Buttermilk Falls

The trail to Buttermilk Falls is only about 0.1 miles, but Buttermilk falls is so much more than a walk. This destination is a great all-round spot for the entire family no matter age, physical ability level or experience.
Above the falls there is a canoe launch that can be used for boating up the Raquette River to a nice lean-to on a grassy point. Right above the falls there are several rock outcropping, opening up picnic areas and places to relax by the sounds of rushing water.

Below the falls there is also picnic spots, as well as swimming areas directly below the falls or a bit further down the Raquette River. The rocky falls are not recommended for climbing or diving from and should be highly respected.
There are also picnic benches in the area as well as a hiking trail. The hiking trail is designated as a canoe carry and part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail. You can hike this trail to the put-in below the falls. Past this put-in there is a herd path along the river to access nice swimming areas downstream as well as attractive views out over the water. Eventually the herd path will connect with another carry trail and eventually end at two lean-tos on the south end of Long Lake.

Distance Round Trip:
Less than 0.5 miles
Approximate Time:
Minutes to the base of the falls, 30-minutes to the twin lean-tos on Long Lake

Trailhead Location:
From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in the Town of Long Lake follow Route 28/30 toward Blue Mountain Lake. Continue to North Point Road on the right (located on sharp corner). Follow North Point Road for around 2-miles to the parking on the right.

Winter Access:
This area can be easily accessed in winter but the falls are much less dramatic. However the ice formations on the rocks can be very interesting. Be aware that the area can be very dangerous and slippery during the colder months.

Information and photos provided by Spencer Morrissey of Inca-Pah-Cho Wilderness Guides – 607.267.3474

Long Lake