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Hors D’Oeuvres Tour 2013 Winners Announced

The 4th Annual Hors D’Oeuvres Tour played out against a cold winter back drop in the Adirondack Mountains on Thursday, February 21st in Long Lake, NY. For $30 guests enjoyed three selections at three locations. Thirty-four guests of the tour traveled aboard the luxurious town transportation fondly known as The Little Bus and ventured to The Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub, The Adirondack Hotel and The Cellar Restaurant and Pub.

The Long Lake Diner was the first stop and served in the dining room. The first selection was a Lobster and Shrimp Bisque on a Puff Pastry, Brisee Bisque, followed by a Thai Peanut Ginger Chicken and Braised Steak and Pork with maple butter apple sauce. Each course was served separately with a sherbet palate cleanser between each course.

Guests voted on overall impression, presentation, uniqueness and combination of flavors. Guests were encouraged to vote on each individual appetizer, not as a competition against each other.

Highlights from the voters.

“The bisque is unique, creamy and delicious”
“Loved the heat of the Ginger Chicken dish”
“Just enough kick on the Ginger Chicken, great!”
“The pork and maple apple butter sauce is terrific. Great warming comfort food on a cold winter night,”
“The steak was so tender, cooked to perfection”
“The ginger chicken would be a great lunch!”
“Nice tang on the sauce”

Thai Ginger Chicken at the Long Lake Diner

The Winner for the Long Lake Diner was

The Peanut Ginger Chicken

The Adirondack Hotel prepared a Puff Pastry Cannoli stuffed with goat cheese, cranberries and candied pecans. Grilled Peaches with gorgonzola cheese, topped with Guinness-ginger reduction and basil chiffonade and Wonton Cups with maple-rosemary ricotta and applewood bacon.

Highlights from the voters.

“Very ambitious undertaking”
“Unique combination of flavors”
“The wonton cups danced in my mouth”
“The puff pastry has nice consistency and love the cannoli presentation” “
“Love the wonton cups combo”
“Loved the filling of the grilled peaches”
“The wonton, good, bacon salt with the sweet ricotta was very nice”
“The peach wasn’t ripe, but it will be great when it’s in season”
“Puff pastry cannoli was the best so far”

The winner for the Adirondack Hotel was The Wonton Cups.

Adirondack Hotel Hors D’Oeuvres Selections

The last stop on the tour was The Cellar where desserts were on the menu. The selections included “Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake” flavored with chocolate and Bailey’s in a chocolate crust. Napolean with layers of puff pastry, vanilla pastry cream and fresh berries topped with whipped cream and a Lemon Tartlett, lemon curd in a shortbread crust with blueberries and whipped cream.

Highlights from the voters.
“Great cheesecake!”
“Lemon tartlett would make a nice summer dessert.”
“The Napoleon is exceptional”
“Seriously, two apps at each place is plenty that why it’s too much money for us old folks to digest.”
“I’m not a lemon person but I loved it anyway”
“I want a bigger piece of the chocolate cheesecake!”
“God, help me – yum” on the Napoleon

The winner for the Cellar Restaurant and Pub was the Bailey’s Chocolate Cheesecake.

Desserts served at The Cellar

Overall it was a terrific night and thank you to everyone for coming out and getting out on a cold winter’s night in February!

Winter Wacky Week in Long Lake Kicks Off!

The excitement for Winter Wacky Week has begun. On Tuesday, February 19th over 15 children participated in a roster of events including Manhunt, Capture the Flag, Snow Shelter Building, skating and sledding for “Kids Survivor” At the end of the day kids enjoyed pizza provided by the Long Lake Diner.

Kids Kick off Winter Wacky Week with a Quick Pose before Sledding

Directions for Manhunt are announced.

The littlest visitors enjoyed a skate on the ice. Great Conditions!

Snow Shelter has been created

On Wednesday, February 20th everyone is invited to come to the Mt. Sabattis Geiger Arena to help craft the Long Lake Giant Snowman at Noon if the structural engineers deem it safe to take off the form sides. If not, the snowman will be completed on Thursday, February 21st.

Kids will work together along with Events Coordinator Danielle Gagnier to create the Giant Snowman. Initial plans included trying to usurp the worlds record which was made by the folks of Bethel, Maine, and named after Maine senator Olympia Snowe. The the snow woman was 122 feet, one inch high and broke the Guinness world record for the largest snowman.

Long Lake’s snowman stands in it’s boxed forms at 16 feet high. It is located across from the Long Lake Post Office at the Mt. Sabattis Geiger Arena Parking Lot. The design was created and engineered by Erik Arsenault, Danielle Gagnier and the Long Lake Highway Department, Pat Gibbs and Craig Wamback.

The Long Lake Highway Department kills two birds with one stone. Cleaning up snow and using it to fill forms for Snowmen.

Filling the Giant Snowforms with snow

Community Connector in Raquette Lake Opens

A 12.8 mile multiple use trail, named the 7th Lake Mountain trail, connecting the communities of Raquette Lake and Inlet through the Moose River Plains Wild Forest in Hamilton County is now open for public use. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today.

Snowmobile Trail Signage has been posted

The trail will provide four seasons of recreational opportunities for the public to snowmobile, hike and bike in Hamilton County. The trail connects the community of Raquette Lake in the Town of Long Lake to the towns of Indian Lake and Inlet. The new trail is joined with the current Moose River Plains Wild Forest trail system which is the center of trail system that connects to Newcomb in Essex County and Old Forge in Herkimer County.

The construction of this new multiple-use trail was approved in the 2011 Moose River Plain Wild Forest Unit Management Plan and constructed pursuant to the “Management Guidance: Snwomobile Trail Construction and Maintenance on Forest Preserve Lands in the Adirondack Park”

Ok – that’s the official word. So what really happened?

Well that’s a long story.

So here are some pictures of the ribbon cutting and a link to the map.

Riders ready to roll

Officials including Assemblyman Marc Butler were on site for the ribbon cutting. This new trail will allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy all that this rich natural resource has to offer. This was truly a cooperative effort along with the DEC, the townships, the State Snowmobile Association and the Student Conservation Assocation and it is gratifying to see such a wonderful result” said Assemblyman Marc Butler

Inlet Barnstormers had a great turnout for the ribbon cutting

Map of the new Moose River Plains Community Connector Trail

Long Lake Councilman Dean Pohl and Town Supervisor, Clark Seaman waiting for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

This trail starts on Sagamore Road in Raquette Lake and travels south for 12.8 miles into the plains. It’s a narrow trail, with lots of twists and turns and ups and downs.

The trail is 9 feet wide and starts on Sagamore Road in Raquette Lake.

It is recommended for experienced riders and not for speed. It’s a beautiful trail with access to some incredible scenery and forest. But did I mention, it’s not made for speed? Not all of the bridges have been installed yet, and is more work pending.

Interesting Fact: The Adirondacks is the most heavily traveled snowmobile region in New York garnering over 20% of the snowmobile economy of the state.

DEC crews from Regions 5 and Region 6 with assistance form the Student Conservation Association Adirondack Program, the towns of Long Lake, Inlet and Indian Lake, NYSSA and local volunteers worked tirelessly over the past six months to construct what is the most significant trail project to be undertaken in the Central Adirondacks in decades.

The Moose River Plains Wild Forest Unit Management Plan approved the construction of the 12.8 mile community connection trail and the closure of the 46 miles of snowmobile trails which existed in the more remote areas of this Wild Forest Unit. In addition, 15,000 acres of the Moose River Plains Wild Forest lands were reclassified as Wilderness.

A map of the trail may be viewed and downloaded here: Moose River Map

Thanks for the trail! We will enjoy it. Be safe.

Raquette Lake Winter Carnival to be held Saturday, February 16th.

Unlike any Winter Carnival you’ve ever attended, Raquette Lake boasts a sense of community and true Adirondack pride with this Winter themed traditional event.

Youth participate in Winter games such as snowshoe relay, goalies day off puck shot contest, snow dodgeball and a Winter Carnival first; an afternoon envelope making craft class held at the Raquette Lake Union Free School. Adults can have their turn at envelope making with a separate evening class. Stan Kolonko from The Ice Farm will be joining us back in Raquette Lake to construct an ice fire tower to be lit immediately following the Fireworks.

There’s plenty to do for kids and adults alike. Adults let loose and participate in the ice golf tournament, a Winter Carnival favorite! Ladies can take out some aggression with the annual famed Ladies Frying Pan toss. Ladies gather from miles around to send our custom griddle flying! But be sure to sign up fast, because only the first 50 ladies get a chance at the coveted title of Frying Pan Toss champion.

When the street lights come on we are bringing back an old Raquette Lake Winter Carnival tradition, tug of war battle in the street beside the Raquette Lake Library! Worried about the chill? Worry no more, we’ll have the bonfire blazing all day long and the Raquette Lake Library and Raquette Lake Tap Room are always warm and welcoming! For more information please contact Raquette Lake Parks and Recreation at 518-624-3077

Poker Run and Fishing Derby

Plenty of activities in the Long Lake area February 8th and 9th. Visitors and residents in the area can enjoy an Ice Fishing Derby and a Poker Run.

The Long Lake Moonlighter’s invite you to participate in the Annual Poker run spanning three communities from February 8th to February 9th. Cards will be available on Friday, February 8th at the open of business at the Raquette Lake Tap Room or the Newcomb House. It is $10 per person and players must be 18 or over to enter. Players pick up a card and receive a stamp at each location. Upon completion of the run, players check into the Adirondack Hotel on Saturday, February 9th by 5pm. Players are dealt the number of cards corresponding with the number of stamps they collect. Player with the best hand wins. Travel by car, boat, bus, airplane or snowmobile. Snowmobile trails will be ready to go. For more information or a map contact 518-624-3077 or visit

The Long Lake Fish and Game Club will be hosting an Ice Fishing Derby on Lake Eaton on Saturday, February 9th, 2013. Registration is $25 per person at 6am at the LL Town Hall Nutrition Site, 1204 Main Street, Long Lake, NY 12847. Fish for Land-locked Salmon and Trout. Live Weigh in will be at the Lake Eaton Beach area. Lines in at 7am and derby ends at 3pm. There will be a 50/50 drawing benefiting the LL Fish and Game Club and cash prizes. Participants must have a valid NYS Fishing License.

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