Beach Day has Arrived

4th of July Weekend... Top Secret location.. shhh don't tell anyone

Strange intimacy of summer has arrived. Peeling off of tee-shirts, the reveal of a winter’s worth of Long Lake living, but when the temp rises, inevitably one has to strip off the old winter garb and give in to the call of the swimsuit, no matter how weird it is. Spend the day on the beach with the same friends more recognizable covered in Snowmobile gear than with sunblock. The top secret location of a beach known only to those folks with some kind of connection to the town. Perhaps a distant descendant of guide Mitchell Sabattis or a 7th generationer with relatives who summered long ago on the Northend of Long Lake, or relative newcomers (only 2nd generation) who have lived in town for 40 years… regardless, the 4th of July in Long Lake when the weather cooperates is a celebration of warmth and boats and dots of glisten. Wow look up there.. its a bird, its a plane… it’s a Helms. Now get thee to a hiking trail you post-traumatized winter body! At least I don’t have to pay taxes for my outdoor tanning day.

Long Lake