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Watersking family

Waterski & Wakeboarding Highlights Long Lake NY 2020

Shout out to the Turman Family for showing us how to make the most of their vacation of 2020! We may not have had the US Waterski Show Team visit us this season, (and they are slated for return in 2021) but we had the great showmanship and determination of the Turman Family!  Surprising folks all up and down the lake with their own family waterski and wakeboarding fun!  Check out this video featuring their favorite place in the world!  Long Lake, NY


Nature Trail Interpretive Signage Installed!

The Long Lake Nature Trail was originally conceived and developed starting in 2009 by former Long Lake Water Superintendent Keith Wamback with coordinated effort by the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department. Over the years, with property owner permission from Carol Inserra of the Adirondack Hotel and Long Lake Central School, and a New York State waterfront Revitalization Grant, the Nature Trail has seen widening, a packed gravel pathway and a bridge constructed.
The location of the Nature Trail connects two separate areas of town through a wooded path along Jennings Park Pond. The Nature Trail connects one the oldest operational mercantile stores in the Adirondacks, Hoss’s Country Corner, to the oldest operating working hotel in the Adirondacks, The Adirondack Hotel.  The trail overlooks Jennings Park Pond, a manmade pond, built in 1933 by community members of Long Lake in an effort to provide employment to community members during the Great Depression
The Long Lake Nature Trail provides access to some of the best wildlife viewing in the center of town. Great Blue Herons, bald eagles, loons, otters and more can be spotted regularly from the pond. Fishing is plentiful and stocked with trout annually by the Long Lake Fish and Game Club and the Town of Long Lake. 
Long Lake is excited to announce the unveiling of the three interpretive signs along the Nature Trail in the summer of 2020.  Naturalist Ed Kanze crafted the narrative for two of the nature themed panels and Adirondack Historian and Long Laker, Phil Terrie researched and wrote the panels outlining the history of Jennings Park Pond.  Three panels will be installed in early July showcasing its special connection and mark a truly unique experience while exploring our community.
Ed Kanze is a naturalist, author, and wildlife photographer. He has been guiding people into the wilds for over 30 years.  Ed is a seventh generation Adirondacker.  Check out
Philip Terrie is an Adirondack and environmental historian, and the author of five books on regional history, including Contested Terrain: A New History of Nature and People in the Adirondacks.

Bears Precaution Reminders for 2020

Sad outcome to the Lake Colden Bear Story.  Posted 7.7

Sadly, as the saying goes… “a fed bear, is a dead bear”

Lake Colden Lean-to’s are now re-opened to campers.

This report courtesy of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation — Original Post


High Peaks Wilderness: 

There has been an increase in black bear activities resulting in several incidents of campers losing food to the bears. While a number of bears are responsible for the increase activity, one large black bear with a scar on its face is entering occupied campsites and lean-tos, destroying equipment, and obtaining food from campers who have improperly stored food and/or were cooking at the campsite. Avoid losing your food and gear to a hungry bear by following these tips: Store all food, trash, toiletries, and anything else with a scent in bear resistant canisters at least 100 feet from your tent, lean-to, or sleeping area.

Immediately secure the lid on your bear canister after adding or removing items.
Cook & eat at least two hours before dark in an open area. Never cook or eat in a tent, lean-to, or sleeping area.

If you see a bear, group up, raise and wave your arms, speak in a loud voice, make loud noises by banging pots or clapping, and warn others that there is a bear nearby.

Carry bear spray, keep it readily accessible on your person at all times, and know how to use it.

Report food and gear loss and close encounters to DEC.

Click to learn how to properly handle Bear Encounters

Bear Goes for Adirondack Campers Food – Check this article out for more info!

Fireworks Guidance 2020

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