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DEC Announces Opening of New York’s 2018 Trout Fishing Season

Residents and Tourists Encouraged to Catch Wild and Stocked Trout throughout State

DEC to Stock 2.26 Million Catchable-Size Trout in New York Waters
State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today announced that this year’s trout fishing season in New York opens on Sunday, April 1. Supporting the State’s growing sport fishing industry with an estimated $1.8 billion in economic activity each year, DEC will stock 2.26 million catchable-size trout in 315 lakes and ponds and roughly 2,845 miles of streams across the state. Anglers should visit DEC’s website for a list of stocked waters and the 2018 Coldwater Fishing Forecast for recommended trout and salmon fishing locations.

DEC Commissioner Seggos said, “Good stewardship and improved water quality has resulted in an increase wild trout abundance in many waters across the State. Learning the habits and needs of wild trout contributes to angling success and a deeper appreciation of the resource and I encourage anglers to experience these fisheries.”

DEC’s spring stockings will include 1.72 million brown trout, 377,500 rainbow trout, and 158,500 brook trout. Approximately 97,000 two-year-old brown trout 13 to 14 inches in length will also be stocked into lakes and streams across the state. These fish will provide enhanced angling experiences for the estimated 647,000 anglers that fish for trout in New York

Although fishing conditions can be less than optimal during the early season, conditions will improve as the weather warms. 


New York also provides some of the finest backwoods brook trout fishing in the northeast. These opportunities are most abundant in the Adirondacks, where more than 500 waters are managed for brook trout. Fish in these waters can weigh more than three pounds. In 2018, more than 310,000 brook trout fingerlings will be stocked in 345 lakes and ponds in the Adirondacks during the spring and fall to restore or enhance brook trout populations. Anglers new to brook trout fishing should look to the Guide to Brook Trout Fishing in Adirondack Pondsfor assistance.

DEC also provides maps of its public fishing rights easements. Anglers are reminded to observe special trout regulations on waters noted in the current fishing guide. Additional information on places to fish for wild and stocked trout is available on DEC’s website.

For beginning or youth anglers, ponds are easiest to fish, particularly during the early season. Information about where and how to fish, including a new highly effective technique for early season trout, can be found on the DEC’s website.

Fishing License Required
Anyone 16 years of age and older must have a current State fishing license to fish in New York. Fishing licenses are now valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. More information on purchasing a fishing license can be found on DEC’s website.

License purchasers are reminded that by law, every dollar spent on a fishing license helps fund fish stocking and other programs conducted by the Bureau of Fisheries. Please also consider purchasing a Habitat/Access Stamp which helps fund important access and habitat improvement projects. For more information on the Habitat/Access Stamp program visit DEC’s website.


The Long Lake Fish and Game Club stock the “Golden Trout”

Check out maps, locations for fishing and general info about fishing in Raquette Lake & Long Lake here.

Fishing Licenses available in Long Lake at Hoss’s Country Corner. Call 518-624-2481.

Long Lake Rentals

Long Lake Rentals offers a variety of services including self-storage, vacation rentals, ATM services, and a variety of vending machines.  The main storage facility is located at 1542 Tupper Road.  Storage units are available in a variety of sizes. Boats, RV’s trailers and large sized items can find a second home at these storage units with space now available.  Clay Arsenault and Greg Brandis coordinate their busy operation year-round. 

Check out their website for more info at

My Sister’s Attic

My Sister’s Attic is a thrift and consignment shop operated by Emily Farr and Kelly Black.   Kelly and Emily have a wide selection of inventory from gently used furniture, including indoor and outdoor, home goods, décor, puzzles, kids toys, clothing including special occasion clothing, summer wear and in a range of sizes.  In addition there are household items from dishes, gifts and collectibles. Emily and Kelly are now in their third summer operating the store and they are always rotating inventory as product moves in and out.  In order to maximize their offerings, they now have a tent to showcase and display more items for sale. Find them on Facebook for up to date information on inventory.  Hours are Thursdays & Fridays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to -2 p.m  Located at 8572 Newcomb Road. 

If it’s in Stock, We’ve Got It! ADK Trading Post

ADK Trading Post is the go-to place for Lobster Rolls, Panini’s, Breakfast Sandwiches, groceries and specialty retail items featuring the “The Summer is Short, the Lake is Long,” brand.  A selection of great gifts include: wine glasses, kitchen items, Adirondack books, rustic accessories for your Adirondack home, fishing tackle, camping supplies and patches to commemorate hiking achievements. 

Open year-round the ADK Trading Posts also offers cross-country ski and snowshoe rentals in the winter. Forgot your toothpaste or your floss?  Just ask.  Personal service is their specialty.  As they like to say “if it’s in stock, we have it.” 

The ADK Trading Post is the place to pack up your lunch for a day hike into the woods, or a paddle on one of the waterways.  It’s a great location to learn the local lore or grab a to-go bite and explore the area.   More info at adktradingpost

Epik Rex Welcomes the First Day of Spring

Epik Rex loves to spend time in Long Lake.  He was out on the first day of spring, which was definitely more wintry than springy.  Epik was found at Hoss’s Country Campground riding around on a 4-Wheeler provided by Heckman’s Engines.  Epik was determined to have a good time and he did, but he got stuck behind the Long Lake Town Offices near the Buttercup Steamboat.  But he wasn’t sad for long once he spots two nice children who were waving to him.  He made his way home back to his hiding spot at the end of the day.  

Welcome Spring to Long Lake NY.

Happenings around town!  

Stewart’s Shops is expanding in Long Lake, NY!  The store is under construction and it remains OPEN!  But look for more room in the aisles, renovated shopping space and an additional restroom too.  

Even though it’s spring, the snowmobile trails are still open and in great condition so riders are encouraged to trailer to their favorite spot.  The Newcomb Trail and the Kickerville Road to C7B towards Tupper Trail is wide, flat and groomed. Great riding.  Lake Eaton is also great.  Trails in Raquette Lake are great too.  Some plowing on Uncas, but there are some great flat spots.  Check out the Bug Lake Trail and the Dump Road Too.  

Hoss’s Country Corner, Long Lake Icon, Meet The Park

Hoss’s Country Corner has been in business for nearly 50 years.  Their biggest event of the year, Author’s Night has been a destination regional event featuring stories about the Adirondacks for 34 years.  History adorns the walls with murals by Frank Wenger who painted the walls in barter for previous owner Fred Freeman.  Original miniature carvings by Howard Huntley can be found on the second floor.  There’s even a tree growing out of the store and it is a must see.  Hoss’s offers gifts, and clothing ranging from iconic souvenir T-Shirts to everything you need to make your vacation more comfortable, including cozy fleeces, rain jackets, footwear, outerwear and more.  Look for camping supplies, fishing supplies, groceries, books, stuffed animals and their infamous, Block of Cheese! Hoss’s is the only place in town offering fishing licenses.  Across the street from Hoss’s is the new business, The Park. 

The Park takes over where Hoss’s Coner left off.  Offering specialty coffee drinks, espressos, lattes and more and now boasting a burger menu and fries, look for The Park to offer ice cream and other food items too. Proprietor Nate Hosley is excited to re-think and re-invent the business at the Coner.   Families will enjoy the new Park area featuring games for kids including a giant “Connect Four” game, bocce and other activities to keep the tots entertained. 

And let’s get real, The Park will be in it’s second season in 2018 and the burgers are addictive. For those of us that work right across the street from The Park, we can’t wait to enjoy the roasted smell of the wood-burning fire that infuses a unique smoky flavor into every cooked-to-order burger we bite into.  Checking in on this business in March when we only have a few more months to wait until the windows re-open, well we can’t wait.  Oh and new for 2018, some adult beverages will be available. Stay tuned for more on that.  

Adirondack Growl and Grub All Year Round

The Adirondack Growl and Grub is now heading into it’s third season is located at 8590 Newcomb Road, behind Hoss’s Country Corner.  Owners Ally and Joe Parent are excited to unveil their expanding outdoor garden seating area for the summer and it is dog friendly too.

The Adirondack Growl and Grub sells beer, cider, deli sandwiches featuring Boars Head meats and salads and Growlers to go. In the height of the season they rotate craft brews and ciders daily. Keeping it simple, with deli sandwiches, chips and side salads and soups they offer “quick serve” service. Order at the counter and the food will be delivered to you.  One of their newest features is using the “Untapped beer app.”  Guests check in their beer, review it and the app will remember their favorites, takes the guesswork out of a growing craft beer market. It’s like Yelp for beer.  In the summer season they are open. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

Winters closed on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s (you know, so they can go recreate!  Which they do.  

The cool thing about Joe and Ally and their staff.. they are knowledgeable about the region because they get out in it and experience it for themselves.  Their staff ranges from a former Americorps Student Volunteer, Avid Ice Climbers, Rock Climbers, Rock fallers (that’s a story for another day) Basketball coach, avid skiers, paddle-boarders and so much more.  Their food and drink is great and if you want to dive in depth to some true Adirondack lore and insight, the Growl and Grub is a great locale to visit.  

“I Enjoy Hiking” said every so convincingly!

The first hike was gorgeous, the sun came out just for my hike and I MAY have had a dance party at the top with my dogs. With beautiful views like this how could you not dance a little.

Even with the second hike being a little snowy with almost nothing to see, it had a beauty that was still worth the hike.


I enjoy hiking.

I enjoy hiking 3 of the 4 seasons.

I like hiking in the spring when it’s muddy and slippery. I like hiking in the summer when it’s hot and muggy. I REALLY like hiking in the fall when it’s cool and beautiful. But winter, cold and icy? Winter hiking is not my favorite.

It’s cold and you have to wear layers. It’s often so hard to judge how many layers to wear and I usually error on the side of too many layers. Layers which make your body heavy and harder to move. Then add the heavy boots, the gloves, a hat, bulky sweatshirts, long underwear, SNOWSHOES! Suddenly a simple hike, like the mile up Coney Mountain, is a huge production! One I’m never sure is going to be worth it the way the weather is in the Adirondacks.

Nevertheless, I ventured out (twice actually!) with my dogs and did the short mile hike to the beautiful 360 view on Coney that is always worth the hike. As far as hikes go, it’s the biggest bang for your buck; not too steep, not too long, and at this point, very familiar.

As expected I hated it most of the way up but the dogs appreciated it!


This post is written by Steph Hample – Events Coordinator for The Town of Long Lake. 

Incapahco Art Song Studio Open House Business Tour

On June 14, 2017 The Town of Long Lake Business Community welcomed visitors to a behind the scenes look at their businesses.  Participating businesses included lodging properties, dining, retail, a health and wellness practice, storage units, vacation rentals, and a thrift and consignment shop.

Incapahco Art Song studios, owned by Louisa Wright recently moved to 8090 Newcomb Road, behind Hoss’s Country Corner.  Louisa is a 6th generation Long Laker boasting an incredible artistic gift.  Her shop is a retail space offering handcrafted jewelry, clothing, and unique gift cards with a humorous touch, artistic supplies and original art.  Louisa also offers classes and workshops.  Walk-ins are welcome to create a make-or-take project which is a great activity for a rainy day or when needing a break from hiking or the beach.   She has projects for children and adults. The shop is available for special events such as Paint N Sips, Girls Nights, Birthday parties; Louisa is open to any unique event.   Highlights of her shop offerings can be found

Summer Guy Loves Long Lake in Winter

By Chris Rohner

Seward Mountain Range enveloped in low-lying clouds.  Still fortituous.

I like summer in Long Lake. My family has had a camp there for 100 years. I’ve been here every summer of my life.  I’ve never missed one. I came back from Japan just so I could get to camp before Labor Day weekend. When my first child was born and she was just five weeks old we packed her up in the car with all her stuff and took her to the woods. My family refers to our love of the Adirondacks as having “the fever”. As if it was an illness.

About 10 years ago I started coming up to Long Lake for the Winter Carnival. A few days of local community games, parades and snowmobile races that help keep this little town alive over the cold winter. As a kid I lived in Long Lake year-round for two years – that was enough indoctrination that I fell in love with the snow and ice – skiing, skating and playing in the snow. But until recently I just couldn’t find the time to get back in the winter. 

I guess I’d recommend to anyone who loves Long Lake in July to give it a shot in February. The place is exactly the same except that it’s completely different. If you think you going to find solitude in the Adirondacks in the summer just wait until you spend some time here in the winter. It could be the most peaceful place you’ll ever find. Fewer restaurants and hotels, but enough for you. And you’ll meet a whole new set of folks when you are out and about. 

Skis rented from ADK Trading Post

I rent skis at the ADK Trading Post. I ski on local trails or down the lake. This year I skied down to our summer house and stayed overnight. The house is not made for winter… it was like camping out, so I cranking the little woodstove in the cabin to stay warm. For a summer guy, it was fun to arrive at your house with snow up to your waist. But a little adventure never hurt anyone. And in fact I might suggest that we could all use a little bit more adventure in our lives. My wife and kids thinks I’m a little crazy, but they know how it makes me smile to be in the woods. I find it highly satisfying. It’s kind of like a reset button for the rest of winter before we can all return to the Adirondacks in May to open camp and begin another summer season.

View of Kempshall Mountain

From Chris’s  facebook reporting from Feb 12, 2018

“Took three hours to navigate to destination via skis to the northend. Spotted one large buck, lots of smaller tracks, and deer scratches and nesting spots. About 10 inches of snow on ground and lake, drifts up to 2-3 feet. Temps 32 until midnight, then dropped to 17. Morning nice and frosty, followed sled tracks back up the lake, no need for breaking trail, so fast in about 1hr45min. Great fun, have not spend a winter night down the lake for a very long time! All fun, but the outhouse was chilly!”

Your one stop shopping mall in Long Lake NY located on the Tupper Road.  Open year-round!

A family with a summer place on Long Lake holds a traditional ice harvest in February.  Chris happened to catch and help on his trek to the north end of Long Lake in mid-February.

Vital overnight survival supplies include one can of Genesee Beer, one bottle of milk and a saucepan to melt snow

This outhouse is closed

Got the fire going to thaw out the socks and ward off the chill in the air.

Long Lake