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Adirondack Quilt Camp 2014 Long Lake, NY

Long Lake NY hosts the 5th Annual Adirondack Quilt Camp at Long Lake Central School, June 29th thru July 2nd, 2014. Over 20 classes and twelve teachers, this years classes boast handwork, beginning quilting, the ever popular Mystery Quilt and many more.

On Monday Night at the Long Lake Library, at 5pm, Lorrie Hosley will be hosting a trunk show with over 50 Antiques Quiltsll-quilts-poster-web 2014. This presentation is open to the public.

Log Cabin Fabrics will be at the Long Lake Central School gym, daily, and it is open to the public from 9am – 4pm.

Bed Race Trophy Calamity or Controversy? Long Lake NY

In the summer of 2013 there were seven entries in the Long Lake Bed Races. Only one team could walk home with the trophy. The rules in Long Lake are simple. You beat everyone, you get a cash prize, glory, bragging rights and your team name engraved on the Bed Race Trophy on display year-round right in the Long Lake tourism office. The team gets an official photo holding the trophy and that’s it. That’s all the team contact with said trophy, but its enough to make the papers, make facebook, snapchat, twitter and everything else in between… but in 2013, something happened to that tradition. It was broken.

Brooke Hample from The Cellar Team is spotted sneaking the trophy through the crowd at the Bed Races!

Brooke Hample from The Cellar Team is spotted sneaking the trophy through the crowd at the Bed Races!

The Adk Trading Post team-members, begged and pleaded, (translation… whined) and the tough as nails (actually marshmallow-hearted) Director relented (got hoodwinked) and allowed the team to carry the Bed Race Trophy Cup around during the evening activities at the beach.

With one more final team photo opportunity and one last breath of effort, tinged with a slight affable charm, the team members begged the question to the director… the one question she didn’t want to answer

Team: Can we have the trophy all night?

Director.. (that’s me) “No.”

Team: Pretty Please.

Director: No

Team: Come on, we promise.. nothing will happen to it.

Director: What makes me think I believe you?

Team: Because you’ve known us since we were born.

Director: Not all of you.

Director assesses the team and acquiesces, more out of sheer exhaustion and the desire to get rid of them.

Director: That trophy better be on my desk first thing Monday Morning.

Team: You bet!

Team leaves.

Post 4th of July morning. Director drinks coffee while perusing Facebook news feed, spots some snippets of fb updates and chatter calling into question the whereabouts of said trophy. Director gives up and heads to boat, to get out on the lake, escaping the dreadful pit of fear enveloping her gut and the voices inside her head repeating… “the trophy is missing, the trophy is missing… ” and oddly a grace and calm overcame the director as she roared out into the lake leaving her worries behind…

Timeline: 24 hours later
Where the trophy went… well that’s up to the team to tell you, but it was not returned in a timely fashion and nor was it returned in the condition it left in.

It was recovered from the bottom of Long Lake in a diving expedition** after several months of being lost at sea. (ok, maybe a couple of weeks) ** much like the historic Buttercup Steamboat – see “Mystery of the Buttercup, a play, July 25th Long Lake Town Hall for details

Bed Race Trophy was recovered from the bottom of Long Lake, NY.  Is this the new invasive species?

Bed Race Trophy was recovered from the bottom of Long Lake, NY. Is this the new invasive species?

The trophy was recovered.. albeit not be the same, but sometimes change is just fine. And the winged goddess of victory may have been torn mercilessly from her trophy base, but she was re-attached with electrical tape and returned with a lifejacket, symbolizing her return to her rightful place after an accidental swim to the bottom of Long Lake.

Luckily due to a generous donation the PRT department was able to order a new Bed Race Trophy Cup and will start all over again in 2014.

In 2014, teams will have their photo taken with the new trophy, a plaque engraved and it will remain on display in the town offices, under 24/7 lock and key.

Robin’s Nest

Robin’s Nest is located on the southern end of Long Lake on Birch Bay Way, across from Moose Island. The cozy, comfortable, and fully equipped cottage is perfect for a peaceful and private getaway for families and couples. The cottage overlooks the lake and is nestled in the woods on a short quiet drive. There is a fully-equipped modern eat-in kitchen (toaster, coffee maker, microwave, stove, cookware, etc.), an outdoor grill, and a large deck with dining table and Adirondack chairs. The cottage accommodates up to 4 guests, with one bedroom with two twin beds and a living room with a pull out couch. The large windows in the living room and kitchen overlook the lake and mountains. Waterfront is a short 30 yards from Robin’s Nest front door with use of a dock, rowboat, canoe, and paddleboat. TV with DVD player. Walking distance to town and to Buttermilk Falls.

Weekly rentals from Memorial Day to Columbus Day, with shorter stays also welcome. Visit for pictures. Please call or email for more information or to make a reservation.


Adirondack Birding in Long Lake


What’s on your Bird List? Long Lake and Hamilton County is an unbelievable boreal bird zone and not to be missed!

The Adirondack Birding Festival in Hamilton County launches on Friday, June 13th through 15th. This three day event features birding hikes, walks, safaris and seminars stretching from Long Lake all throughout Hamilton County. Free birding expeditions, all you have to do is sign up.

Hamilton County is over one million acres of the Adirondack State Park. Long Lake is one of the prime destinations to watch boreal birds. Now in its 10th year, the Hamilton County Birding Festival brings together bird watchers from all over the United States to explore and discover the amazing bird habitat of the Adks.

Joan Collins is a premier birding expert in the area and calls Long Lake her home. Every year she participates in guided hiking trips in and around the Long Lake area. Her love of birds is palpable and her amazing ability to hear them is something not to miss. “Shhh, be quiet!” Have your ears ready for a special auditory experience. Check out the schedule and sign up!

Be ready for the unexpected when it comes to weather in June. It can be hot, humid, rain, cold, and even snow. (let’s hope not) Though June is typically filled with warm days and cool evenings, you can never be sure so packing properly is part of the fun of exploring the area.


For each trip be sure to bring the following:

bug repellent (netting or a bug shirt is recommended)
snacks and/or lunch
bird books
comfortable waterproof footwear
For canoeing trips, you also need to bring a canoe/kayak, paddles, and a PFD (as required by law)
Event Schedule

FRI. JUNE 13, 2014

7-10am Inlet Walk at Ferd’s Bog with guide Joan Collins
7am-12pm Long Lake Hike at Hitchins Pond/Low’s Ridge/Upper Dam with guides John & Pat Thaxton
10am-12pm Raquette Lake Walk at Raquette Lake Rail Bed/Marion River Carry with guide Joan Collins
2-4pm Long Lake Walk at Forked Lake Campground area with guides Jerry Roberts/Bill Labes
5-7pm Indian Lake Walk at Cedar River with guides Mike & Wanda Moccio
6:30pm Raquette Lake Dinner Cruise (Black Fly Challenge & Birding Festival) Special Cruise W.W. Durant Cruise & Dine Steamship

SAT. JUNE 14, 2014

7-10am Inlet Walk at Ferd’s Bog with guide Gary Lee
7-11am Indian Lake/Speculator Walk at Perkins Clearing with guides Mike & Wanda Moccio
7am-12pm Long Lake Walk/Hike at Hitchens Pond/Lows Ridge with guide Joan Collins
7-11am Piseco Hike at Fiddler’s Pond with guides Jerry Roberts/Bill Labes
7am-12pm Newcomb Hike – New Trip! at Roosvelt Truck Trail with guides John & Pat Thaxton
7-11am Morehouse Walk at G Lake with guides Laurie Freeman/Jamie Taft
2-4pm Piseco Driving Safari at Powley Road with guides Laurie Freeman/Jamie Taft
4-5:30pm Blue Mountain Lake at Adirondack Museum with guide Joan Collins for “Boreal Species”

SUN. JUNE 15, 2014

7am-12pm Inlet Road Safari at Moose River Plains with guide Joan Collins
7am-12pm Long Lake Hike at Northville-Placid Trail with guides John & Pat Thaxton
7am-12pm Indian Lake Walk – New Trip! Former Finch and Pruyn lands/Chain of Lakes Rd. with guides Mike & Wanda Moccio

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