Adventures out of LL

5 Days on the Saranacs

5 Days on the Saranacs with the Northern Forest Explorers – including kids from Long Lake! 

I am writing this on a Saturday in July, chilling in my pjs with the best dog in the world,  Dwight, pumped and feeling good from a week on the water. It is my 3rdyear leading the Northern Forest Canoe Explorers, and each year just brings more camaraderie and fun.
On our first trip (of two) this summer, we started at Upper Saranac Lake and finished 5 days later on Lake Flower. Knowing that all of the Saranacs can kick up a serious headwind, I was happy to see flat water in front of us.  This good weather and good fortune followed us through almost the entire trip, which allowed us to concentrate on the good stuff…side trips, challenges and camp tasks.

Kids gathered on a rock next to a lake

Because several of our participants were repeat paddlers, Amy and I are always looking for new challenges to build on what they have done in the past. Camp cooking was one of the things we practiced a few new ways.  Knowing there would only be one carry, we added a Dutch oven to our gear and tried a few “from scratch” meals, including calzones, peach cobbler, and the old camp standby, chocolate pancakes.  Participation, participation!
In every group, the personalities combine to make each trip unique.   Well known routes become new, the Adirondack wilderness works it magic, new friendships are formed and old friendships strengthened. Though I’ve seen this again and again, I can’t say enough about how well this group worked and played together. People came from as close as Long Lake and from as far as Oklahoma.  Every night we had a good fire, started with a magnesium strip and usually supervised by Casey, who was really good at it and helped several others improve their skills.

We stayed one night at Saginaw Bay on Upper Saranac Lake, where the paddlers discovered a loon on the nest at a small island just outside of our campsite. Though we immediately vacated the island, I wonder how that one will fair, this is a spot where every passing canoeist will be wanting to stop and play.  If nothing else it presented a good lesson about respecting wildlife.
On day three we paddled across Middle Saranac and left the boats to climb Ampersand Mt, one of the “Saranac 6”.   Dwight, our 12(ish) old yellow lab, a veteran of many paddle trips, many peaks, and many adventures, is showing his age…such to the point that I wrestled with whether to take him on the Ampersand adventure.  As we approached the steep final mile, I was proud and touched to see Palin and Landen stay back with him and help him find his footing, helping here and there when his older hips made the jump a little tough.   I have no doubt now that it was a good decision to bring him, he’s looking this week like he’s 5 years younger and clearly is ready to go on next week’s strip with us on the Raquette River. And he’s great with kids…loves them. As an added treat we enjoyed ½ hour on the mountain all to ourselves, something that happens much less frequently these days in our well-travelled mountains.

Though I am well familiar with this route, I found new things every day with our troop. We stayed for two days on Weller pond, which I have never camped on. Ruby, a veteran paddler of 4 previous years told us all about Martha Reben, who cured at a camp on this pond a century past. Although I’m quite sure it is the marshmellows, campfires and swim rocks that keep kids coming back year after year, I’m very aware of how much the history of this wonderful area seeps into you….I see it happening to this gang and I am glad to be keep being a part of it.
This group was especially good at making organized fun, From a two minute choreographed music video painstakingly rehearsed for and performed at the top of Ampersand to a pancake breakfast in bed for Cale for his unflagging firewood duty. Even when feet, knees and hands got blistered and scraped, everyone kept the sunny side up; attentive to chores, respectful to each other, living in the present.  I thought of this watching Carerra dig some shrapnel out of her feet with tweezers and a safety pin.  We’re really proud of this group.

Other notable notes:
Twizzlers can be put into pancakes
Amy should not be allowed unchaperoned into stores with whoopie cushions and fake poop
Nobody in our group knows what “debonair” means , and without phones, they can’t google it
Cameryn always wants to be the judge for the best chef contest (or really any contest), but don’t let her, she’s corrupt!
Cale can cut firewood forever. Fitting, as he will be playing sports for Tupper Lake as a Woodsman
Galen is a good sport, a stellar paddling companion, and a worthy chess player. (sidenote…I wonder how many Adirondack guides throughout history got to explain the “en passant” rule)
Pancake batter baked in hollowed out oranges is disgusting (right Tallie?)
Oh no, I lost the game…
Matt Burnett, July 2019

Waterfalls, Family Fun & Spring Hikes in One Day

You have to see this to believe it!  A great journey made by Kayle and her family including a dog and a toddler. Hiking 7 miles through the Adirondacks this past weekend.  They visited Death Brook Falls, located in Raquette Lake, NY (almost across from Golden Beach Campground), Buttermilk Falls in Long Lake, Bog River Falls just south of Tupper Lake. 

They then finished up with a hike up Coney Mountain AND Goodman Mountain

Special Thanks to @kayycurrr for sharing her epic Instagram adventure with us and inspiring folks to explore all our Raquette Lake and Long Lake and Central Adirondack region has to offer!  

#goodmanmountain #coneymountain #deathbrookfalls #bogriverfalls #longlake #raquettelake #longlakeny #hikingwithtoddlers #hikingwithdogs


Year Round Living – in her own words, by Nancy Halter

This post is contributed by Nancy Halter, one of Long Lake’s newest “year-round” residents. She’s been living here in the summers and just this past season she and her husband, Dave, have made Long Lake their permanent home. They are embracing the community and this webmaster asked Nancy if she would be willing to share her experiences with everyone. This is Nancy’s Long Lake story.. in her own words!


Nancy wins first place for the Cycle Adirondacks Decorate a Bear contest. Left to Right, Peggy Wadecki, Dave Halter, Nancy Halter

My first introduction to Long Lake was camping at Lake Eaton Campground, a place where my husband Dave, had spent every summer of his childhood. While camping there one summer, we met some friendly locals, Jeff and Cindy Rutherford, and heard about land for sale on Beecher Park Road, right on Lake Eaton. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Long story short, we were fortunate to be able to purchase the land and build our dream retirement/summer home.

While still living and working in New Jersey Dave and I would come up to Long Lake every chance we’d get. I was an art teacher and had the entire summer off from school and Dave ran his own business (Halter’s Cycles) so we were here a lot (escaping New Jersey!) Now, about 12 years after buying and building on Lake Eaton, we’ve retired and have moved to Long Lake permanently. Yes, Long Lake people, you are stuck with us!

Now, about this town. This is an incredibly beautiful, musical, artsy, friendly and fun community which I fondly refer to as “Mayberry.” There is so much to do here! Unbelievable for such a small community.

Thinking back, my first memories are of the weekly pool tournaments at “The Blarney Stone” restaurant. Being new in town, Dave and I hardly knew anyone but we met some of our closest friends over the table. We had to compete with some real “pool sharks” like Tim McIntyre, Jeff Rutherford and Bob Kissmann. The pool group has continued this tradition for many years now, although the location has changed after the Blarney Stone sadly burned down.

Nancy displays her works at the Long Lake Craft Fair

Long Lake is full of artists. ! I love it and feel right at home. I’ve met so many musicians, writers, painters, and crafts people here. I think Long Lake draws artistic souls. My favorite monthly event is the Open Mic at the Adirondack Hotel, which takes place the last Saturday of the Month. Terry and Wayne Chaikin host the monthly get-together which was previously hosted by Eric Peter. Anyone can sign up for a spot to perform. Just bring your voice or your instrument. The whole town usually shows up for this fun event.

 Nancy and her friends enjoy the porch at the Adirondack Hotel.

Ah, the Adirondack Hotel, the town meeting place…. there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on the porch in the rocking chairs talking with friends and looking at the lake. Every Wednesday night in the summer my musical partner, John Weyl and I enjoy singing and playing guitar for the Hotel patrons. We call ourselves “Blue Bandana”. Over the past 5 years we’ve met all kinds of musicians from all over the world that have “sat in” and played with us. We’ve had trumpet, saxophone, mandolin, guitar and keyboard players join us and some come back every summer.

Blue Bandana performs Wednesday Nights at the Adirondack Hotel. Pictured L to right, Tom Smith, Nancy Halter, John Weyl

Now if you like to write, there’s the “Creative Writers Workshop” lead by Gail Huntley that meets once a week at the Long Lake Library in the summer. This group includes published authors, songwriters like myself and others who enjoy writing poetry, short stories or comedy. We have two open mics each summer to share what we have produced. Over the years I’ve written several songs with the help and encouragement of this group. The Lakeside Knoshery and Boat Tours hosts the Writer’s Open Mikes in the summer months.


There is also a group of painters that meet weekly at the Geiger Center at Mt. Sabattis in the summer. We bring our supplies and sit together while painting and chatting. Some of these same artists show and sell their art in the Summer Art Exhibit at the Town Hall.

This is my first full winter in Long Lake and it has sure been a snowy one so far. I’m learning to dress in layers. It’s funny, I had no idea there would be snow on the ground every single day, but I’m finding it absolutely beautiful! Dave and I have joined the Adirondack Mountain Club and this group is full of some very rugged, healthy and outdoorsy types. I’m not sure this Jersey girl can keep up! They organize all kinds of hiking, kayaking, canoeing, snow shoeing and skiing events. Through this group, Jackie Mallery offers cross -country skiing lessons. I’ve survived one lesson so far and am looking forward to mastering this skill. Jackie is a wonderful teacher, especially for a beginner like me.

There is so much more to say about this delightful town. The “Cardboard Boat Float Boat” contest, the Heart of the Park Craft Fair, the 4th of July Celebration and fireworks, the Winter Carnival and of course all of the special people who live here! Last but not least, I want to mention the wonderful community of faith that I’m a part of at the Long Lake Wesleyan Church. I love being able to use the musical gifts God gave me to help lead the congregation in song each Sunday.

Snow! Thanks to our neighbor and friend who keeps the driveway plowed. I’m loving our first snowy winter in Long Lake.

So as you can probably guess, Dave and I are pretty happy with our decision to retire here to Long Lake. There are a few things to get used to, like the cold, snowy winters and having to drive far distances to get things you need but it’s worth it to live in this beautiful place. And there’s always! The UPS guy is at our house every other day.

Fall Foliage is Peaking! Center of the Adirondacks Upstate NY Long Lake

Fall foliage report

Long Lake/Raquette Lake Central Adirondacks

Long Lake and Raquette Lake area leaves are currently at peak just in time for Columbus Day Weekend.

Vibrant color lines the highway corridors with exuberant reds, yellows and bright oranges mixed with the darker greens. Color will continue past the weekend contingent on weather and wind.

Best bets for weekend.

Fall foliage is peaking in and around Long Lake and Raquette Lake, NY in the Adirondacks

Fall foliage is peaking in and around Long Lake and Raquette Lake, NY in the Adirondacks

Long Lake Harvest Craft Fair 10a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 8th at the Long Lake Town Hall, 1204 Main Street, NYS Route 30. Over 20 vendors, bounce house and pumpkin painting for the kids. Free Admission.

Looking for lunch and dinner options? Check out the Adirondack Growl & Grub, located behind Hoss’s Country Corner, Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub 1161 Main Street, Adirondack Hotel, 1245 Main Street or the ADK Trading Post, 2301 Tupper Road. The Cellar Restaurant and Pub, located at 3 Kickerville Lane, will be open Friday and Saturday night at 4:30 p.m. All offering homemade food at reasonable prices. Make sure to ride over to Raquette Lake and have a bite at the Raquette Lake Tap Room.

Adirondack Growl and Grub offers craft beers .  Get a growler to go and full service deli.

Adirondack Growl and Grub offers craft beers . Get a growler to go and full service deli.

ADK Trading Post serves up warm panini's and home-made soup.  Pick up a bottle of your favorite wine at Ali Baba's Liquors

ADK Trading Post serves up warm panini’s and home-made soup. Pick up a bottle of your favorite wine at Ali Baba’s Liquors

Enjoy dinner at The Cellar!  Will be open on Sat. October 8th for dining at 4:30

Enjoy dinner at The Cellar! Will be open on Sat. October 8th for dining at 4:30

Long Lake Diner with deck overlooking the pond.

Long Lake Diner with deck overlooking the pond.

Warm cozy, and friendly. All our dining options offer a variety of soups, sandwiches, burgers, specials, and traditional fare for all! Find your favorite and let us know about it!

Get shopping in with gifts galore at Wide River Antiques, Hoss’s Country Corner, Northern Borne, the gift shop located at the Adirondack Hotel. Don’t miss Helms Village Store on NYS Route 30 with a great selection of furnishings, accessories and gifts. Continue north towards Lake Eaton and stop at 2301 Tupper Road. Grab a nice bottle of New York State wine for the weekend at Ali Baba’s Liquor Store and a gift at the Adk Trading Post.

Paddle along the water ways to capture unique sites

Paddle along the water ways to capture unique sites

Wide River Antiques on NYS Route 30 next to the LL Marina and Northern Borne Store

Wide River Antiques on NYS Route 30 next to the LL Marina and Northern Borne Store

Great gifts at iconic Hoss's Country Corner.

Great gifts at iconic Hoss’s Country Corner.

Adirondack Hotel serves lunch, dinner and offers a gift shop

Adirondack Hotel serves lunch, dinner and offers a gift shop

14 Adiron”Hacks” for Campers in the ADK, Long Lake NY

It’s the time of year for camping. Meme’s featuring John Muir quotes pop into various social media feeds. Fans of Lake Eaton, Forked, Browns Tract and 8th Lake have booked their sites months in advance on Reserve America to get the best spots.

John Muir Meme's are big in camping social media feeds.  Inspiring reminder of the power of nature.

John Muir Meme’s are big in camping social media feeds. Inspiring reminder of the power of nature.

Backpackers and paddlers are pulling out their classic ADK Guidebooks and combing maps for their next big adventure. We’ve pulled together some of the favorite camping hacks that would be useful and practical while camping in the Adirondacks. Whether you’re in a tent, lean-to or an RV, there’s something for everyone!

Save the Doritos for your midnight snack!

Save the Doritos for your midnight snack!

1. Use Doritos for Kindling. Ok we’ve done a bit of research, culled videos, spoken to people. Yes, it works to get the fire started, but users beware, you’ll be thinking about those Doritos and wish you had saved that bag for a midnight snack. Instead do what campers in Raquette and Long Lake have been doing for years.. grab your copy of the Mountain Times (after you’ve read it and supported the advertisers of course!) and use that as your firestarter!

Use the Mountain  Times as your firestarter!  Only after you've marked your calendar with all our great events and supported our advertisers!

Use the Mountain Times as your firestarter! Only after you’ve marked your calendar with all our great events and supported our advertisers!

2. Keep your toilet paper dry by using a coffee canister as a toilet paper dispenser.

Never have wet camping TP again!

Never have wet camping TP again!

3. Use a Frisbee as a plate, to fan the fire or to just play catch with the family. A great way to get a Frisbee in Long Lake is from the Adirondack Growl and Grub! They serve their yummy deli sandwiches on frisbees!

The Adirondack Growl and Grub serves up food on frisbees.  Useful to fan your campfire!

The Adirondack Growl and Grub serves up food on frisbees. Useful to fan your campfire!

4. Use Tic Tac containers for your seasonings. Everyone needs garlic powder and oregano on a camping trip. I’ve watched Survivor on TV and I’ve seen them eat bugs to win spices for their meals. Packing your tumeric and cumin into these convenient containers is definitely a space saver.

Pack your spices in a Tic Tac box.

Pack your spices in a Tic Tac box.

5. Toast crescent rolls over the campfire. Add in some nutella or marshmallows for dessert or wrap it around a hot dog for your own pig in a blanket or as we say literally.. “Dog in a crescent.”

Crescent rolls over a campfire.

Crescent rolls over a campfire.

6. Use a shoe organizer for all your kitchen utensils.

Shoe organizer for camping utensils.

Shoe organizer for camping utensils.

7. Create a miniature First Aid Kit and store it in a presecription bottle, or an altoid tin and it keeps it dry and free of dirt.

8. I can’t WAIT to try this weird one on vacation. Roasting Starbursts. Heard it’s yummy, so going to have to try this one ourselves.

roasted starbursts

9. Rough it pillow. This is good for the backpacker or paddler. Stuff your clothes into a stuff sack and use as a pillow.

Pillow are for wimps!  Naw, just kidding!  But here's an easy hack.

Pillow are for wimps! Naw, just kidding! But here’s an easy hack.

10. Use hand sanitizer to start a germ-free fire. (hmmmm.. not sure starting a germ free fire really makes sense unless you’re worried about the stick you used for roasting the crescent rolls and the starbursts)

Clean your hands and start a fire.  Use caution people.

Clean your hands and start a fire. Use caution people.

Long Lake is in the Western High Peaks Zone B, but being cautious in the woods is smart.

Long Lake is in the Western High Peaks Zone B, but being cautious in the woods is smart.

11. A big one, and a legal one, for the Eastern High Peaks of the Adirondacks, and it’s not a bad idea in general, is to use a bear resistant canister. We’ll break this down for you. The reason we think you should keep everything small, it’s easier and more compact to store in the bear resistant canister.

Bear resistant containers are hard to hold.

Bear resistant containers are hard to hold.

Pack all scented items, and toiletries in the canister
Choose food wisely so you have enough room to stuff it in your canister
Store canister 100 feet from campsite and cooking area
Don’t hang the canister and always follow NYS DEC Bear Resistant Canister Regulations.

13. And for those of you that don’t like bugs (ok who does) we recommend burning sage on your campfire. So at least if it doesn’t keep the bugs away it will smell nicer. We’ve also heard of hanging Bounce dryer sheets and rubbing the scented sheets on your clothing is gentle and effective at combating those pesky bugs. But don’t take our word for it. Try some of these Hacks and send them in to us on our Long Lake FB page.

Burn sage over the campfire and tell scary stories.  (It will keep the bugs and the ghosts away too)

Burn sage over the campfire and tell scary stories. (It will keep the bugs and the ghosts away too)

14. We had to do 14 Hacks for the 14 miles of Long Lake. Yah, if you aren’t bringing your own container of water (yah, we know, water isn’t light) best practices and recommendations are to boil the water for at least 5 minutes and treat it with purifying tables or filtering it through a filtration device. Shhh.. we don’t like to say it, but better to be safe than sorry and prevent giardia. (and an FYI – always bring back up filtration option if you are out in the woods in case of something going awry, like a hole in the water bag)

Always boil for 5 minutes and treat with tablets or filter your water!

Always boil for 5 minutes and treat with tablets or filter your water!

For a complete guide to the very specfic rules and regulations for camping in the Adirondacks we highly recommend reading up on the rules right here from the NYS DEC Website. NYS ADK Camping Rules & Regs

There’s all sort of other fun hacks all around the web. These were just a few of our favorites.

And remember Camping is Fun! It’s an adventure! And if you camp in and around Long Lake or Raquette Lake we have plenty to do!

Economic commentary on Adirondack camping.

Economic commentary on Adirondack camping.



Polar Plunge Plans Make them Now

On January 2nd, 2016 get ready because The Town of Long Lake will be gearing up to host the 4th Annual Feelin’ Long Lakey Polar Bear Plunge at 1pm on the Long Lake Town Beach located at 1258 Main Street in Long Lake, NY in the heart of the Adirondacks. Teams collect pledges and all proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Project which enables and helps veteran’s heal and focus on Mind, Body, Economic Empowerment and Engagement.

Polar Bear Plunge on January 2nd, 2016

Polar Bear Plunge on January 2nd, 2016

With advancements in battlefield medicine and body armor, an unprecedented percentage of service members are surviving severe wounds or injuries. For every US soldier killed in World Wars I and II, there were 1.7 soldiers wounded. In Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, for every US soldier killed, seven are wounded. Combined, over 48,000 servicemen and women have been physically injured in the recent military conflicts.

In addition to the physical wounds, it is estimated as many as 400,000 service members live with the invisible wounds of war including combat-related stress, major depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Another 320,000 are believed to have experienced a traumatic brain injury while on deployment.

Last year 19 teams raised $4956. Since event inception in 2012 $16,158 has been raised for the Wounded Warrior Project at the Feelin’ Long Lakey Polar Bear Plunge.

We welcome the return of host, Peter Michael Marino for the 2016 event. Pete has been hosting events in Long Lake since the 2012 4th of July Bed Races and the Polar Plunge in 2013. He delivers observations, embodies a great sense of humor, and has an uncanny ability to work with the crowd to make all events a full-on interactive theatrical experience. Pete’s quick wit and banter with the audience is always off the charts and provides an extra layer of hilarity to all of Long Lake’s events.

Peter Michael Marino hails from New York City and his work has been seen on five continents. He has worked extensively as a writer, director, producer, teacher and actor. Member AEA, SAG-AFTRA, The Dramatists Guild, and is a graduate of the Commercial Theater Institute.

Pete is the librettist of the West End musical Desperately Seeking Susan, based on the film of the same name and featuring the songs of Blondie. The show played at London’s Novello Theatre in 2007, and was presented by Tokyo’s legendary Toho Company at the Theatre Creation in 2009.

Pete recently finished a run of his talk-show-solo-show spoof Late with Lance! at the 2015 Edinburgh Festival Fringe where it received 5-star reviews, followed by a sold out engagement at Arts Theatre West End. Plans are underway for a month-long run in London in early 2016.

Get your team together and register today. 2016 WW Registration Packet
Contact Steph Hample, Events Coordinator at 518-624-3077 for questions!

Creative geniuses from the Adk Hotel created replicas of the Town Highway and Parks and Recreation Truck for Highway.  Raising $318

Creative geniuses Stacy & Kelsie created replicas of the Town Highway and Parks and Recreation Truck for Highway. Raising $318

Cycle Adirondacks Tour Stop Long Lake Aug 28th

Cycle Adirondacks Concert Series

Cycle Adirondacks Concert Series

The Town of Long Lake is gearing up to host Cycle Adirondacks on Friday, August 28. Riders participating in this inaugural Wildlife Conservation Society event will be busy during their stay on the Long Lake Ball Field located in the center of town along Main Street, NYS Route 30, in the heart of the Adirondacks.

On event day cyclists arrive on School Street in Long Lake, NY between 1p.m. and 7p.m. Cyclists will travel into town from Old Forge. Their route includes a scenic excursion to the Raquette Lake Village Green, The Adirondack Museum, Buttermilk Falls on North Point Road and continuing on Deerland Road to Main Street. The finish line will be on School Street near the Long Lake Central School parking lot. Look for traffic control to be on site at the Deerland Corner entrance to North Point Road, County Road 3 throughout the day.

Cyclists will be camping on the Long Lake Ball Field with amenities including: three-catered meals a day, a wellness center, medical support, bike mechanics, yoga, a free device charging station, water bars, vendor village, a beer and wine garden and local evening entertainment by Alex Smith with Don Woodcock. The public is invited to attend.

The Town of Long Lake will be working with local volunteer groups including: the Long Lake Fire Department, the Catholic Daughters of America, the Long Lake Lions Club, the Friends of the Long Lake Library, the Indian Lake Chamber of Commerce, the Raquette Lake Preservation Foundation Inc as well as the Long Lake Highway and Water and Parks and Recreation Departments to host the event. Volunteer groups will assist with water stops along the route as well as in camp infrastructure set-up and tear-down, valet luggage transport, food serving and hospitality.

Area businesses will be showcased in the Vendor Village located on the Ball Field along with a stage and the beer and wine garden. The Long Lake Little Bus shuttle will be available all day providing rides to cyclists, volunteers, residents and visitors to help ease congestion and parking in the area and to get visitors to lodgings and local area attractions and businesses.


Events scheduled throughout the day include a free concert at the race day finish line, 1p.m. to 4p.m. on the CV Whitney Long Lake Public Library Lawn with Loren Barrigar and Mark Mazangarb. This guitar duo will be performing Americana tunes influenced by jazz, country western and classical music, pioneered by guitar geeks Merle Travis and Chet Atkins. The Long Lake Library will also be hosting a Cycling Art Exhibit Reception open to the public starting at 2pm.

Naturalist Ed Kanze will be hosting walking tours along the Long Lake Nature Trail on the shores of Jennings Park Pond. Guests can sign up at the Help Desk, located on the ball field near the Gazebo. Learn about the flora and fauna of a unique man-made pond. Tours will run hourly 1p.m. to 5.p.m.

Alex Smith, along with Don Woodcock will be performing a free concert at 7p.m. on the Long Lake Ball Field. Alex Smith grew up in Long Lake, and his music strives to echo the people of the area. He builds songs with traditional folk harmony and modern lyrics confronting today’s pressing issues and paying homage to those who came before him.

Special thank to local businesses who have donated to the Grand Prize, awarded daily to a cyclist on the tour. Participating businesses contributing to the Long Lake prize include: The Long Lake Lodge, Adirondack Museum, The Wild Center, Great Camp Sagamore, The Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub, ADK Trading Post, Adirondack Hotel, Raquette Lake Navigation and Hoss’s Country Corner. The prize includes a three-night stay at the Long Lake Lodge, free passes to the Adirondack Museum, Wild Center and Great Camp Sagamore. Gifts certificates to the Long Lake Diner, Adk Trading Post and Hoss’s Country Corner and a brunch aboard the W.W. Durant.

The Adopt-A-Bear Contest winner will be also be awarded on Friday, August 28th. There are over 24 bears to vote for. Voting boxes are available at the Long Lake Town Offices, Adirondack Hotel, ADK Trading Post, The Cellar Restaurant and Pub, and the Long Lake Diner. The winners of the contest will be announced on Friday night. Special thanks to Micaela Hall for the concept of the Cycle Adirondacks Adopt-A-Bear Contest.

The Concert, Vendor Village, Beer & Wine Garden and more will be open to the public and everyone is welcome to attend.

For more information on Long Lake and Raquette Lake check out and


Not so Secret Facts About Long Lake NY

We work very diligently at the Long Lake Parks and Recreation department bringing events to the people year round. We sometimes have so much going on between trivia, kids events, planning concerts, craft fairs, hiking expeditions, grooming snowmobile trails and organizing trips that sometimes we forget to promote some of the great ways we communicate to the people on social media. We’ve compiled a list of links, so you can stay connected with our social media outlets and what we have going on in our community.

Long Lake and Raquette Lake NY are connected to Social Media Outlets.  Are you?

Long Lake and Raquette Lake NY are connected to Social Media Outlets. Are you?

Long Lake Flickr Page.
Long Lake Pinterest Page
Long Lake Youtube Page
Long Lake Facebook Page
Raquette Lake Facebook Page
Adirondack Quilt Camp Facebook Page
Long Lake Twitter
Adirondack Quilt Camp Registration and Webpage
Long Lake Instagram

Business news.
The Long Lake Lodge, 681 Deerland Road will be open under new ownership this summer. Welcome to the Johnson Family!
Journey’s End Cottages has new owners and will be opening this summer. Welcome to Nancy and Jorge!
SLIC Network Solutions is installing fiber optic cable throughout town and will be offering hi-speed broadband services very soon!
The Town of Long Lake Parks and Rec Department will be building a portable kiosk to display local business information at the Long Lake Town Beach this summer.

Prize Winning News!
Long Lake was awarded a New York State Waterfront Revitalization Grant along with Potsdam and Tupper Lake. There will be a three year time frame to design and implement some exciting and fresh changes. Plans include replacing the concrete Town Dock, improved street lighting for downtown, beach improvements, and boardwalk along the waterfront as well as a wifi hub at the LL Town Beach and plans to finally launch webcams.

Long Lake is a partnering with the Empire State Winter Games for 2016 as a site for a snowmobile race, more to be announced.

Long Lake plans to start work on a Horse Barn / water station to complement the horse trails opening in the Essex Chain of Lakes property accesible via trails in Newcomb and Indian Lake, NY.

The Long Lake Nature Trail will have interpretive signage written, built and installed this summer. The LL Nature trail connects the Adirondack Hotel to the Long Lake Ball Field and will be extended around the perimeter of the Long Lake Ball Field. Work will be getting underway shortly. All a continuing effort and completion of part of a 90 Miler Blueway Corridor Awarded in 2011.

Matt Burnett’s Portraits in the Wilderness is still on display. Look for more installations this summer!
The Big Easy Playboys, a Louisana Roots Cajun Band will be playing the LL Town Beach on Saturday, July 25th as part of the Decentralization Grant Funded Awards! This concert is made possible with the funds from the Decentralization program, a regrant program of the NYS Council on the Arts with support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature and administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts.

Verizon Cell Phone Service is FINALLY available and working well, along with AT&T in Cell phone service in downtown Long Lake!

Long Lake is in the Adirondacks

A brand new reality show aired on the Animal Planet last night and the program featured remote property in Long Lake, NY. It was very exciting for folks who love Long Lake NY to see this little corner of the world showcased on national tv. New people would learn about the region, the unintiated will come visit!

But as far as finding Long Lake fact-checkers had to clarify the location as it was mis-stated on the show. Long Lake, NY is in the Adirondacks and not along the Appalachian Trail. Long Lake, NY is five hours north of NYC, three hours south of Montreal, three hours east of Syracuse.

It wasn’t the only mistake/fact misstep this week. Long Lake Tourism had clips on a weather channel video and it said Long Lake is located on the inner part of the ocean. Sometimes things aren’t always correct. But we love the coverage anyway!

Long Lake NY is 449 square miles of lakes and mountains, snowmobile trails, and woods and waterfalls and campgrounds and fishing and memories. Long Lake is in the heart of the Central Adirondacks located on the crossroads of NYS Routes 28N/30. If you go to Clarkson, St. Lawrence, Canton, Paul Smiths or Potsdam, you’ve probably driven through our town on more than one occassion. We’re in the real Upstate New York and in the Adirondacks (not the Appalachian Trail)

We welcome guests to come experience real hospitality in a great small Adirondack town. We can’t wait to meet you, but just wanted to make sure you know how to find us!


appalachian trail map


Killer Whale Coming to Long Lake

The Town of Long Lake announces the purchase of a Killer Whale Submarine.

While Killer Whales are not native to the region, that did not inhibit economic developers from introducing this unique brand strategy to attract tourists to the region.

“Since the Adirondacks are over 6 million years old with over 3000 fresh water lakes and ponds and streams and rivers and Killer Whales are a very very old species that swim and live in water it was easy to connect the two fundamental ideas. We submitted the 27 page proposal to the Federal Whale Protection Fund part of the Global Challenged Initiative to Better the Human Race. We also matched our grant proposal with funding from the Wildlife and Human Connect Fund and with the Freshwater and Ocean Funding Plan and the Rural Tourism Hope Fund application. We were awarded 90 thousand dollars cash in a brown paper bag near the Long Lake Town Beach bathrooms,” said committee representative Olga Halstead.


Other local representatives on the committee to Reinvent the Economy say the whale rides will be launched at the Long Lake Town beach starting this summer.

When asked if the lake is deep enough for a fake killer whale, the representatives of the grant application said, “we’re more worried about rocks and large pike”

The Town of Long Lake will announce the launch date when the ice goes out which is expected in August.

Long Lake