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Long Lake Central School Not Slated to Receive Funding

From Long Lake Central School, April 5, 2021

Link to newsletter here:

Long Lake CSD has not received any federal COVID-relief funding due to the funds being allocated based on a formula that leaves out schools like ours. We don’t fit the formula and as a result we have been left out and left behind. While there is $134,948,000 allocated for the North Country, Long Lake is not currently scheduled to receive any of that money.

To give some comparisons, some of our neighboring school districts will receive the following projected COVID-relief funding. It’s important to note that this does not include any previous funding received through two rounds of the CARES Act at the end of 2020. This is the third round of funding projection:

Wells CSD: $245,000

Lake Pleasant CSD: $199,000

Newcomb CSD: $153,000

Minerva CSD: $262,000

Johnsburg CSD: $808,000

Westport CSD: $702,000

Tupper Lake CSD: $984,000

Lake Placid CSD: $743,000

To see the full district-by-district breakdown you can visit this website. This will bring you to Senator Schumer’s webpage and then prompt you to download an Excel spreadsheet that is organized by region and county. You will notice that Indian Lake CSD is the only other school in the North Country that is not projected to receive any funding.

To note, I highlight the projected funding for our neighbors to simply make clear what Long Lake CSD deserves to receive. The same is true for Indian Lake CSD. I have worked closely with Indian Lake CSD Superintendent David Snide in our efforts to reach out to our representatives to make our story known. I believe that our neighbors deserve every dime of their projected funding and am asking our representatives to find a way for our district to receive comparable funding. The money is there. They just need to do the work to advocate on our behalf and find a solution.

Why aren’t we included? The money was allocated based on a formula that is reliant on past census data that doesn’t adequately represent our true population.

The money is allocated based on the Title I formula. The Title I formula is reliant on census data to identify schools based on need and it requires a minimum number as the threshold. According to the 2010 census, Long Lake CSD has 5 students between the ages of 5-17 that identify as living in poverty, which according to that same data represents 11% of our population. To be eligible for Title I funding, you need at least 10 students.

If our district’s poverty rate is the only means that qualifies our district for funding, we more than meet the requirement. Our Free and Reduced Lunch population, which is updated on an annual basis and more accurately represents our student population, is at 39% of our students. In sum, we have been knocked out of the funding because the census data is old and is only as good as the number of people who participate. Additionally, since the formula is based on a minimum number rather than a percentage, we do not qualify.

Long Lake Central School deserves funding just as much as any other school district. We have incurred significant financial expenses due to COVID and we also deserve the opportunity to invest in upgrades in technology, programming, and equipment that positions our school to better prepared for future challenges.

COVID knocked us all down, and it is only fair that all schools are given equitable access and support to get back up on our feet. While we are one of the few schools in the state that has been left out of any federal funding, I am confident that our elected officials at the state and federal levels can work together to find another funding source to correct this oversight.

Please join me and asking them to step up and speak out for us. Below is contact information for our elected officials. There is power in numbers, and whether you still live in Long Lake or not, as someone who is connected to our school, your time and support would mean a great deal.

Senator James Tedisco:

Albany Office: 518-455-2181


Office Addresses:


Assemblyman Robert Smullen:

Albaby Office: 518-743-0964


Office Addresses:


Congresswoman Elise Stefanik:

DC Office: 202-225-4611

Glens Falls Office: 518-743-0964

Website Email and Office Addresses:


Senator Kirsten Gillibrand:

DC Office: 202-224-4451

Albany Office: 518-431-0120

Website Email:

Office Addresses:


Senator Charles Schumer:

DC Office: 202-224-6542

Albany Office: (518) 431-4070

Website Email:

Office Addresses:





Ms. Noelle Short


(518)624-2221 ext. 206






Trout Season Opens April 1, 2021

man with large trout in Raquette Lake

Well, we may be having a snowstorm today, and the ice hasn’t completely gone out yet, but it’s official, New York State Trout Season is now officially open on Thursday, April 1, 2021.

In preparation for opening day, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is stocking 1.8 million catchable trout in waters across the state. In addition to larger size fish being stocked this year, some stream reaches will receive four stockings of trout. 

New York State offers a diverse set of fishing opportunities for wild and stocked trout. Under the State’s new Trout Stream Management Plan, DEC has grouped stream fishing opportunities into five distinct categories for improved management and easy-to-understand regulations to help make fishing more accessible and enjoyable for all anglers, from novice to expert.

Trout Stocking in Long Lake happens from April until May – with local water bodies being stocked including: Rainbow Trout in Clear Pond, Lake Eaton, and Brown Trout in the Raquette River.  Link here for more info on stocking.


trout under water

NYS DEC announces access to current Trout Information.

New Interactive Trout Stream Fishing Map|

To provide additional information about how and where anglers can find their preferred type of trout angling opportunities, DEC is launching an interactive Trout Stream Fishing Map to provide a one-stop-shop for information about stocking, fishing access, season dates, and regulations on the DECinfo Locator. All Wild-Quality, Wild-Premier, Stocked, and Stocked-Extended reaches are mapped, and DEC will complete the mapping of Wild categorized reaches later this year. Links to the Trout Stream Fishing Map and a User Guide are available at DEC’s website.

trout info

Great Camp Sagamore Gears up for 2021 Reopening!

Great Camp Sagamore located in Raquette Lake, NY has just re-launched their brand new website and a new promotional video to get visitors excited about 2021.  

New programs, offerings, and an on-line Gala event are peppering the upcoming schedule. Check it out and make sure to put a visit to Great Camp Sagamore on your summer to-do list!



Great Camp Sagamore is located in Raquette Lake, New York off of New York State Route 28. Take a 4 mile drive down historic Sagamore Road to arrive at your destination.

Beautiful rustic great camp crafted and built by Adirondack Legend William West Durant and later owned by the Vanderbilt family.  This historic property takes you back in time to a working Adirondack vacation property and the birthplace of the traditional American ‘vacation.’

Enjoy the serene setting, take advantage of hiking trails surrounding the property, take a tour and explore all the outbuildings and don’t miss out on the vista of the incredible architectural marvel of the Great Camp Sagamore roof lines, not to be missed! 

For more information and reservations please call


Adirondack Updates! Breaking Hiking News and more…

Winter Bingo Challenge Complete!

The Winter Bingo Challenge of 2021 is now in the books!  

Participants and Winners:

Steph Hample Long Lake, NY

Tara Murphy Long Lake NY

Cathy Herrling Elbridge NY

Latasha Thompson Ballston Spa and Long Lake, NY

Julie Veronezi Chatham NY

Dave West Windsor CT


Stay tuned for more announcements heading our way for the Summer 2021 Outdoor Recreation Challenge!  

Winter Challenge Bingo Card 2021

2021 Winter Bingo Long and Raquette Lakes

Long Lake announces Winter Wonderland Bingo highlighting activities and featuring outdoor recreation as a contest running until February 28th. 
The specially designed Bingo cards will be posted on social media, and printed cards will be available at the Long Lake Town Office and area businesses starting February 12th.  It is free to participate. Participants are invited to do as many activities as they can with prizes available depending on how many tasks are completed. Participants completing one row of Bingo receive a gift card, completing five random activities will win a sticker and completing all 25 tasks will garner a selection of prizes and the ultimate winner will compete for a gift basket featuring items from Long Lake and Raquette Lake merchants.
How to play?  Cross off activities as completed and take photos of the card showing completed tasks.  Submit digital photos via email or to the uploader for prizes. Participants in the game should submit photo proof of purchase for any meals/shopping and photos of activities to or can directly use an uploader link at Participants on Instagram are invited to post their fun activities and use hashtag #mylonglakebingo  #barkeaterbingo #YesLongLake and follow the page at
Featured tasks include indoor and outdoor activities ranging from reading Adirondack books, visiting area retail stores trying out cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing and skating and more. 
For more info about lodging, dining, public health information visit

For those interested in finding out more info on the activities.

Link to Blog Post about the Three Brook X-C Ski Trail Here.



Skating will be open daily at the Long Lake Geiger Arena during Winter Break. call 518-624-3031 for conditions.

View from Mt. Sabattis Overlook

Access Cascades Trail down Sagamore Road in Raquette Lake, NY off of Route 28.

Cascades Trail Sagamore
Boreas Ponds

Adirondack Winterscapes from the Boreas Ponds in North Hudson NY

written by Stephen J. Lemieux



Skiing Boreas Ponds

Travelogue:  January 31, 2021.

I did a cross country ski trek approximately fifteen (15) miles round trip to finally get the ADK scenery that I couldn’t get last year when I did this ski.

The Gulf Brook Road to and from the ponds is roughly eighty (80) percent UPHILL skiing. I went this past Sunday (1/31/21) and it was very cold to start up gradually warmed up…slightly.

The very first parking lot as you turn on the Gulf Brook Road entrance from the Blue Ridge Road is plowed and open. There is a good size snowbank you must tromp over and work around the yellow swing gate to get to the sign-in register. After that, it is all hard skiing as the road is not groomed or maintained.

That Sunday, I experienced low temperatures ranged from -1 to 5 degrees, especially in the shade. However, as the sun came out and sustained without a cloud in the sky, the temps ranged from 20 to 25 degrees which helped immensely! The clouds came in as I got closer to my car so I was very thankful.

All weather situations are different, so be prepared regardless and bring water or sports drinks in bottles that can slosh or move in a backpack. Do not bring a Camelback with a hose line as I did before on my first trip last year, or it WILL freeze up.

I am still recovering as my legs feel like jello still but it was well worth it from last year as I said. That year, I got to the ponds after it being very windy and downright cold, I couldn’t get the views I got this year.


Written by Stephen J. Lemieux from Adirondack Aerial & Ground Imagery. Used with permission. Originally published on Facebook on February 2, 2021. 


Link to NYS DEC Winter Safety Information

Boreas Pond Map

Stephen has been sharing his photography and adventures with the Town of Long Lake through his active instagram and Facebook pages.   

He can be reached at

Boreas Ponds photo

2021 January Wrap Up

Long Lake January 2021 Wrap Up Video

Raquette Lake Tap Room

January 2021 was a busy month for Long Lake and Raquette Lake communities. 

In Raquette Lake we saw the expansion of the Raquette Lake Tap Room to accomodate a busy snowmobile season. This extension was necessary due to the 50% cap on capacity for indoor dining. In order to accomodate guests our local businesses have been coming up with creative ways to make our spaces safe and viable for our visitors and residents.  

The Long Lake Winter Carnival was held as a new version, Winter Carnival “Lite” featuring Cardboard Sled Races, ice sculptures, skating and fireworks. 

Raquette Lake Tap Room interior


We saw vaccine clinics take hold in Hamilton County with the ongoing efforts of the Hamilton County Public Health Department. This team is coordinating a herculean task as the county spans huge distances between communities and boasts one of the most senior populations in New York State. Obstacles can seem at first overwhelming as the “Vaccine Hunger Games” require internet savvy and the ability to navigate a New York State website to book appointments.

Hamilton County Public Health has partnered with local town supervisors and the Office of the Aging to develop a phone list of people seeking a vaccine who meet the current 1a and 1b criteria for vaccines.  Week to week, as vaccine becomes available, eligible residents who are on a list are contacted and appointments are made to get the shots in the arms of Hamilton County residents.  If not for the efforts of the Public Health department residents would have to travel to clinics as far as Potsdam, Plattsburgh, Utica, Syracuse or Albany.  

If you are over the age of 65, or meet the 1a and 1b criteria  and live in Long Lake or Raquette Lake contact 518-624-3077 to get on the vaccine list. Office is open Monday through Friday 8am – 4pm

Living in one of the most rural areas of New York State doesn’t thwart the efforts of a dedicated Public Health staff and the vaccine roll out is on-going. Hamilton County Public Health asks residents to please be patient as clinics will be scheduled around the county as vaccine is made available from New York State. 

Ice skating rink

Ice sculptures were created in and around town, due to a cold snap, they are still standing. They are best seen at the Long Lake Town Beach and the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area.

The Long Lake Ice Skating Rink and Sledding Hill is open for regular hours with our attendant Matthew Waligora in charge of the rink. There are nightly bonfires, skates and sleds available.  Phone for conditions 518-624-3031.

We have bait!  Hoss’s Country Corner is offering LIVE BAIT this winter.  Call 518-624-2481 or stop on by. Open daily.

Groceries!  Long Lake has groceries, REALLY!  Get your staples and ingredients at the ADK Trading Post offering curbside pick up and also at Hoss’s. Both offer fresh foods, and a variety of treats that will suprise all palates! Don’t underestimate the services available in Long Lake.

Dining – the Adirondack Hotel, the Long Lake Diner Owls Head Pub and the Long View Lodge and the Raquette Lake Tap Room are open for business. Check out their hours and menus here


2021 Business Winter Hours Long Lake and Raquette Lake

Monday Business Hours
Tuesday Business Hours 2021
Thursday Business Hours 2021
Friday Business Hours 2021
Friday Business Hours 2021
Sunday Hours 2021
Maco The Shark Winner Best in Show

2021 Winter Carnival Wrap Up

For Immediate Release
January 19, 2021
On Saturday, January 16, 2021, the Long Lake 19th Annual Winter Carnival saw major changes to the line-up and was able to host a modified version renamed Winter Carnival “Lite.”  The only coordinated event was the Cardboard Sled Races which were held with Covid-19 protocols in place. All participants and spectators had to register in advance for a maximum of 50 and there was no on-site registration.  Everyone wore masks and kept a minimum of six feet between racers and families. 
Race was only open to participants 18 and under and the winners for 2021:
Best Crash: Logan Hosley “Living Machine”
3rd: Kamila Stryszowski “The Rocket”
2nd: Morgan Delehanty “Muscle Tape”
1st: Quinn Giordano “The Mighty Eskimo
Best in Show: Matt & SJ Hosley “Maco”
Award-Winning Ice Carver Stan Kolonko from the Ice Farm helped create a drive by Ice Sculpture display sponsored by our local businesses including: Motel Long Lake, Tom Donnelly Logging, Howe May We Help You, LLC, Long Lake Rentals and a combo business sculpture by the ADK Trading Post and Adirondack Hotel. There was also a large Long Lake bear sculpture installed at the Long Lake Town Beach.
The Long Lake Ice Skating rink and sledding hill was open all day with Covid Protocols in place and the day ended with a Fireworks display at Mt. Sabattis with spectators watching from inside their vehicles.
There was no royalty crowned and no infamous Ladies Frying Pan Toss in 2021, but we look forward to next year which will mark the 20th and is scheduled for January 15, 2022. Save the date!

Long Lake