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5 Days on the Saranacs

5 Days on the Saranacs with the Northern Forest Explorers – including kids from Long Lake! 

I am writing this on a Saturday in July, chilling in my pjs with the best dog in the world,  Dwight, pumped and feeling good from a week on the water. It is my 3rdyear leading the Northern Forest Canoe Explorers, and each year just brings more camaraderie and fun.
On our first trip (of two) this summer, we started at Upper Saranac Lake and finished 5 days later on Lake Flower. Knowing that all of the Saranacs can kick up a serious headwind, I was happy to see flat water in front of us.  This good weather and good fortune followed us through almost the entire trip, which allowed us to concentrate on the good stuff…side trips, challenges and camp tasks.

Kids gathered on a rock next to a lake

Because several of our participants were repeat paddlers, Amy and I are always looking for new challenges to build on what they have done in the past. Camp cooking was one of the things we practiced a few new ways.  Knowing there would only be one carry, we added a Dutch oven to our gear and tried a few “from scratch” meals, including calzones, peach cobbler, and the old camp standby, chocolate pancakes.  Participation, participation!
In every group, the personalities combine to make each trip unique.   Well known routes become new, the Adirondack wilderness works it magic, new friendships are formed and old friendships strengthened. Though I’ve seen this again and again, I can’t say enough about how well this group worked and played together. People came from as close as Long Lake and from as far as Oklahoma.  Every night we had a good fire, started with a magnesium strip and usually supervised by Casey, who was really good at it and helped several others improve their skills.

We stayed one night at Saginaw Bay on Upper Saranac Lake, where the paddlers discovered a loon on the nest at a small island just outside of our campsite. Though we immediately vacated the island, I wonder how that one will fair, this is a spot where every passing canoeist will be wanting to stop and play.  If nothing else it presented a good lesson about respecting wildlife.
On day three we paddled across Middle Saranac and left the boats to climb Ampersand Mt, one of the “Saranac 6”.   Dwight, our 12(ish) old yellow lab, a veteran of many paddle trips, many peaks, and many adventures, is showing his age…such to the point that I wrestled with whether to take him on the Ampersand adventure.  As we approached the steep final mile, I was proud and touched to see Palin and Landen stay back with him and help him find his footing, helping here and there when his older hips made the jump a little tough.   I have no doubt now that it was a good decision to bring him, he’s looking this week like he’s 5 years younger and clearly is ready to go on next week’s strip with us on the Raquette River. And he’s great with kids…loves them. As an added treat we enjoyed ½ hour on the mountain all to ourselves, something that happens much less frequently these days in our well-travelled mountains.

Though I am well familiar with this route, I found new things every day with our troop. We stayed for two days on Weller pond, which I have never camped on. Ruby, a veteran paddler of 4 previous years told us all about Martha Reben, who cured at a camp on this pond a century past. Although I’m quite sure it is the marshmellows, campfires and swim rocks that keep kids coming back year after year, I’m very aware of how much the history of this wonderful area seeps into you….I see it happening to this gang and I am glad to be keep being a part of it.
This group was especially good at making organized fun, From a two minute choreographed music video painstakingly rehearsed for and performed at the top of Ampersand to a pancake breakfast in bed for Cale for his unflagging firewood duty. Even when feet, knees and hands got blistered and scraped, everyone kept the sunny side up; attentive to chores, respectful to each other, living in the present.  I thought of this watching Carerra dig some shrapnel out of her feet with tweezers and a safety pin.  We’re really proud of this group.

Other notable notes:
Twizzlers can be put into pancakes
Amy should not be allowed unchaperoned into stores with whoopie cushions and fake poop
Nobody in our group knows what “debonair” means , and without phones, they can’t google it
Cameryn always wants to be the judge for the best chef contest (or really any contest), but don’t let her, she’s corrupt!
Cale can cut firewood forever. Fitting, as he will be playing sports for Tupper Lake as a Woodsman
Galen is a good sport, a stellar paddling companion, and a worthy chess player. (sidenote…I wonder how many Adirondack guides throughout history got to explain the “en passant” rule)
Pancake batter baked in hollowed out oranges is disgusting (right Tallie?)
Oh no, I lost the game…
Matt Burnett, July 2019

5 Reasons to go to the Waterski Show

The US Waterski Show Team will perform in Long Lake NY at the Long Lake Town Beach on Saturday, July 20th.  Demonstrations of pyramids, tricks and barefoot waterskiing begin at the Town Beach starting at 10am with the team performance at 2 p.m.  The showcase will be along the Long Lake beach waterfront in front of the Helms Seaplane Base and the Long Lake Town Beach along NYS Route 30. Spectators are invited to enjoy a dazzling array of synchronized jumps and quadruple-decker pyramids and glittery costumes.
The US Waterski Show Team is a water-ski club based out of Scotia NY.  The club can be seen weekly on Tuesday nights in front of Jumpin’ Jacks Drive In along the Mohawk River.
Other beach activities on July 20th include the Cardboard Boat Box Float Contest starting at 11am. Children of all ages build a boat out of cardboard and duct tape provided by the from 11am to 1pm.  Pre-built boats are welcome to float, but boats must be made out of cardboard and tape only.  No floatation devices can be part of the boat construction. The Float Off competition starts at 1pm. All activities are at the Long Lake Town Beach located at 1258 Main Street, NYS Route 30, Long Lake, NY.
Free Parking is available at Long Lake Central School located on School Street off of Main Street, Route 30, at the former site of the Long Lake Highway Garage at 1179 Main Street, along Becker Road behind the Town Hall. There will be limited parking available near the beach.  Bring your lawn chairs, beach blankets and get ready for fun on the beach!
For more information about Long Lake check out or call 518-624.3077

Dining Hours in Long Lake, NY & Raquette Lake, NY

Here’s a compilation of dining hours in Long Lake, NY.  

Adirondack Growl & Grub
(behind Hoss’s Country Corner)
8590 Newcomb Road (Building 5)
11am – 7pm Daily
Deli Sandwiches, Salads, Soups & Craft Beers
Adirondack Hotel
1245 Main Street
11am – 9pm Daily Lunch/Dinner
ADK Trading Post
Hot Panini Sandwiches, Soups,
Homemade Soups and Grilled Paninis.
Gluten Free Options
1601 Tupper Rd (1.71 mi) – North of Town (next to Liquor Store & Laundromat)
Long Lake, New York 12847
Hours 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Specials: Lobster Roll Friday’s
Cellar Restaurant & Pub
3 Kickerville Lane
4:30 – 8:30 pm
Thursday – Saturday
4:30 – 9 pm
Wednesdays- Clam Bake
Fridays-Fish Fry
Saturdays- Crab Cake Specials
Custard’s Last Stand
Long Lake Diner
1161 Main Street
Open Daily at 6:30 a.m. Serving Breakfast til 2 p.m., Lunch, Dinner til 9 p.m., & Late Night.
Long View Lodge
681 Deerland Road
Full-Service Bar & Restaurant
Summer Hours in Full Effect!
Sunday ~ Brunch Service ONLY 11  – 3 pm
Monday ~ Dinner  Service ONLY 4  – 9 PM
Tuesday – Thursday ~ Noon – 9 pm
Friday & Saturday ~ Noon – 10 pm
The bar is always open an hour after the kitchen closes!
The Park Long Lake
1133 Deerland Road (across from Hoss’s)
At the intersection of 30 and 28N
Mon – Sat 9-9
Sunday 9-5
Check our facebook page, for lots of fun stuff.
Coffee/Burgers/Beer/Wine/Ice Cream
Turner’s Pizza(Behind Hoss’s Country Corner)
8590 Newcomb Rd #3 (0.33 mi)
Long Lake, New York 12847
Wed – Friday 12pm – 9pm
Saturday 12pm – 10pm

Raquette Lake Dining

Cruise & Dine on Raquette Lake. Click button for link to complete schedule for Raquette Lake Navigation Dining Cruises.


Raquette Lake Navigation Cruise Info

Raquette Lake Tap Room – Call 315-354-4581
Open Daily – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.  


Tony Harper’s Pizza & Clam Shack
Open Thursday – Sunday. More Info pending

Fenimore Blues perform a live music concert on the Long Lake Town Beach

Fenimore Blues Kick Off Music by the Lake

What is better than sitting in your beach chair or blanket outdoors, than listening to a live band on the Long Lake Town Beach in July!?  It’s way warmer than February, during snowmobile season!  Music by the Lake is Long Lake’s own Adirondack music festival in the summer months. This is a great way for family and friends to enjoy  enjoy a Saturday evening in Long Lake, NY and it’s free.  Our beach stage is located at 1258 Main Street in Long Lake. Guests are invited to bring their coolers, lawn chairs and beach blankets and settle in for a relaxing evening of tunes, while gazing at the waters of Long Lake, NY.

Saturday, July 13th | 6pm | Free
1258 Main Street Long Lake, NY
Lifeguards on Duty until 8pm. 


Fenimore Blues, based in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., is a seven-piece band that performs an eclectic mix of blues, R&B, and rock. The powerful vocals of Mary Beth Arcidiacono are backed by two guitarists and fellow musicians on keyboards, saxophone, bass, and drums, with band members doubling on harmonica and accordion. This combination enables the group to perform a range of styles and a varied repertoire, drawing on music notables from Bonnie Raitt to Aretha Franklin, Buddy Guy to Van Morrison, the Neville Brothers to the Allman Brothers, Marvin Gaye to Joe Cocker, BB King to Nora Jones.

Whether performing at an outdoor festival or an intimate club, Fenimore Blues strives to have fun on stage and to create a contagious synergy with the audience. With this band, you can always count on a good dose of humor to liven things up.

Fenimore Blues performs regularly at area pubs and restaurants. The band’s summer schedule for 2018 included concerts at the Saratoga Race Course, Congress Park in Saratoga Springs, Niskayuna Town Square, the Tang Museum at Skidmore College, the town of Corinth’s Bicentennial Celebration, and Ives Park in Potsdam. Fenimore Blues also plays at private functions, such as corporate parties, fundraising events, and special occasions.




Mary Beth Arcidiacono, lead vocals

Jim Pfoh, lead guitar and harmonica

Peter von Allmen, rhythm guitar

Chris Bailey, keyboards and vocals

Bob Moore, saxophones and accordion

Bob Kimmerle, bass

Jack Moyer, drums

7 Activities in 7 Days

Saturday, July 6th

Sunday, July 7th

Weather outlook is PERFECTION.

So Turtle Beach, Lake Eaton, Town Beach, Golden Beach…. Take your pick! 




WEDNESDAY, July 10th




Other Fan Favorite Fun Things
Paddle Boating at Another Paradise Cove
Mini Trampoline at the Long Lake Beach
Ice Cream at Custards Last Stand
Breakfast at the Diner
Thursday Oysters Long View Lodge
Growl and Grub Tuesday, Fill up your Togo Growler
Baked Goods and Yums at Nottinghim Hollow
Pizza at Turners
BBQ on Wed at the Adk Hotel
Friends of Music Present Concert on Thursday’s at United Methodist Church
Saint Williams Long Point in Raquette Lake Concert Series on Thursdays
Lobster Roll Friday, ADK Trading Post
Fish Fry Friday’s at The Cellar
Picnic outside
Burger at The Park
Cemetery Quest, pick up your brochure at the Town Offices, 1130 Deerland Road 24 Hour Room.


3 Essential Pointers for 4th of July and Egg Toss Survival

Pointer 1. Parking!  Park your car in the Municipal Lot, just below St. Henry’s Catholic Church.  1167 Main Street for you GPS users.  You can get right on the “Nature Trail” located along the pond and use that to walk to the Town Beach or the Ball Field for the games at 10am or Beach. 

I’d post a picture.. but I’m too tired, and can’t find one on my computer, I’d keep looking, but it’s really late! Anyway, the parking, it is free. Do your best.  That doesn’t suit you, Long Lake Central School has parking, Town Hall at 1258 Main Street has parking, even the medical center has a parking lot and sometimes people park all the way up there and walk to the beach and don’t forget Mt. Sabattis is an option for parking – and you can walk and participate in our Get Moving 2019 Challenge.  Which I just invented as I type this blog.  Remind me about that next week!  

Sorry, there will be NO Little Bus Shuttle for 2019. Due to extenuating circumstances (aka bus driver shortage) we don’t have anyone available.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Please walk!  


Pointer 2.

Kids Games – Happening at 10am on the Ball Field.

Do not miss this.  Start your own family tradition.  It’s a mini reunion, all ages, bring your lawn chair. The CTSO will be selling popsicles and water, so if you don’t have your hydration readily available, there will be some… 

This event is Free. But please… Parents.. please be patient at the prize booth… there are prizes for all the kiddoes!  Just please, be patient.  (Did I use the word patient more than once in the sentence)  We’re so happy to have you here!  Cindy Black does a great job setting up the booth!  Thank you CINDY!

On the 4th of July, everyone is a Kid in Long Lake so.. even adults get to play. Our MC this year is Tim Helms.  Since it’s his first year… you could try heckling him. (if you do, can someone record it and sent it to me) Thanks!

Fun fact – everyone that participates in the Egg Toss (and we mean everyone) gets a ticket to get a free ice cream cone at either Custard’s Last Stand OR The Park.  So.. find a lifeguard at the end of the Egg Toss.. and get your ticket!

POINTER SECRET – There is no running water on the ballfield.. so if you catch the egg and it breaks in your hand… ummmm.. bring something to wipe it off!  

Pointer 3.  PLEASE HAVE Fun at the Beach and BE RESPONSIBLE

Starting at 4pm the Long Lake Fire Department will be at the Beach cooking Sausages and Peppers and serving up the good eats, Penelope the Clown in the Gazebo, Lions Club Selling 50/50 Raffle and Bob Tice Selling Walking Sticks and Kettle Corn too… Did I miss anything?


Additional porta potties in the Adirondack Hotel outdoor Parking Lot.  Use the beach bathrooms or those porta-potties.  Thank you!

Do not use fireworks on the beach… really.  Don’t shoot stuff off on the beach, it’s crowded, and busy and unsafe.  (We didn’t think we had to write this up, but just in case people forget.. please don’t) 

Dance to Grit N Grace!  They start playing at 6:30pm and swimming is open until darkness.

Support our local organizations!  We have a year-round community that works hard all year and even harder in the summer time when everyone comes to visit (and this is our favorite time of the year too – well, next to snowmobiling season, but I digress)  Anyway.. our local organizations, appreciate your support as do our local businesses!  So check them all out!  We are small and unique and offer really great experiences at all our local merchants!  So check it out!  

Pointer 4

This is the unexpected, bonus pointer that you get, just for scrolling all the way down…

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for all the breaking news in and around town AND please start using hashtags.  #mylonglake #longlakeny and tag us in your posts Instagram @mylonglake  We’d love to see your post and we may even share them.. but you have to tag us.. ya know, so we can find you!



This post was written from an undisclosed location on July 3rd, 2019 at 11:20pm at night.  Please note all times subject to change without notice.


This post written by Alexandra Roalsvig, Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism for the Town of Long Lake.  When Alex isn’t posting on social media, writing blogs, or paying bills, she’s usually sleeping or swatting at bugs.  For fun, Alex enjoys sunsets, boat rides involving snacks, driving on summer days without snow with the air conditioning on and the music cranked, and and she really loves cleaning, and doing laundry. 

Special Thanks to the Entire Long Lake Parks and Recreation Team. Without your hard work, there’s no way we could entertain everyone.. so thank you! 

Special shout outs to Erik Arsenault, Joe Roberts, Luke Rider, Cindy Black, Tim Helms, Kat Forsell, Wayne Kavanaugh, Lara McNamara, Lillian Dechene, Olivia Penrose, Jayde Dukette, Jack Skiff and Maria Black.  

Thanks to Chip Farr and his Pyrotechniques Crew and all our Fireworks donators. 


Show Up Kids, Interactive Kids Comedy Show

Show Up Kids at the Adirondack Hotel, Long Lake NY

Interactive Family Comedy “Show Up, Kids!” Plays Adirondack Hotel July 11 at Noon

LONG LAKE, NY – Following critically acclaimed runs in NYC, Hollywood, and Edinburgh, Peter Michael Marino’s interactive “Show Up, Kids!” plays the Adirondack Hotel on July 11 at noon. This entirely unique, semi-improvised, family show for kids 3-10 years old puts a comedic twist on the traditional kids’ show. When the main attraction doesn’t show up, Pete enlists the kids (and adults) to help create a show from set to sound, plot to props, and costumes to characters. What could possibly go wrong?

The event kicks off at noon with a Pizza Party Buffet featuring assorted pizzas, chicken fingers, juices and cookies. Performance starts at 12:15pm and runs for one hour. Reservations can be made by emailing or by calling 518-624-4700.

★★★★★ “Marino handles the unpredictability of working with children in an improvised environment with great skill and grace, putting on a fantastic performance which my children were talking about long after the show.” – Backstage on the Fringe

“Fantastic fun! A one-man whirling dervish of energy, comic timing, physical agility, and out and out hilarity. The kids were absolutely mesmerized!” – The Front Row Center

“This show is not like any other show. Usually, the kids are just watching things happen, but here, kids are actually part of the show. Pete definitely has a superpower!”- Kids News NYC

★★★★ “Hilarious! Marino knows what kids find funny. A show of this caliber is an opportunity to show up for!” – The Wee Review


WHAT: Show Up, Kids!
WHO: By Peter Michael Marino & the kids, Directed by Michole Biancosino & the kids, Music by Michael Andrew
WHEN: 12:00 p.m. Thursday, July 11
WHERE: The Adirondack Hotel, 1245 Main Street, Route 30N Long Lake, NY 12847-0355 HOW MUCH: $20 (Includes Pizza Party Buffet with assorted pizzas, chicken fingers, juices and cookies. Cash bar available for adults.)
TICKET RESERVATIONS: Email: or call 518-624-4700
RUNNING TIME: 60 minutes

Peter Michael Marino is a NYC-based teacher, writer, performer, and producer and is best known in the Adirondacks as the long-time, nutty host of Long Lake’s annual Bed Races and Polar Bear Plunge. Peter the creator/co-producer of SOLOCOM, which has launched over 400 world-premiere comedies at The People’s Improv Theater. His internationally acclaimed solo comedy “Desperately Seeking the Exit” chronicled the unmaking of his West End musical flop “Desperately Seeking Susan” – receiving 5-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and Adelaide Fringe, and a London transfer. His 2015 solo chat show spoof “Late with Lance!” played everywhere from NYC to London. Directing credits include: Amy Marcs’ “Nice T!ts,” Mark Demayo’s “20 & Out,” and Mark Giordano’s “Mad Man.” His production company credits include “David Carl’s Celebrity One-Man Hamlet,” “David Mills: Shame!,” Charles’ “Moby Alpha,” and “Joe’s NYC Bar.” More info at:

9 Reasons to Celebrate July 4th in Long Lake

Join the Town of Long Lake in celebrating the Fourth of July with our annual celebration festivities. The day is full of family friendly activities starting with the Fourth of July games in the morning, food, snacks, swimming and fun in the afternoon and a free concert with Grit n Grace. End the night with the best fireworks in the Adirondacks with friends and family.

1. Kids Games for All Ages!  

Starting at 10 a.m., join us at the Long Lake Town Ball Field for games for people of all ages. Classic favorites include a scavenger hunt for the youngest tykes under five, but you have to be there ready to go promptly at 10am for this unique treasure hunt for prizes.  There will also be a matching shape relay for the youngest, as well as balloon races, sack races, egg toss and a three-legged race and sack races and maybe some hula hoops.

Children will have a great time competing for prizes and, with over 1,000 prizes to choose from, children will want to join in the activities again and again.  The prize booth is not to be missed!  

The Long Lake CTSO Community Teachers Student Organization will be at the ball field selling water and popsicles!  So bring your money and support the local CTSO Too! 

2. Penelope the Clown!  Now in her millionth year!  Ok, we don’t know how long Penelope has been coming to Long Lake, but that’s ok, we love her.  It’s tradition, and if there’s something we love in Long Lake, it’s tradition.  Penelope will be set up at the Long Lake Town Beach Gazebo, painting faces, blowing up balloons and having fun with the kids.  She arrives around 4pm and will wrap up and go home around 7 or so.  So don’t miss out! 

3. New for 2019!  Patriotic, Hand Crafted Walking Sticks.  Local Craftsman Bob Tice will be on the Long Lake Town Beach selling his handcrafted hiking sticks with a patriotic theme, just for the 4th of July.  For the avid hiker, or the general walker, these sticks will help you maintain a good footing on the trail or the sidewalk!  Find him on the beach!  

4. Kettle Corn!  North Country Kettle Corn returns to the beach with their yummy treats.  Check them out. Cotton Candy, sweet and salty Kettle Corn!  Delicious! 


5. Ice Cream!  If you participate in the Long Lake Annual Egg Toss, every participant receives an ice cream cone from either Custards Last Stand or The Park.  Pick your favorite!  Everyone is a winner! Prize tickets awarded at the ball field at the end of the Kids Games.  Participating Egg Tossers only are eligible for this very special prize! 

6. The Long Lake Fire Department BBQ serves up Sausages and Peppers and Hot Dogs too!  Every year you shouldn’t resist this traditional meal on the beach. Hot, delicious and supporting a great cause!  This is one of two major fundraisers for the all volunteer department and they welcome your support.  Leaving the cooking to them!  

7. Long Lake Lions Club Raffle.  Look for members of the Long Lake Lions Club at the Long Lake Town Beach selling 50/50 raffles.  What you don’t know about the Long Lake Lions Club is that they are growing and expanding their outreach in the community! So keep your eyes peeled this summer.  They host several events a year, including Vintage Snowmobile Races in the winter months.  This summer they have invited a guest speaker to come to town to speak about 


Look for the Lions at the Paddling Olympics, serving up a delicious BBQ lunch, and the August Heart of the Park Craft Fair, again, serving up a delectable lunch. They also serve food at the Long Boat Regatta held the 3rd weekend in September at the Long Lake Town Beach. The Lions Club raises funds to help sponsor local children to attend camps and support local charities as well as fulfilling the mission of the National Chapter.  Check them out and say hello at the beach.  

The Lions Club will also be hosting “Logging in the Adirondacks” by Dick Nason on Tuesday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the Long Lake Town Hall. Mr. Nason is a retired forester, for Finch Pruyn, and Co. formerly one of the largest land owners of Adirondack forest property.  So be sure to check them out.

8. Live Music with Grit N Grace.  

Really what is not to love.  Having made their debut at RondeauFest four years ago, and taking over the 4th of July duties on the beach three years ago, this band knows how to rock the house.  From Country, Rock, Pop and with a fierce lead singer, Jackie Pop, this band will have you dancing in the sand and cutting loose on the biggest celebration of the year.  This is a free show.  Pull up a lawn chair and a blanket and get ready to be wowed.  They start playing at 6:30pm until the fireworks go… usually around 9:30/9:45pm. 

9. The Best Fireworks in the Adirondacks.  

It’s true, for such a small town, we power pack this show with entertainment for over 20-30 minutes.  Big booms, little booms, with crackles and pops, your eyes will be dazzled by such a vast display shooting from the Long Lake Causeway near the Town Beach. Spectators can view from the beach or from their boat, and some find their own special spot along the Nature Trail or up on Mt. Sabattis. Pick your spot and enjoy the show!  Special thanks to our local businesses for contributing to the show, including Whitney Industries generous contribution to support the finale and our entire production.  

Donations from our local businesses include:

Helen & Bob Kentile
Eastern Starn Star Abenaque Chapter #745
Short Ridge Landscaping
Hoss’s Country Corner
Stewart’s Shops
Dr. Russell Rider
Whitney Industries

More to be listed as they arrive… 

9A.  Bonus!  Pizza Delivery to your BOAT! 

5 Updates for Long Lake & Raquette Lake you don’t want to miss!

Pick up your own copy of this month’s Adirondack Life, featuring Long Lake’s “Long View Lodge” lodging property and restaurant.  

We had to add one more listing to this post for Tuesday, June 18th.  The Raquette Lake Mudsliders and the Long Lake Hooters, Ladies Softball battle.  We like to say one town, two Hamlets.  Who will achieve the glory?

5 Indoor Activities and 1 Derby This Weekend in the Adirondacks!

So we have flies.  The first step with a problem, is apparently admitting you have one.  We have one.  We also have ways to minimize the frustration.  There are those of you that will hike, no matter what and that is excellent.  Please follow Leave No Trace principals when visiting the Adirondacks.  Suggestions are, cover up with netting, and use plenty of bug spray.

But for those of you that maybe don’t want to battle the black flies on the trails and or for those of you that don’t know what they are, they are miserable tiny creatures that bite and swarm and they come out mid-May through June. These creatures are merely a temporary blight on our outdoor experience and well for the uninformed and uninitiated, they are a nasty inconvenience which once experienced, can really be well… an educational experience and an uncomfortable one.  Locals talk about flies in the spring, like we talk about snow in the winter. Now if you have a nice breeze or the temps are too hot, or a little chilly, then the flies abate.. so there is no real magic to predicting how bad they’ll be.  They’re just usually, bad.  Ok.. end of confession about the flies.  Best to be prepared.  Ok, got it?  Just pray for the water to go down so all the eggs dry up and we can get back to our regularly schedule programming. 

Well there is plenty to do to avoid the flies.  This Father’s Day Weekend in June there are plenty of options including a visit to the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake.  For the layman… or the local, we all all it the Blue Mountain Museum, or the just the  Museum, or The Adirondack Museum, but for marketing to the globe, it’s an experience, and it’s also a really long description to type into a press release, but I digress… it’s an amazing place to visit. The Museum tells the human story of the Adirondacks.  

Learn about our early exploration, industries, the settling, the logging, mining, boating, tourism and people.  There are many buildings and boats and so much to see and do, it’s really and incredible vast place to visit and it will keep you inside away from weather and the flies.  

There are new exhibits including one on Taxidermy and Adirondack Landscapes which is a a rare chance to see works from Private Collections including Samuel Colman, John Lee Fitch, A.F. Tait, John Frederick Kensett, Thomas Addison Richard, George Bacon Wood, Roswell Morse Shurtleff, George Herbert McCord, William Trost Richards, and Levi Wells Prentice, as well as paintings from our own collection.

We also have W.W. Durant First Cruise of the Season on Raquette Lake kicking off on Saturday, Jun e15th.  There is a Bass/Pike Fishing Derby in Long Lake on Saturday, $25 entry.  Visit Louisa in Long Lake at her studio to do a Make and Take Workshop or shop for art, jewelry, and clothing and unique gifts and be inspired.  Art supplies available too.  Stop in and say hello!  

And there’s the Wild Center in Tupper Lake and on Sunday, Great Camp Sagamore is hosting Community Day.  Reservations are requested to please call in advance to make your reservation so they can ensure everyone gets fed!  Tour of the property available.  More info on the FB link provided on this page!  

Written by Alexandra Roalsvig.  Alex is the Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism for the Town of Long Lake.  She grew up in Long Lake, left for 20 years and came back. She doesn’t like going outside in June, so she writes blogs instead.  

Long Lake