4th of July 2010… Bed Races Succeed!

Great Day Had by all in Long Lake, NY, July 4, 2010.

The Bed Races kicked off at 6pm on School Street. The DOT may have denied us for safety reasons and lack of detours, but the Hamilton County Sheriff and New York State Troopers were on hand to put their stamp of approval on the festivities. The Long Lake Rescue Squad pulled in with the ambulance and we were off to the races.

Eight teams gathered in the school parking lot.

The Rayome Family Entered with “Rayome University” Rumor has it a bed was snatched up at the dump and created and planned by the Rayome Crew.

The bed didn’t quite make it past the finish line.

Cellar Crew Faces Norsing Around

The Cellar Crew prevailed in that heat.

Hoss's vs. LL Parks & Rec / Water Department

Winners of the Event

First Place: Wallace Contracting / Fire Department

Wallace Contracting Fire Department

Winners of the Long Lake Bed Races

Second Place: The Black Flies

Third Place: The Cellar Crew (they had fantastic dresses!)

The Cellar Crew Struts Their Stuff

Best in Show: The Black Flies

Long Lake