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Swimming Lessons Announced

The Long Lake Lifeguarding staff will be offering Free Swimming Lessons for levels 1-6 starting Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 through August 4th. To sign up call Emily Waters at 518-637-7834 or go directly to the beach to register with a guard.

Best Swim Dock in the Adirondacks!

Best Swim Dock in the Adirondacks!

On vacation and won’t be here the whole summer, not a problem! Flexible lessons for a week at a time will be available if you come and go throughout the summer season. Everyone welcome to participate.

A friendly reminder, there are no life-jackets allowed on the beach or in the water to swim. If you want to swim to the dock, the lifeguards will assess your strength as a swimmer. If you pass, yahoo, you can go to the dock. If you don’t, don’t give up. Show the guards you are working hard and build up your swimming prowess and before you know it you’ll have permission to be jumping off the minitrampoline.

Long Lake’s Swim Dock boasts rope swings, a slide, mini trampoline and hours of beach entertainment. Come on by for the day and stay for the week! Best view in the Adirondacks.

All lifeguards are Red Cross Certified and trained in CPR, First Aid and lifesaving skills.

See you at the beach!

Bass Derby Results Long Lake Opening Day!

The Long Lake Fish and Game Club hosted their annual Local Bass Derby on Saturday, June 18th from the Long Lake Town Beach located in the center of the Adirondacks of Upstate NY. There were 49 entries in the contest. Weigh in saw 48 – Small Mouth Bass, 11 Large Mouth Bass, 17 Northern Pike.

The Fish and Game Club uses the $25 entry fee as the base for prizes. First Place winners received $160, second place winners received $100 and third place winners received $60.

Happy Participants Tony Cardon and Craig Wamback  weighing in the catch of the day

Happy Participants Tony Cardon and Craig Wamback weighing in the catch of the day

Small Mouth Bass
1st Mary Jo Waite 3.14 lbs
2nd Al Januszewski 2.81 lbs
3rd Cody Fraiser 2.79 lbs

Large Mouth Bass
1st Brian O’Hagen 4.24 lbs
2nd Al Januszewski 3.89 lbs
3rd Hudson Gereau 3.34 lbs

Northern Pike
1st Stan Baberacki 5.47 lbs
2nd Jack Desmond 4.51 lbs
3rd Tom Ridgeway 4.01 lbs

Next LL Fish & Game Derby is Sat. July 9th!

Next LL Fish & Game Derby is Sat. July 9th!

The next Long Lake Fish and Game Club Bass Derby will be held on Saturday, July 9th, starting at 6am. Registration Link Here. is $110 for 2-person limit boat. Amateur only, no live bait, fee includes $10 lunker. Total weight of five legal black bass. There will be live-well inspections and first boat departs at 6am from the Long Lake Town Beach located at 1258 Main Street, Long Lake, NY. Each boat has eight hours of fishing. Public weigh-in begins at 1:30pm at the Shamrock Motel and Cottages Beach. For more information and registration form go to or email

There are plenty of events coming up throughout the summer at the Long Lake Fish and Game Club.
July 9th – Long Lake Pro Bass Fishing Derby
August 6 – 100 Bird Shoot (Trap)
August 19th-20th – Long Lake Black Bear Annual Championship (Bullseye Pistol)
September 16th-17th – New York State Outdoor Pistol Match For a complete list of events and how to join check out

For more info contact our office at 518-624-3077

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Access Biking in the Essex Chain via Long Lake, NY

Some bikers, like me, are looking for back roads, no traffic. Winding, up-and-down dirt roads where the pickups don’t come flying by at 65 miles per hour. Not the single-track obstacle courses favored by many of the devotees of mountain bikes, but hard-packed dirt roads, where two people can ride side by side, talk about the scenery, get some good exercise, and not worry about either speed records or motorized traffic.

Mud Pond

Mud Pond

There’s an ideal place for this sort of biking in the Town of Newcomb, in the Essex Chain Lakes Complex recently bought by the state and opened to the public in 2015. I took my fat-tire bike there one sunny day late last August, got to see some new territory, and worked up a serious sweat.

I drove in to the Deer Pond parking area, unloaded my bike, and set off, heading east. It’s rolling and occasionally steep, right from the start. (The roads in there are a little confusing and not yet well marked, so before you go, download this map from the DEC.)

Proposed Essex Chain Bike Routes

Proposed Essex Chain Bike Routes

The first lake you come to is Fifth Lake, a lovely, characteristically Adirondack pond, which empties, in a not exactly scenic way, into Fourth Lake through a huge culvert, over which the road passes.

Trail Junction

Trail Junction

From there you bend south and pedal through the woods to a junction, marked, with humor, by the rod-and-gun club that used to lease these lands. Turn right, and you’ll head south toward Indian Lake. Bear left, as I did, and you continue east, toward the Hudson.

I huffed and puffed, up one hill and down another, as the road winds through the woods, sometimes with vistas across some recent logging sites, more often with the forest up close. I passed a side trail to Jackson Pond, saving it for my return trip, and eventually made my way to what is known as the Polaris Bridge, straddling the wild Hudson River. Good place for lunch.

Polaris Bridge

Polaris Bridge

At this point the road going further east is closed to the public, so it was time to head back to the car, retracing my route, with a detour to Jackson Pond, probably the scenic highlight of the day. This is a stunning little body of water that no car or truck can reach. You can walk to it or ride your bike. No motors on it, and no motors can reach it. Idyllic—the Adirondacks at their best.

Don’t forget your water bottle!

Info on the Essex Chain of Lake Biking from the NYS DEC website. Link Here.

General information on biking includes how-to and safety tips and links to rules & regulations.
Nearly 20 miles of administrative roads in the Complex are open for bicycling. The roads open for bicycle use are in Bike Map and in the following list:
• 8.5 miles of the Chain Lakes Road North from the Goodnow Flow Road to the Cedar River;
• 1.5 miles of the Drake’s Mill Road from Chain Lakes Road North to the Hudson River Access Site at the Polaris (Iron) Bridge;
• 2.5 miles of road from the Chain Lakes Road North to the Deer Pond Parking Area;
• 2.5 miles of road looping around Deer Pond;
• 0.3 mile of road from Chain Lakes North to Jackson Pond;
• 3.0 miles of the Chain Lakes Road South from the Outer Gooley Parking Area to the Cedar River; and
• 1.0 mile of road from the Chain Lakes Road South to Pine Lake.

Best access to the Essex Chain of Lakes from Long Lake is via the Town of Newcomb and down Goodnow Flow Road. Long Lake offers year-round accommodations, lodgings, gas, retail and convenience stores. Long Lake is centrally located to a great variety of Adirondack recreation for all skill levels.

Biking is prohibited beyond the Polaris (Iron) Bridge into the Vanderwhacker Mountain Wild Forest.
Bicyclist should not travel on the Goodnow Flow Road beyond the intersection with the Chain Lakes Road North. The Goodnow Flow Road becomes a private road shortly after the DEC sign for “Essex Chain Lakes and Hudson River Access” sign at the intersection with the Chain Lakes Road North. Turn left at the sign on to the Chain Lakes Road North.

Thanks to Andy Murray for his guest writing.

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