Cardboard Sled Racing Video Highlights 2015

The 14th Annual Long Lake Cardboard Sled Races took place on Saturday, January 17th at Mt. Sabbatis Recreation Area with temperatures hovering around 13 degrees.

The results are in.

Official Moonlighters Winter Carnival Results 2015

King and Queen and Princess, Craig, Amber & Olivia Wamback took over the reign of the festivities.


12 & Under Cardboard Sled Race – Individual – 1st, Ruby Lewin 2nd Reid Waite 3rd Kaden Kadaronak

12 & Under Team Race – SU Riders, Brendan and Evan Walker, Batman & Robin Garrit Clark, ADK Boat, Hannah, Luke, Kaleb, Makenzie Keller

13-17 Team Race – 1. Winter Cruise Mackenzie, Dylan and Raigan LaPorte, 2 ST 122 with Austin Pierce and Chandler Brown, 3rd, Frozen with Lillian Dechene, Karlee Rockstroh, Harry Katz, Ethan Kohl

18 & Up 1st Sheri Cook Keller, 2nd Team Corn with Catherine Hunt and Jules Pierce, 3rd Snow Splitter with Kodee and Brittany Olbert, Sierra & Dave Olbert

Check out the latest on youtube for the Cardboard Sled Highlight Reel. Hilarious Fun!

Adk Cardboard Racing Circuit Stats
1st Winter Cruise the LaPorte Family
2nd Ruby Lewin

Best in Show
1. Winter Cruise, The LaPorte Family
2. Frozen, Lillian Dechene, Karlee Rockstroh, Harry Katz, Ethan Kohn
3. Long Lake Rescue Boat, Reid Waite & Jimmy Waite

Goalie’s Day Off- Connor Lyons

One-Shot Basketball – Pat Lyons

Men’s Longest Golf Drive
1. Brian Nadeau
2. Kodee Olbert
3. Paul Brown

Wackiest Hat Contest
1. Brian Penrose for his Moose Hat
2. Abbie Roalsvig for her White Polka Dot Hat
3. Sam Keller for Coyote Hat

Ladies Frying Pan Toss
1. Paula O’Brien-Piraino 57.8 feet
2. Hillarie Logan-Dechene 56.5 feet
3. Prudence Dechene 49.1 feet

Broomball Champions

Team GNAR with
Connor Lyons
Patrick Lyons
Ranya Hamdan
Henry Sandiford
Meg Smith

Long Lake