Holiday Lights Contest Announced

Both communities of Long Lake and Raquette Lake will be having the Holiday Lights Contest this year.  


The Long Lake Judging of the Holiday Lights & Decoration Contest will take place on Wednesday, December 20th with prizes announced at the Seniors Luncheon on Thursday, December 21st.  Prizes are $75/$50/$25 and plaques for the First Place Business Winner. 

Judging in Raquette Lake will take place on will be on Thursday, December 21st at 7pm.  Free to enter.  Turn on your lights and the magical contest judging elves will be assesing and determing the winners.  Winners prizes are $75/$50$25.  Join our regional community by dressing up our towns in sparkles and delights.

Special thanks to the Parks and Rec Elves, Cindy Black, Erik Arsenault and Steph Hample for decorating the signage on the way into our communities and decorating our public spaces with scenes celebrating the holiday season.

Christmas Lighting and Creche Ceremony in Long Lake will be on Sunday, December 3rd at the Long Lake Town Hall.  The Christmas Tree lighting for Raquette Lake will take place  on Wednesday, December 6th at 6pm.  Sponsored by the Raquette Lake PTF.  Free cookies and hot chocolate provided.




Raquette Lake and Long Lake Holiday Classes

The Town of Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department will be offering two Wreath and Balsam Workshops with Cindy Black.  Workshops will be offered Monday, November 20th, 2017, 6 p.m. at the Raquette Lake School and Monday, November 27th, 2017, 7 p.m. at the Long Lake Town Hall at 1204 Main Street.  Walk ins are welcome but sign-ups are encouraged.  Call 518-624-3077 to reserve your spot. 


Project cost will depend on materials used.  Balsam, tools, wire, ribbon, and decorative embellishments and will be available.  Participants are invited to bring their own items to add to their project.  Special thanks to the Long Lake and Raquette Lake Highway Department for collecting the balsam bows to be used for the workshops.

On Thursday, December 7th at 7 p.m. there will be a Holiday Craft Class with Cindy Black at the Long Lake Town Hall, 1204 Main Street.  Participants will make their own holiday angel ornaments.  Class fee is based on materials used.  Glue guns, materials and embellishments will be available.  Sign up by calling 518-624-3077 x 110.   All ages are welcome to participate and walk ins are welcome. 

First Time Hunter Bags a Buck

This post was first published on mylonglake.com on October 20, 2015. Written by Long Lake Events Coordinator, Steph Hample

The snow had finally started to stick on the ground in the northern Adirondacks the day I shot my very first deer. My father-in-law told me to walk approximately a quarter of a mile down the trail to where it starts to slope downhill and to tuck myself off the trail. He would try to drive deer to me from the marsh. I have a terrible sense of distance so at what seemed to be a quarter of a mile and the slightest downhill I started to step off the trail. There was a good sized rock just off the trail that I tried to get to approach, but as I stepped off the trail the fresh snow barely muffled the loud, echoing crunch of the leaves beneath it. My foot sank up to my knees making the loudest crackling snaps from the frozen leaves. As I was thinking how loud I was being, I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to see two deer, one with antlers, one without.

Steph Hample with her first buck.

Steph Hample with her first buck.

They froze, I froze.

Three thoughts sped through my mind, Whoa. Antlers. I can shoot. Then a pause, “was I really going to do this?”

I took the Hunters Safety course when I was twelve years old. I went into the woods a couple of times with my dad, but it took me twenty-one more years before I finally felt ready to harvest a deer. Was I actually going to kill this beautiful animal standing before me? Yes, I was. Everything my dad had taught me ran through my head; wait until they’re broadside; aim for the rear of the shoulder, middle of the chest; just squeeze the trigger; listen for the deer after you shoot; you won’t notice your ears ringing. In what felt like forever, but probably less than 30 seconds after stepping off the trail into the noisy brush I raised my dad’s gun to my shoulder and took aim. Attempting to slow my breathing was nearly impossible and expletives ran through my head as I put my finger on the trigger and squeezed. The first thing I noticed after I pulled the trigger was my ringing ears.

My dad said one of two things would happen once you’ve shot a deer; 1 – you’ll shoot and the deer will run and fall somewhere else or 2 – you’ll shoot and the deer will just run away. He didn’t mention a third option; you’ll shoot and the deer will just drop.

The deer fell to the ground. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the female run off. The buck was trying to get back up and it was one of the hardest things to watch. I attempted to take a second shot but I was shaking so hard that I completely missed. I’m not too proud to admit that watching him on the ground trying to get back up made me tear up. I walked over to him and laid my hand on his back and waited for him to stop moving. I’ve already been lectured and now realize in hindsight it was not the smartest move to stand next to a dying animal that has antlers and hooves, but I knew I had to be there when he finally died. I knew he was gone when the hair on his legs slowly relaxed.

I stood up, shocked, solemn and proud at what I had just done. After I cleared my head I counted the antlers; eight! My first deer was a beautiful eight point buck. My dad and father-in-law were going to be so proud! I couldn’t wait for my father-in-law to get there. I stood around waiting for him to show up thinking he must have heard the shots, he should be right here. At about the same moment I heard a branch snap. I called out my father-in-law’s name, turning toward the noise expecting to see him only to see another buck staring back at me. I couldn’t believe it. I had just shot a nice eight-point buck and here was a second one literally walking over to me. We eyed each other for a few seconds before he eventually ran off, but I was floored by my experience.

When my father-in-law finally found me he used a few choice works, smiled, handed me his phone and said, “Call your Dad.” We quickly field dressed the deer so my father-in-law could follow the trail of the second deer, but he searched without luck.

The snow on the ground made the drag easier, which was helpful since the deer weighed more than I did. Back in town my buck weighed in at 167lbs. I think everyone was surprised that this big buck was shot by a “girl”. I eventually took it back to my parents’ house where my dad helped me skin it, my mom helped me butcher it and my kids helped me eat it. Now the deer hangs on my wall, beautifully mounted for all to see (and for me to brag about).

The prize proudly displayed

The prize proudly displayed

I’m excited to head out into the woods again this year. I know that I will probably never have a story that quite compares to this one but I’m just happy to be able to get back out there and hopefully enjoy another one of Mother Nature’s free-range, hormone-free, organic bucks.

written by: Steph Hample

Steph Hample was a biologist at the Wild Center for eight years. She is currently the Events Coordinator for the Town of Long Lake planning activities year-round for the communities of Long Lake and Raquette Lake. When she’s not busy researching trivia questions she’s out conquering ambitious hikes around the Adirondacks and spending time with her two children and loving pets.

Show Up The Show in Long Lake

Peter Michael Marino is also a graphic designer and has Long Lake in his summer blood.  Peter has been visiting the region since 1986 (or 87- fact checkers looking into confirmation) and worked closely to help invent, create the popular tee-shirt featuring the catchy phrase, “The Summer is Short, the Lake is Long”  

Peter has hosted the Long Lake Bed Races for several summers.  He’s known for stopping cars, bantering with children and adding to the bedlam of the day.  We will see Peter return to hosting the Long Lake Polar Plunge on December 30th, 2017 to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Long Lake, NY – After the recent critically acclaimed, sold out run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, Peter Michael Marino’s semi-improvised, one-man comedy “Show Up” makes its Long Lake debut at the Adirondack Hotel for two performances on October 13 & 14 at 6:00 p.m.

In “Show Up,” award-winning solo show performer, producer and director Peter Michael Marino (“Desperately Seeking the Exit,” “Late with Lance!”) uses his decades of comedy and solo performance expertise to turn the often vilified clichés of the genre on their clichéd heads. Marino exploits an arsenal of Post-it® Notes to compile and transform the challenging and enlightening real-life audience experiences into a single vibrant life-story that is unique each time. Chance elements are increased as audience members are engaged to design the set and sound. “Show Up” provides a wild, unpredictable ride for the audience as Marino navigates this real-life high wire…and there’s a party!

An array of Adirondack Hotel appetizers will be served starting at 6:00 p.m. with the performance beginning shortly after 6:15p.m. Cash bar available throughout the 75-minute show, concluding with a complimentary champagne toast.

Show up and spend the night! Receive a discount for Adirondack Hotel lodging by presenting your ticket reservation.

Tickets are $25 per person and include show and appetizers. Reservations are required by phoning or emailing the Adirondack Hotel at 518-624-4700 or adkhotel@frontiernet.net

Peter Michael Marino is the creator/co-producer of SOLOCOM, which has launched over 400 world-premiere comedies at The People’s Improv Theater. His internationally acclaimed solo comedy “Desperately Seeking the Exit” chronicled the unmaking of his West End musical flop “Desperately Seeking Susan” – receiving 5-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and Adelaide Fringe, and a London transfer. His 2015 solo chat show spoof “Late with Lance!” played everywhere from NYC to London. Directing credits include: Amy Marcs’ “Nice T!ts,” Mark Demayo’s “20 & Out,” and Mark Giordano’s “Mad Man.” His production company credits include “David Carl’s Celebrity One-Man Hamlet,” “David Mills: Shame!,” Charles’ “Moby Alpha,” and “Joe’s NYC Bar.” Regionally Peter Michael Marino has hosted the Long Lake Bed Races and Long Lake Polar Plunge.  His hilarious and spontaneous ability to improvise on the spot has delighted Long Lake audiences for years.  More info at: www.petermmarino.com


★★★★★ “A performer of great intelligence, wit and energy.” – Bunbury Magazine

★★★★★ “Hilarious!” – Front Row Center

★★★★ “Hilarious!” – Broadway Baby

★★★★ “Well worth showing up to!” – Fringe Guru

★★★★ “Hilarious! – The Wee Review

“Rare and special work. Highly recommended!” – The Fringe Review

“Hilarious!” – TimeOut New York 

“A keen and witty mind” – Edinburgh Reporter




Pumpkin Drop and Harvest Craft Fair in Long Lake A Success

The Annual Harvest Craft Fair at the Long Lake Town Hall saw a busy day for vendors and visitors on Saturday, October 7th.  Kids painted pumpkins and enjoyed a bounce house while indoors vendors offered a wide variety of high quality handmade goods including, candles, rustic furniture, jewelry, books, knitted items, carved duck decoys and more.


Donna Adams of Adirondack Fibers and Yarn Shop located year-round in Long Lake, NY was on site selling knitted items and raising funds for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico in memory of Ada Reiff.


The Pumpkin Drop returned thanks to the donation of a Genie Lift by Long Lake builder and contractor Paul Rasmussen of Rasmussen Builders.  The lift ascended over 50 feet in the air with Parks and Recreation staffers Erik Arsenault and Steph Hample on board. Twelve entries competed by combining best decoration score with best splat.

The winner of the guess the weight of the pumpkin was Bree Waite of Long Lake, NY.

Winners of the Pumpkin Drop were Jayslin and Johnna Henderson. 

Harvest Craft Fair

The Harvest Craft Fair
Long Lake Town Hall
1204 Main Street
Long Lake, NY 12847
Saturday, October 7, 2017 10am – 4pm

The Harvest Craft Fair is free and open to the public. Vendors will be on site selling hand-made American crafts including:

Soy Candles, herbs & spices, books, balsam and wood crafts, natural stones, ice cream, body butter, soaps, Adirondack Fibers and Yarn, ceramics, rustic signage, cutting boards to benefit North Country Life Flight, scarves.

Activities on site include a Bounce House for the kids, Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin, painting pumpkins and the infamous Pumpkin Drop at 2pm.  Thanks to Rasmussen Builders for the use of the Genie Lift for the Pumpkin Drop. 

Enjoy leaf peeping and the Harvest Craft Fair! 

Leaf Peeping Report 10.2.2017

It’s Leaving Us Wondering

Last weeks heat wave was an incredible gift.  An extension of the season, more time to spend outdoors getting ready for the inevitable season right around the corner (one that we won’t say out loud just yet – even though there was some evidence of it spotted in the higher elevations on Saturday)  Regardless, we have had quite the season.  With that said, it leaves us perplexed as to what is next for our leaves. How much has it changed, is it peak?  Is peak still right around the corner? Or is it just… well ever the optimist, it’s not over, because it’s still green.  It’s a mixed question this year as we are met with some trees which have shed their leaves, yet a good percentage still holding their greenery. 

While most birch trees have dropped their leaves and many of the maples have seen their brightest come and go, the amount of green still hanging on in the landscape lends hope that there is more to come.  

The colors appear to be a bit muted evoking a mood that is a contrast to the bright blue of the autumn sky. It is a sense of a burnt, muted season, but the scents and sweet smells of the forest fill the air.  

Looking around while hunting for scenery it feels like it’s all in the details. Examining the landscape for the tree that pops against the blue sky of October becomes a game.  What does it look like up close?  What does the light look like as it shines through the veins of the leaves?  Getting closer, stepping on the soft moss of the ground cover, hearing the crackle of your footfall crunching on recently fallen leaves. Spotting a cluster of brilliant red choke cherries. Discovering  another tree showcasing it’s plume with curling dark purple leaves reminiscent of full-bodied cabernet.

The weather this week looks to be mostly sunny and good leading up to the holiday weekend.  

One Saturday, October 7th boasts the “Some brightening, and the clearest day of the week” perfect for the Long Lake Harvest Craft Fair 10am- 4pm and  a mid-day crowd-pleasing Pumpkin Drop at 2pm. Location for the events is the Long Lake Town Hall at 1204 Main Street. 

Raquette Lake will be hosting a concert event with the talented  “Falling Waters Trio” on Saturday, October 7th at 6:30pm at the Raquette Lake School.  Doors open at 6pm and concert is free. 

Escape to the peace and quiet of our woods and find your detail and define your getaway experience.

Every day brings new sights and sounds of fall in the Adirondacks. 

Fall Getaways!


Fall has officially arrived.  With a week of unseasonably warm temperatures throwing the foliage into a frenzy and paddlers and swimmers still hitting the water, we’ve returned to a traditional feeling of fall.  Think hot cider, home-brew and day hikes to Buttermilk Falls, Death Brook Falls, Owls Head Mountain.  

Now it is the time to still make your way to the Adirondacks.  Hit the spots you’ve meant to visit all year and just haven’t had time to.

Plenty to do and see in our area this upcoming few weeks including 

Octo-BEAR-Fest, September 30th 10am – 4pm at Hoss’s Country Corner, 1142 Main Street.

Harvest Fest & Pumpkin Drop on Saturday, October 7th 10am – 4pm, Long Lake Town Hall

Show Up – One man improvised show featuring Bed Race Host and amazing award winning comedy genius from NYS and fresh off the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Peter Michael Marino.

Book your lodgings now!  Plenty of options from motel rooms, hotels, cottages, cabins.  Check out our listings here.

And food – we’ve got you covered!  We’ve got restaurants, great sandwich scene and more, you just have to look around in our vibrant communities and discover yourselves a new place to call your personal favorite. Long Lake Dining and Raquette Lake Dining

Got a question?  Our fans have answers.  Check us out on Facebook Long Lake and Facebook Raquette Lake to get the local feedback on what it is you want to do!  

Attractions include the Adirondack Experience, The Museum on Blue Mt. Lake (formerly known regionally as the world-reknowned Adirondack Museum) in Blue Mt. Lake and The Wild Center in Tupper Lake.  Both venues are open and great stops along your exploration mission to our region. 

Don’t forget, we have everything you need.  Dining, Food, Lodging and recreational experiences right out your front door. We are in the middle of it all! 

Leaf Peeping Report 9/23

In other news.  While out on Leaf Peeping Intelligence gathering, spotters noted the flashing yellow light and flashing stop light that had been at the base of the hill of NYS Route 30 corner of Dock Lane/Olivet Rd.  rounding the corner (to avoid going into the lake) has been removed by NYS DOT.  There are currently arrow signs on site showing travelers to TURN.  

Places to go:

Drive along route 28 in Raquette Lake, NY.  Stop off in the village and view the surroundings.  Hike into Death Brook Falls, check out the view from the NYS DEC Campground, Golden Beach.  Head out to Browns Tract Pond.  Rent a boat from Burke’s or Bird’s and check out the shoreline of Raquette Lake. 

Check out the drive between Newcomb and Long Lake along 28N or along Sabattis Road along Little Tupper Lake, just north of Long Lake off of NYS Route 30 onto County Route 10.  Be an adventurer and hike into Mt. Frederica.  Please read up on safety measures for hiking.  Carry food, water, fire and emergency supplies.  You cannot rely on cell phone service in the backwoods.   

Leaf Peeping Report Report
September 23, 2017
Long Lake/Central ADKs
Percent of trees changed: 35% – 40%

Weather Outlook – We’ve had amazingly unseasonal warmer temperatures this last week, and as we head into Thursday Sept 29th we will see cooler nights. Now that it is fall – it feels like summer!  

We do see evenings cool down this week starting on Thursday and anticipate the current flatness of the color will accelerate again this weekend and we will pick up another round of colors, extending what we thought was going to be a fast change. While it’s not as brilliant as we have been seeing last week, we’ll take the warm weather and hazy hot days and we haven’t hit peak yet.  Still more change to come. Still green out there waiting for colder nighttime temps to rev up the show this upcoming weekend. 

Brilliance: Colors are average, but looking for some change this upcoming weekend. 

Predominating colors: Yellows, reds, purples, and anticipate more to come.  

Weather outlook for the week. Warm beginning of the week, with a seasonal drop for Thursday to 58-60 during the day and in the mid to high 30’s at night

Coming Events include: Octo-BEAR-Fest at Hoss’s Country Corner on Saturday, September 30th as well as a Town Sponsored leaf peeping hike to Lows Ridge with Joan Collins on Sat. Sept 30th, departure at 7am.  Call 518.624.3077 to sign up. It’s Free. 

Long Boat Regatta Returns Sept 23, 2017

The Long Lake Long Boat Regatta, held on Saturday, September 23rd is a competitive event featuring war canoes and C4 boats that kicks off from the Long Lake Town Beach at 11am.

Registration at the Adirondack Hotel is from 9:30am – 10:30am with races commencing at 11am. 

Location: Long Lake Municipal Beach
Distance: 10 miles
Registration Time:9:30 – 10:30
Start Time:11:00 AM
Entry Fee: $25 pp  ($20 for Adirondack Watereshed Alliance members) 

More information about the Adirondack Watershed Alliance

C-4 College Co-ed challenge, Adirondack Kayak Championships, North American Voyageur Canoe Championship, All NYMCRA classes. Start and Finish at Town Beach. 10 mile figure of eight course. Lots of fun in Long Lake! NYMCRA kayak points race.

The final race of the competitive season!  Get your last paddle in before the cold air totally dominates the waters. Spectators are encouraged to attend. For more information call 518-624-3077 or check out www.mylonglake.com

Special thanks to the Town of Long Lake & Long Lake Lions Club for their continuing support of this annual event! 

Long Lake