Busy 27th

Steel Magnolias Sat Feb 27th 7pm Town Hall

There Something for everyone in Long Lake on Sat. Feb 27th.

The 4th Geocaching Event is headquartered at the Long Lake Town Hall. Check out bluelinegeocachers.org for some info. If you don’t know what it is, if you have heard of it, but have never tried it, if you are sitting around the house and watching the tube- force yourself out, call a friend and “go on ovah” to the Town Hall. Upon arrival, check out the displays, then put on your brave adventurous face and call out for Shane Holmes. Shane loves everything outdoors. He snowmobiles, scuba dives, climbs, hikes, hides geocaches, and if there is a fish to be caught, he is there, all year round. He is passionate about outdoor adventure.

Shane Holmes on Long Lake

His infectious enthusiam will not only inspire you to buy a GPS, but he is a great teacher too. He volunteered at the Long Lake Teen Center in the summer of 2009 to teach the kids about geocaching, think fun scavenger hunt (but there is a LOT more to it than that!) Shane has hidden caches for novice participants. Stop into the Town Hall from 9 am to 4pm. Lunch at 12:30 catered by Cybercreek Cafe. $14 adults $10.25 for kids.

Moonlighters Poker Run on Saturday, kicks off from the Newcomb House or the Raquette Lake Tap Room. If you don’t ride a snowmobile, don’t let that stop you. Get the kids, gas up the car and take a scenic drive to each biz and draw a playing card. Don’t know how to play, I didn’t either, but it makes sense once you pick up your $10 entry card (only available at The Raquette Lake Tap Room or the Newcomb House.) Go to each biz listed on your official Moonlighters Poker Run Cardboard card (shout out to Harry Buxton) and draw a playing card. The card is then handwritten on your official Poker Run Tally Card. The more businesses you go to, the better the hand. Once completed you turn it in and the best The best hand wins cash. The Round up at the end of the day is at the Adirondack Hotel featuring live music Eric Peter. The entry fee $10 per card. All ages welcome to play. Call 624-3941 to confirm start time. Some say 10am, posters say noon and so I say… call Jim at the diner and let him tell you (we like to keep people guessing in Long Lake – we refer to that as “whimsy”)

Family Entertainment on Saturday night. Bring the kids to the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts production of Steel Magnolia’s. An emotional journey, laughter, tears and local talent illuminate the Long Lake Town Hall Stage. Join the Arts Center and receive discounted tickets.

Weather report… it is Tuesday morning, the snow is coming tonight and tomorrow (how much… well the weather man is always a mystery) but I was in Glens Falls yesterday and it looks like spring. But in Long Lake, it looks like winter so please let me clarify, we do have snow – not a ton, but enough to ride, snowshoe, x-c ski etc and 3-6 inches are predicted to fall tonight, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. More snowcast updates coming this week.

Hope to see you in Long Lake, Raquette Lake & Newcomb this weekend.

Expect the unexpected!

Long Lake