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Longest Winter Ever?

It’s been a long winter, a cold winter. Many places in and around the town had frozen pipes, Joe and Keith from the Water Dept have been out with a variety of methods to help the neighbors unblock the frozen water. There was a water main break in Raquette Lake and they had to cope with boil water notices for a stretch of time, but it all got fixed as fast as it could. These water crews have been out in epic sub-zero temps for sometimes 18 hours a day. They always pull out the stops and make things work, when they can and my hat is off to these guys for doing what they do. It hasn’t been easy, who can predict the frost line and how it’s going to wreak havoc on plowed driveways and un-snowcovered areas.

We got a few day of the teasing sunny melting day spring is almost here kind of day. Blue sky, while driving through town at lunch, observing salty trucks idling on the side of the roads neighbors chatted up with neighbors and yup, I saw actual smiles on their faces. In March, literal smiles. Folks were so happy the sub-zero had disappeared.

Here's another infamous phone booth found in the middle of the woods along a canoe carry on North Point Road.  Get a map and make a call.

Here’s another infamous phone booth found in the middle of the woods along a canoe carry on North Point Road. Get a map and make a call.

Well of course maybe we spoke too soon. Snowmobile season technically runs until April 1st. Just remember is “snowmobile” season, not “drive on the snowmobile trail in the car” season. Yah, we don’t have one of those, really, unless you count Uncas Road and Browns Tract. Right now we continue to have ample snow coverage in the woods. Today, St. Patty’s day, it rained, then it snowed and now it’s freezing. You never know what you’re going to get. Then suddenly the cold and flu season has re-emerged after it made the kick off in November. We had a few months of quiet recovery and then BAM. Warm weather, here’s some chest congestion and a runny nose!

Winter was full with excitement, as always. We kicked it off with the balmy Polar Bear Plunge raising $4900 for the Wounded Warrior Project, then the Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit and the Winter Carnival, Ice Fest, Winter Wacky Week, Ice Skating DJ Dance Party, Kids Movie Night, Trivia Nights, Poker Run, Round Robin, Raquette Lake Winter Carnival and Ladies Night to 50 Shades of Gray, the Mid-Winter Geocaching Event, and wrapping up with a Beatles Tribute Concert with Hey Jude. So the winter season has been jam-packed with events, anything to ward off cabin fever.

Last week we got to find out about special “Weird” Hamilton County sites in the blog and now I’m not going to lie, I’m a little obsessed with the trend of the weird Adirondacks. Long Lake got some cool shout outs for the Hoss’s Tree, the Shamrock phone booth and the Boob. The Indian Lake Project garnered mysterious speculation. Then it made me wonder about Long Lake’s history with UFO’s, but there are some things we just don’t talk about! (or at least not yet…) and do you know about Mother Johnson’s gravestone? (another LL Legend)

So we wait for our Spring and our mud season. Some of us flee to parts unknown to miss the transition of winter to spring to winter to mud to spring to bugs. (also known as April/May) Some of us stay and enjoy the peace and quiet. Some wait for camps to open, waiting to see what pipes explode as water gets turned on at our family compounds as we anxiously await the arrival of summer and what may or may not have nested while we were away.

Summer? It’s coming, I’m pretty sure it is right around the corner.

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