 6 p.m., Tait lecture at 7:30 p.m.
Saturday 8/18/12 – Exhibit and Historic Society Annual Meeting open at 1 p.m. and School lecture at 7:30 p.m.

RondeauFest Long Lake NY All Day Music Fest!

RondeauFest is a brand new all-day music festival August 18, 2012 starting at noon in Long Lake NY. RondeauFest will be held rain or shine at the Long Lake Ball Field, 1167 Main Street sponsored by The Town of Long Lake. Tickets are $15 and kids under 12 are free.

The name RondeauFest harkens back to the frontier lifestyle emulated by Adirondack hermit, Noah John Rondeau, who lived a self-sustained life in the woods north of Long Lake on and off for over eighteen years. Rondeau would sometimes spend time in and around Long Lake even having his photo taken right near the site of this event. Rondeau’s hermitage was located northeast of Long Lake in wildest country in the Adirondacks along the Cold River. Rondeaufest is a celebration of Rondeau’s self-sustaining frontier spirit.

In addition to seven outstanding bands taking the stage on Saturday look for a variety of vendors and local businesses on site. Robot Zone, sponsored by Clarkson University and North Country Children’s Museum will feature activities for kids with on-site robot demonstrations, Lego robots, remote controllers, and a robot that shoots basketballs. Other guests include: Lifeflight, The Center for Donation and Transplant, North County Kettle Corn, a Salon-quality Feather Hair Extension Artist, Incapacho Artisans, The Adirondack Trading Post, Graham Central Station, and the Long Lake Lions Club.

RondeauFest Bands

All times are tentative and subject to change without notice.

12 pm: Jamie Sutliff, Barry Gregson & Michele Roussel
Jamie and Barry have playing together for over 26 years and plan to wow you with original music and Michele Roussel’s powerhouse vocals. Blues, rock and folk blues and lots of originals. Most of the songs you’ll hear in the set are penned by Sutliff. Look for a great set of covers and originals by this dynamic trio to open up the Fest – slated for noon.

1pm: The Dark Marbles

Deb Stuppiello, Tony Stuppiello, Eric Peter, Yod Crewsy

This power-pop garage rock band has been around since 1987 and just released an 18-song studio recording entitled “Variety Pack. ” “Deep from the inner depths of some beat up garage, the Dark Marbles awake and step out into the moonlight to provide your soul with sounds from a time machine.” The Dark Marbles started recording their just released “Variety Pack” CD in 2000 and finished the project at Robby Takac’s (Bass player for the Goo Goo Dolls) GCR Studio in Buffalo, NY with engineer Justin Rose. The Dark Marbles are set to go at 1pm. Lineup includes Eric Peter on lead guitar, Deb Stuppiello on bass, Tony Stuppiello on drums and Yod Crewsy on vocals and guitar.

2pm: The Blind Owl Band

The Blind Owl Band

Paul Smiths, NY-based Bluegrass band The Blind Owl Band formed in 2011 after meeting at Paul Smith’s College. “Rabble Rousing” is the band’s debut album. It’s 13 tracks of bluegrass and original string music. The band’s influences range from the Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Jaco Pastorius and The Whompers.

In 2012 The Blind Owl Band played in Hartford, CT, Kingston, NY, Burlington, VT, Peterborough, NH as well as a variety of venues in the Adirondacks. Look for a foot stomping good time when the Blind Owl Band hits the RondeauFest stage at 2pm.

3pm: The Fat River Kings

Brian Beaudin, Steve Signell, Jason Hall are the Fat River Kings

The Fat River Kings are a genre-hopping American roots band specializing in unique arrangements and tight harmonies. The Fat River Kings take turns singing lead vocals on originals and covers while collectively supplying three-part harmonies on roots songs drawn from musical styles including rock, country, Celtic, bluegrass, reggae and the occasional sea shanty. Brian Beaudin on Bass, Guitar, Pennywhistle, Tuba, Trombone.
Jason Hall, Vocals, Keyboards and Steve Signell Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Harmonica.

4pm: Jeff Umbehauer

Jeff’s music style, Americana, has been influenced by Bob Dylan, Steve Goodman, John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Arlo Guthrie, The Beatles, Jack Johnson, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, James Taylor, Bob Marley, The Grateful Dead, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald as well as various folk and bluegrass artists. Jeff has four cd’s out as both a solo artist and with his bluegrass band, “Blackjack.” Look for a broad range of tunes and original styles ranging from folk to reggae when Jeff hits the stage at RondeauFest. Jeff is well-known in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey music scene playing festivals and clubs including Camp Jam, Musikfest, Mayfair and many more.

5pm: The Grip Weeds

NY/NJ- based rock band The Grip Weeds will play their debut show in the Adirondack region on Saturday, August 18th, at RondeauFest in Long Lake, NY. The Grip Weeds are favorites of fellow musician and New Jersey native Steven Van Zandt (Bruce Springsteen, The Sopranos) and are regularly featured on his Sirius/XM and internationally syndicated radio show The Underground Garage.

The critically-acclaimed quartet consists of brothers Kurt and Rick Reil (on drums and guitar respectively), Kristin Pinell (guitar) and Dave DeSantis (bass)– All four sing, and surrounded by their vintage equipment they’re a blast of perfect radio-friendly guitar-pop, psychedelic enough to appeal to record junkies and Sixties-retro fans, but edgy enough to fit into a modern-rock set.

The band just released their first live album Speed Of Live (Ground Up), described as “non-stop energy– a sweat-soaked high-octane burst of psychedelic power pop”.

6pm: The 4i Band

This five piece band from the Binghamton, NY region plays a wide variety of classic rock, blues, jam-band music, and originals. The 4i Band regularly plays in and around the New York State wine country. The 4i band just played the Cortland Arts and Wine Festival, and has also been spotted at the Black Bear Winery in Chenango Forks, and Owego Strawberry Festival Block Party. They will be playing out the end of RondeauFest with an extended length set ready to sweep the crowd with dancing, raucous fun.

RondeauFest will be on the Long Lake Town Ball Field under a tent. RondeauFest will be located next to Jennings Park Pond and the weather can range from hot and sunny, to cool, breezy and wet. Anything goes. Prepare for all of it. Bring layers, rain gear, acoustic instruments, drums, bug spray, socks, sunscreen, friends, lawn chair and a cooler.

Event guests will be required to wear wristbands to access the event site. Tickets are $15 and kids under 12 are free. All ticket sales are cash, sorry no credit cards. No glass bottles are permitted on site. This event will happen rain or shine.

Carpooling is recommended. There is limited parking in Long Lake. Parking will be available at Long Lake Central School, the Long Lake Town Hall and Mt. Sabattis Parking Lot on Deerland Road. For advance tickets stop in at the Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake, NY or call 518.624.3077 for more information.

Lake Eaton Property Auction

This wooded, waterfront property on the shoreline of Lake Eaton is a blend of rustic elegance, classic Adirondack architecture and modern amenities. It boasts four acres of land, 2000 square feet in the main house and 100 feet of lakefront located in Long Lake, NY.

This secluded single family home, suitable for year-round living, possesses an undisturbed view of Owl’s Head Mountain and scenic Lake Eaton.

Click here: Photo Reel of Lake Eaton Property

Built in 2003, the property features five bedrooms and two wings with cozy sleeping nooks and ample closet space. Two full baths with modern bathrooms including one with a Jacuzzi tub.

The master suite features an incredible vista overlooking Lake Eaton with direct access to a wrap-around deck and a full bathroom with a glassed-in-shower and a sleek, modern design.

Two spiral staircases lead to upstairs sleeping quarters with a birds-eye view of the lake and house. Enjoy a spacious great room with cathedral ceiling and working masonry fireplace. The expansive open gourmet kitchen features stainless steel appliances, professional DCS six burner range, dishwasher, seating for ten, and granite countertops.

Interior Amenities
Indoor amenities include built-in handcrafted rustic cabinetry and rustic furniture boasting plenty of storage space. Appealing pine interior and hardwood floors throughout. Jacuzzi tub, marble floor in master bath, cathedral ceilings, modern glass chandelier, double pane windows, masonry fireplace, wood, carbon monoxide detector, smoke detectors and built in security system. Laundry nook, tongue and groove pine walls. Wooden blinds. French doors, wrap-around porch. DCS six-burner gas range, stainless steel appliances including dishwasher, refrigerator and granite countertops. Forced hot air and propane hot water.

Exterior Features
Boat dock, outdoor lighting, storage shed, storm door, two car garage with automated doors. Stone cut pathways, Fire pit with stone seating. Loft area above the garage which can be used as a family game room or additional sleeping area.

Ample outdoor covered storage
Dock and ramp included
Town water
200 Amp electrical service

To see the property and request a bid packet contact the Long Lake Town Supervisor’s office. Appointments are available to see the property by calling 518-624-3001

Bids are due in the Long Lake Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake, NY 12847 on Tuesday August 28th 1pm where they will be opened by the Long Lake Town Clerk.

Bidders must meet minimum requirements as outlined in a bidding packet available at the Long Lake Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road, Long Lake, NY 12847 or by contacting Email lakeeatoncamp@adirondackacres.comor calling and requesting a Bid Packet at 518-624-3001. Bid packets to be available at the Long Lake Town Offices at a date to be announced. Appointments to see property must be made in advance by contacting 518.624.3001

Lake Eaton is a gorgeous, serene lake west of the Hamlet of Long Lake. Located at 76 Robinwood Lane off of NYS route 30, this property is located on Lake Eaton. Lake Eaton is a clear, clean, shallow sandy bottom lake. Lake Eaton boasts bountiful fish including: Lake trout, brook trout, white fish, smelt, smallmouth bass, sunfish, yellow perch, brown bullhead, sucker, rainbow salmon and minnow. Surrounded by wild forest this quiet escape is guaranteed to be a family retreat for years to come.

The Long Lake Town Board reserves the right to reject any bid.

Disclaimer: Information regarding the Lake Eaton Camp at 76 Robinwood Way, Long Lake, provided by the Town of Long Lake is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. “The Lake Eaton Camp Property Auction Procedures” – as revised- govern the process for handling the auction and sale. Please obtain and follow these procedures if interested in purchasing the Lake Eaton Camp.

Durant Days August 5th – 7th 2022 Updates for Raquette Lake

Celebrate the Birth of Adirondack Great Camp Architecture. Tours of Great Camps, dining cruises and community events scheduled to take place Friday through Sunday, August 5th – 7th in 2022 h in Raquette Lake, NY.

Raquette Lake, NY

W.W. Durant crafted a narrative of the Adirondacks that remains relevant to this day. Celebrate the birth of Great Camps Architecture in Raquette Lake to reflect on a day gone by when waterways were the highways.

Durant Days is a celebration of the rich history of architecture and it’s place in the historical landscape of the Adirondacks. Don’t miss out on tours of Camp Pine Knot, and St. Williams Church and Great Camp Sagamore. W. W. Durant had a hand in its development from the start, but especially after 1879, when tourism to the area exploded.
Fans of AMC series, Hell on Wheels, can take their own step back in time to discover the world of W.W. Durant, the son of Thomas “Doc” Durant, (as portrayed by Colm Meaney on AMC’s Hell on Wheels ) W.W. Durant is the architect and visionary who imagined a place where wealthy urbanites could escape the noise, smog and crowding created by the Industrial Age.

Friday, August 5

All aboard the W.W. Durant, Raquette Lake’s exclusive dining vessel with world-class cuisine and over 20 years of service. With limited luncheon cruise spots available, reservations are requested for this popular Durant Days Friday tour. Guests of the luncheon cruise are invited to stroll through the rooms and grounds of Pine Knot and a visit to St. Williams on Long Point. Call 315-354-5532 for reservations and pricing.

Durant Days Events:
Friday, August 5:
Luncheon Cruise. Water taxi to Pine Knot, St. Williams and lunch aboard the W.W. Durant boat. For reservations call 315-354-5532. Limited seating available.

Saturday, August 6th:

2pm: at Raquette Lake Free Village Green. Free concert featuring Wide Variety. “New Jersey’s Premiere A Cappella Group.” Wide Variety is a group of a cappella singers who take the best of R&B, rock and roll and popular standards, add their own blend of vocal harmonies and deliver an entertainment experience.
2pm: Poker Run. Village Green. For family fun and a great way to explore the local area, sign up for the Poker Run from 2-5pm. Collect your card, visit area businesses to get stamped and the winner with the “best hand” takes the purse.
5pm: Adam Reynolds, Acoustic Artist, performs on the Raquette Lake Village Green. Adam has been playing in Raquette Lake, Long Lake, Old Forge, Utica and Syracuse for the last few years. In 2012 he braved the Pittsburgh, PA, American Idol auditions and competed with over 30,000 contestants. Don’t miss Adam’s finale performance in the Adirondacks for Durant Days. Two days after his showcase Adam heads off to Marine Corps boot camp.
7pm: Boat Parade. Raquette Lake Village Dock. Runabouts, pontoons, 2012 features a Patriotic Theme. Register by calling Pat 315-354-4070. Cash Prizes!
Dusk: An incredible fireworks display rounds out Saturday Evening sponsored by The Town of Long Lake.

Sunday, August 7th

10am: Great Camp Sagamore. Half price guided tour of Great Camp Sagamore, featuring 27 National Historic Landmark Buildings.
2pm: Water Taxi to St. Hubert’s Isle
3pm: Vespers Service St. Huberts. Visit the historic island chapel for the Annual Ecumenical Vespers Service at the Church of the Good Shepherd. The island church was the summer chapel for many families significant in the history of the United States during the second half of the 19th century.

Long Lake