Begin the Beguine Shoots in Long Lake, NY

Director Ari Gold and a small film crew descended on Long Lake, NY, Thursday, August 9th to shoot night scenes for the independent feature “Begin the Beguine.” The film crew set up a makeshift production site along route 30 between Helms Aero Service and the Adirondack Hotel. The first exterior shot, according to film producer Zak Kilberg, was a group of characters streaming out of a bar. One character races away from the group, and hops in a guideboat to go home. The rest of the stragglers climb into a car. Seems simple, but when one is shooting on a busy street in Long Lake in the middle of the summer, patience becomes a top priority.

“We don’t have enough PA’s,” uttered an unfazed staffer as the traffic kept moving through. “Earlier today we had to hold shooting for a seaplane buzzing up above the set, but we’re having a blast. These are problems we like to have”

Traffic slowed down mesmerized by the huge lights set up in the Adirondack Hotel parking lot and the crew huddled together on the sidewalk around a monitor.

Curious onlookers and pedestrians were able to pass right through the set up and see production up close. Several times as the crew was ready to roll, a steady stream of cars continued to move through. Shortly before rolling a party barge attempted to dock, but was waved away.

Shooting is slated to go into the night as they will shoot some interior scenes in the Adirondack Hotel.

The cast features Rory Culkin as Ollie

Robert Sheehan as Nikolai

Mary Beth Peil as the grandma

Elizabeth Pena as the maid

Isabelle McNally as Isadora

Long Lake