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Incapahco Artisan

Look for a unique gallery, Artisan space, Mixed Media Arts Supplies, Mixed Media workshops and so much more.

Long Lake Artisan’s coming out of the woods and into the light.

Louisa Woodworth is a 6th generation Long Laker with deep artistic roots in the local community.

Tremolo Paddles by Caleb Davis

Caleb Davis, proprietor of Tremolo, creates beautiful handcrafted canoe paddles and kayak paddles, teaches paddle-making classes and instructs flatwater paddlers in the traditional forms of both tandem and solo canoe paddling.

Paddlemaking classes in 2011:

August 12, 2011 at the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion. Call 518.624.3077 to register. $100 for 8 hour class, all wood & tools provided. Graded by cookies. Here: Tremolo Paddles

Long Lake