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Plan Your Spring Rides

Snowmobile season is winding down after a long winter. Soon the roads will be ready to ride. Ride two-wheeled motorcyles or if you’re cycling, Long Lake and Raquette Lake offer great places to ride, quiet roads and incredible rolling vistas.

If you are traveling to Lake George for Americade, don’t miss out on a loop through Long Lake at the crossroads of Routes 30/28N and Raquette Lake located on Route 28. Popular loops link up from North Creek, Old Forge, Lake Placid and Lake George. Make Long Lake homebase to explore the rich history and scenic spots.

Motorcycles welcome. We’ll see you soon.

Motorcycle Video in Long Lake

Snowmobile Season Winds Down

After unexpected early spring snowfall Long Lake and Raquette Lake enjoyed some unanticipated, but awesome extra weekends of snowmobiling. The Town of Long Lake wants to say a huge thank you to our visiting snowmobilers. Thank you for riding the trails, giving us feedback and visiting us this winter. We are very appreciative to have all of the riders and families discover our trails and our little towns. Do us a favor, next year, book in Long Lake and Raquette Lake and launch your expedition from here! We’re thrilled to have you, we appreciate your business and we’ll see you soon!

Thanks to Wayne in Raquette, Seth & Chad in Long Lake. Also a big shout out to the Long Lake Highway Crew for helping cut back the banks on North Point and Sabattis and Kickerville Roads this season. Also a shout out to Hamilton County Highway for keeping the roads open, leaving rideable banks and being so helpful and keeping the lines of communication open.

This is the last week of riding, the gates are still open. Some grooming will be continuing. Expecting some warmer temperatures this week.

Again.. THANK YOU to EVERYONE for riding our 70 miles of trails connecting Long Lake and Raquette Lake to our surrounding communities. Ride Safe and come back again!

Satellite Installers

Northeast Home Theater, Jeff Ashe 518-695-5309
Satellite Guy out of Plattsburgh. 518-572-7327
Unique Tech Services, Direct TV Installs, Ed Gonzalez 518-320-8702
Alpha Stereo, Direct TV custom installation, Armond Woods 518.561-2822. Alpha Stereo specializes in custom installations from satellite to home theaters.
Frontier Communications works with Dish Network. Please see a phone bill for contact information.

Cable TV Options in Long Lake, NY

This announcement is for property owners in Long Lake, NY. For visitors to our areas, please check with your local lodging for information, but don’t panic, most owners are already working on resolving this issue. This post is for local property owners who need to get ready to open up their camps.

Recently DH Communications, Long Lake’s local cable television service provider discontinued servicing the Long Lake, NY area. At this time there is no alternative cable provider. Time Warner has been contacted, but has declined to service this area. At this time the only option for television viewing (other than streaming on the internet) is a satellite installation.

What are owners to do?

Here is a short list of Independent Satellite contractors that can get you started. The Town of Long Lake has no information about the cost of installation or hourly rates at this time.

Northeast Satellite Sales, Commercial & Residential, Jeff Ash 518-695-5309
Satellite Guy out of Plattsburgh. 518-572-7327
Unique Tech Services, Direct TV Installs, Ed Gonzalez 518-320-8702
Alpha Stereo, Direct TV custom installation, Armond Woods 518.561-2822. Alpha Stereo specializes in custom installations from satellite to home theaters.
SLIC Network Solutions – Pending – but call and tell you want cable!: 1-877-754-2266
Frontier Communications works with Dish Network. (800) 921-8101

The Town of Long Lake cannot guarantee the service, nor does the Town of Long Lake endorse any particular provider. It is up to the consumer to find the best option that suit their individual needs.

If anyone reading this note has any information about other providers that may service our area, please let us know and we will post updated information.

Lifeguards Needed

The Town of Long Lake is now accepting applications for two open lifeguard positions. Applicant must be 16 or older. A copy of current Red Cross certification for Beach Waterfront, CPR and First Aid is required or proof that you are currently or will be taking the course. Applications are due March 29th at the Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department.

Click here for a Town of Long Lake Employment Application.

Submit applications and copies of certifications to:

Long Lake Parks & Recreation
Attn: Lifeguard
PO Box 496
Long Lake, NY 12847

Adirondacks, The Brand

What I find funny.

Is the Adirondacks really a brand? When a salesguy in charge of Tourism Marketing calls me from Michigan and wants Long Lake to advertise in its USA Today National Travel Parks Magazine and I explain the size of my town and the size of my budget he’s still insistent on selling me an ad for my city. So I stop him an say “David, I’m not a city”

Then I break down that I’m in the Adirondacks and he really needs to be focusing on bigger money, and that my teeny budget can only be stretched so far, he interrupts and says : “AdderDax?” “What’s that, how do you spell that?”


Umm… So I respond by saying, well The Adirondacks is 6.1 million acres of public and private land in Upstate New York that equals the size of Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Glacier,and Great Smoky Mountains combined. Silence on the other end. Pause pause pause, clicking, I think he’s googling. He thinks I’m making it up, I can tell by the sound of his voice. “Bigger than the Grand Canyon?”

“Yes, David”

So I get a little frustrated when I’m in meetings and the conversation leads to “re-branding” the Adirondacks. I have a suggestion, why don’t we actually brand the Adirondacks? Why don’t we actually spend money and educate people that the Adirondacks even exist? Who’s in charge of writing those social studies textbooks in Texas? Anyone have a name?

I lived in Cranford, NJ and Manhattan for over 20 years and let me tell you, most of my neighbors and co-workers had never ever heard of the Adirondacks and it was less than five hours away. “There’s nothing north of Westchester County” “Upstate New York? You mean Buffalo?” “We didn’t even know this place was there, we love Vermont.” “You guys have lakes, rivers and mountains and bears, birds, fish and bobcats and loons and owls?” Ummmm.. yeah and we also have places to sleep including hotels, motels, campgrounds and lean-tos and lots of our access to this great wild land is free.

So I’m amused. I’ll admit it. I’m amused. The governor is shaking trees, scrambling his warriors and his people together to get everyone to find a plan to get tourists to the Adirondacks. Nevermind that he wants all this tourism money to come into the Adirondacks yet the state is cutting funding for our rural schools, so once he gets all these tourists here there won’t be any businesses open because all the young folks working them had to leave so their children could get an education. But I digress…

So I don’t really know who’s in charge of the Adirondacks. Is there one bureau for this? The Adirondack Bureau of Adderdacks Advertising? We have seven regions, let’s see, the coast, the wild, the lakes, the seaway, Tug Hill, Lake George and Lake Placid. Is that everything? How are people supposed to figure out what the heck they want to do?

I know I’ve sat on committees to revitalize, committees to get grant money, committees to talk about committees, and usually when sitting on these committees, they never include the entire area of the Adirondacks. The Adirondacks is sliced, diced and broken up when it comes to money, advertising and funding, but lumped together as one when it’s failing.

I think we’re having an identity crisis… or just a crisis.

So as I steer my salesman to bigger fish, yes if you work in one of those seven regions Dave might be calling you, but he’s doing his own research because I didn’t even know who to tell him to call. While everyone struggles to figure out where to put the most effective ads, how to reach the most people, just remember we do have a lot of people living within a days drive of this magnificent place I’m lucky enough to call home, but there’s plenty of people out there that have never even heard of us.

So let me know when the Adirondacks gets branded. I can’t wait.

Raquette Lake Winter Wonderland

Video featuring Raquette Lake Winter Events including Winter Carnival and Snowmobiling and Wayne.

[wpvideo Y52oiXUe]

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