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Grant Workshop for Long Lake NY Entrepreneurs and Microenterprise in the Adirondacks

All winter long you’ve thought about what you could do to get a little extra cash in your pocket and start the business you’ve always dreamed about. Maybe you want to make your own beer and sell it locally, or you are an excellent furniture maker or you want to do a retail business. Whatever kind of business you want to start, this is your chance to educate yourself and find out new ways to get started and have a support system in place to keep you on track.

The Hamilton County Economic Development Office will be hosting an informational session on 2012 Microenterprise Grants on Monday, April 30th, 2012 at the Long Lake Town Hall, 1204 Main Street, Long Lake, NY at 7pm. Grant funding is available for entrepreneurs seeking to create jobs and small businesses in Hamilton County.

Hamilton County Economic Development is seeking small entrepreneurial businesses to apply for funding for a new business or an already established business with five employees or less. Criteria to apply for the grant range from specific proof of low to moderate income for Hamilton County ($47,840 for household of 4) or the ability to show that the business created at least one job for a low to moderate income household. (Per NYS and Federal Requirements)

With a grant application other requirements include filing a grant application, compliance and ongoing documentation of the funding used for your business. It will be ongoing with an application for funding. Other specific criteria for this grant and more information is available at and click on Economic Development and Microenterprise Grants Quick Facts. It outlines eligibility, criteria and funding opportunities.

Funds are available for machinery, furniture, fixtures, inventory and equipment, or capital to purchase real property. Construction and remodeling are not eligible for funding. This is not a loan program, it’s a grant program. You have to pay back the money if you do not fulfill the obligations of the grant, but there are obligations including education, filing documentation, background credit checks and a business plan are required to prove an on-going commitment to this unique and exciting economic program.

The goal of the microenterprise program is to create jobs and to sustain jobs, and it’s a partnership between private enterprise and government. While funding is available, the applications are competitive and training is imperative to set yourself up in a business that can succeed. All applicants are accountable and responsible to follow through on the obligations of their application.

Grants are available ranging from a minimum of $5000 and cannot exceed 90% of the total cost of the project. The total funding available to disperse in Hamilton County is $164,000.

What do you have to do? Come to the meeting, apply for the grant and take 8- two hour entrepreneur training sessions – FOR FREE. 16 hours. It’s a lot of work, but the pay off can mean a new future for you and your family.

The life skills you receive from a 16 hour course will be useful, not only for starting your new business, but learning tangible business and marketing skills to help you in all areas of your life, managing your home finances, and to dispel the fear and myth about doing business in New York State.

The training is a great guide to help you avoid common pitfalls associated with starting a new business. Receive practical skills, how and why to write a business plan and generate new ideas about how to make it succeed.

Does a business plan have to be perfect? No, it’s a projection, it’s a goal. You’ll learn how to market your business effectively, learn about opportunities for additional funding, meet other entrepreneurs who may just offer some insights and a fresh point of view to benefit your business.

If you apply, what’s the commitment? The commitment is for the entire grant period. The work doesn’t end after finishing entrepreneurial training, that is when it begins. You will have to follow the guidelines of the grant, provide documentation for hires and business expenses. But DON’T LET THAT SCARE YOU OFF! Blood sweat and tears is part of the game. Establishing a new business today can give you greater opportunity in the future.

Come out to the 2012 Hamilton County Microenterprise Grant Informational Meeting on Monday, April 30th at the Long Lake Town Hall at 7pm.

If you’re in business, you’ve just created a job! In Hamilton County, that’s a huge deal. Success equals survival!

Don’t be put off by the hard work and investment it will take to procure these funds. This is an opportunity to make your dream come true and to give back to your community by investing time and commitment into your business dream. Nothing is free, and yes there are hoops and obstacles, but take the first step and come on out and find out if you can make it work for you.

For more information on Microenterprise Grant Funding check out and click on Economic Development and then Microenterprise Grants Quick Facts.

Come out, be a part of the growth to reinvigorate and reinvest in the future of Long Lake.

Small Business Help in Long Lake and Raquette Lake Adirondacks

If you live in the townships of Forestport, Webb, Inlet, Indian Lake and Long Lake and are interested in starting a business, have recently started a business, or are looking to expand your business, CAP-21 can assist you.

CAP-21 and the Central Adirondack Association are seeking 10-15 potential and/or existing business owners who are willing to participate in the Next Level business development and training program offered by the Adirondack Development Corporation.

The Next Level curriculum includes a combination of classroom and individual business assistance and will take you through the development of your business plan, market analysis and how to prepare pro forma financials.

AEDC also has experience developing low interest business loans for approved applicants. If you are interested please contact Nick Rose at CAP-21 or at

US Senators Schumer and Gillibrand Visit Long Lake NY

Long Lake, NY, August 12, 2011

US Senator’s Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand stopped by Long Lake Central School on Friday, August 12th as part of a whirlwind tour of the Adirondack North Country Region to meet with leaders from around the Adirondacks and to engage in conversation about jobs and the most vital issues facing Adirondack residents today.

On tap for the structured panel discussion included William Farber, Chairman of the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors, Brian Towers, President of the Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages, Mark Brand, Superintendent of Indian Lake Central School, Kate Fish, Executive Director of ANCA, Garry Douglas, President and CEO of the North Country Chamber of Commerce, and Ann Melious, Director of Economic Development and Tourism for Hamilton County.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand outside Long Lake Central School

Kirsten Gillibrand arrived in the room first, shook everyone’s hand and made light of the fact that Chuck was still out in the hallway talking. Gillibrand opened up the discussion with her appreciation for everyone coming out to meet with them and cited the most important issue of the day: jobs.

Senator Schumer entered the room with Bill Farber and greeted everyone and remarked on the beauty of the area, the bustle of the town, the great weather and then the panel got down to business.

Bill Farber led the meeting, thanked Long Lake Central School for hosting the event then and called on the panelists to share their insights.

Brian Towers spoke first and gave both US Senators copies of the APRAP study. The report is the result of a two-year research effort by and for the communities of the Adirondack Park to provide a data-rich, factual baseline for discussion and planning of park issues at both the local and regional levels.

Schumer and Gillibrand at the Panel Discussion

Brian Towers touched upon the human desire of people who want to live in the Adirondack region because of the natural beauty, water, quality of life, small schools, but the lack of jobs has bled the region dry. He listed several ideas that included attracting innovative thinkers in rural development to the region, and the need to create and develop loan funds to support infrastructure. Other ideas included: the possibility of carbon credits, developing family friendly jobs focusing on biomass and to foster a way to encourage and reward private investment.

Mark Brand reminded Senator Schumer of previous visits to the Indian Lake Central School. Schumer remembered his visit fondly as he had a school lunch featuring fish sticks. After a moment of levity Mark Brand spoke about the schools in the immediate area. He emphasized the answer is not to consolidate schools, but to create opportunities out of challenges. Model the regional school districts as the Newcomb, NY school district has done, and to seek federal help to revise immigration laws to make it easier for smaller communities and public schools to host foreign students and limit unfunded mandates.

Kate Fish spoke about the Common Ground Alliance’s successful meeting held in July (in Long Lake at Mt. Sabattis) which is a cross-section of people in the Adirondacks with differing views. This year’s event the Common Ground participants were asked to rank potential workable ways to model a future for park residents and the overall consensus was to work on the model for the Sustainable Life, but for that to succeed it was vital to have broadband available in the region.

Garry Douglas outlined the potential revitalization of the historical train corridor route between Utica and Lake Placid with an emphasis on connecting to Tupper Lake. Douglas also mentioned the possibility of developing it as a recreational corridor, clarifying that trains and a viable recreation corridor for hiking, biking and snowmobiling would not be exclusive of the other.

Both Kate Fish and Garry Douglas touched upon the importance of broadband to the region and the topic elicited a big reaction and much interest from both Schumer and Gillibrand. The panel discussion veered off course so the senators could clarify the needs of the area. Where broadband is available now? Where wireless is available and if one was more viable to the region than the other depending on the area it was serving.

In Long Lake cell phone service is available from AT&T only and not Verizon. Long Lake does have DSL available and it is serviced by Frontier Communications. At this time the Town of Long Lake has plans for two wi-fi hot spots at both Mt. Sabattis Pavilion and the Long Lake Town Hall. Plans for implementation and timeline have not been released yet.

The broadband discussion emphasized the need for money to serve the last mile of broadband. The hardest challenge is the connection from a main hub to the local residents. Gillibrand is working on a farm bill and discussion on the agricultural committee is the consideration to put a requirement similar to the original telephone bill to make broadband service available and mandatory all across the country.

Senator Schumer with Ann Melious

Ann Melious from Hamilton County, NY spoke about the effort by the county to promote and attract younger families with children to move to the region. Hamilton County is starting a campaign to tap into what is most attractive about our area to live including: safety, scenery, sense of community, small schools and to encourage people to work from home. She sought support from the senators to consider the possibility of Hamilton County being part of a pilot program and model for rural communities across the nation.

Schumer and Gillibrand wanted to clarify that their job encompasses everything from big problems to small and they are here to serve the needs for everyone in New York State. Everyone is encouraged to contact their office with their thoughts, concerns or ideas. Schumer mentioned that the elimination of earmarks was tough on rural economies and directly effects those in the Adirondacks. “Getting rid of earmarks makes our job harder.”

Time was short, the itinerary was tight and the Senators took some photos with guests at Long Lake Central School. Once photo ops were completed they continued on their North Country Tour.

Senator Schumer, Long Lake Town Supervisor Clark Seaman, Senator Gillibrand

New Summer Camp to Open In Long Lake

Frozen Ropes

Coming to Long Lake Summer 2010. Long Lake Camp Adventures. Register in early February and you may qualify for early bird pricing.

Frozen Ropes, the ultimate in baseball training will be available for baseball lovers looking to advance their player skill.

Long Lake Camp Adventures teaches leadership skills. Campers experience quality hands on instruction from our hand picked coaching staff in a variety of sports including Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Street and Field Hockey,Frisbee, Dodge Ball, Volleyball, Rugby, Lacrosse, Tether Ball and Badminton.

Located in the central adirondacks Long Lake Camp Adventures offers hiking, camping, ropes course, horseback riding, white water rafting. Motor sports, ATV’s horseback riding, climbing walls, zip lines. There is something for every sporting enthusiast.

Jet ski, waterski, tubing, fishing, water water water. Swimming, knee boarding, wake boarding

Martial arts, pilates, yoga, weights, cross-country running

Check out their website, sign up today.

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