Adirondack Hotel Fundraiser Slated

Long Lake at the steps of the Adirondack Hotel

Friends of the Adirondack Hotel, will hold a fund-raiser Sept. 24 to help pay for fixing flood damage at the historic structure.

The hotel was inundated during last spring’s flooding, when the waters of Long Lake rose to the third step of the front porch, over 18 feet above normal summer levels. The Hotels’ boilers, front porch, parking lot and more were extensively damaged.

Adirondack Hotel Flood Relief will run from 2 p.m. Saturday to 2 a.m. Sunday with live music, a silent auction, food and t-shirts. T-shirts are available now at the hotel’s gift shop and tap room.

Tickets at $30 each / $50 per couple may be bought beforehand at Helms Village Store, Natural Beauty, Shear Images and the Adirondack Hotel in Long Lake; The Bear Trap in Indian Lake; or at the door.

The hotel is open year-round, employing over 30 people. Flood insurance will not cover the damages because the water did not reach the first floor.

The Adirondack Hotel has lots of history. Read on.

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Cars wakes contributed to damage at the hotel

April, 2011, The 100 Year Flood occurred. The hotel closed until power was restored a few days later. The cellar was flooded and boilers were ruined as was the food in coolers which were no longer cool. The Army National Guard and Long Lake’s Volunteer Firemen provided pumps to help clear the cellar of water. The pumps were finally turned off at the end of May. The cellar is now dry. There was flood insurance, but, with a $50,000 deductible. The only things covered by insurance were the cellar and the boilers and those costs came nowhere near $50,000. Damage to the driveway, kitchen floor, veranda, loss of business etc. was not eligible for coverage. Total damage amounted to $130,000.

As of today, Carol is still at the helm with her husband Carmine Inserra and her god-daughter, Margie, as Manager.

On Saturday, September 24, 2011, friends of the hotel plan a fundraiser to help defray some of the cost from the flood not covered by insurance.

The ultimate goal – to keep the hotel alive, vibrant and employing people year round in Long Lake.


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