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The Town of Long Lake NY Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department extends a huge thank you to Steve Caporizzo for featuring us on the News 10 ABC WTEN on Tuesday, December 22nd. The weather this year has been warmer than usual, but not to fear, it rained so much on Christmas Eve last year all our accumlation had disappeared, so don’t give up on our winter activities! We’re here and ready to kick it up.

We start off with New Years Eve, Free Transportation to our local establishments and parties from anywhere in town. Yes, free transport. Just call 518-323-5001 and Cindy and Diane will get you to where you need to be. It’s an all ages shuttle. Kids are invited to a New Years Eve Pizza Party at the Geiger Arena. Bobby Helms is our Ice Rink Attendant this year, and he’ll have games, Wii, movies, and pizza (yes, all free) for the kids! If it’s cold enough they can watch him start making ice. The Geiger Pizza Night is from 6pm – 10pm and the Little Bus will get the kids to and from so Mom and Dad can relax.

Christmas Display in Long Lake, NY December 2014.  What a difference a year makes.

Christmas Display in Long Lake, NY December 2014. What a difference a year makes.

Mid-December 2015. Christmas Display in Long Lake, NY.

Mid-December 2015. Christmas Display in Long Lake, NY.

The Feelin’ Long Lakey Polar Plunge to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project happens on Saturday, January 2nd, 2016 at 1pm. Registration Forms found here. Location: Long Lake Town Beach. Awards and Live Music at 2pm, Adirondack Hotel (right across the street)

We hope you join us!

Have a great holiday season. Here are the photos featured from Steve Caporizzo’s WTEN New 10 report tonight. Thanks!

From my family to yours!
Have a safe Holiday season! Come see us!
Alexandra Roalsvig and the whole Team at Long Lake Parks and Recreation
Cindy Black, Steph Hample, Erik Arsenault, Wayne Kavanaugh, Steven Laprairie and Bobby Helms.

Spectacular Lights in Long Lake

The Long Lake Lights are an animated display of Christmas lights set to music and can be found at 46 Stone Lane in Long Lake, NY through the first week of January 2012. There are over 14,000 LED lights set to 40 minutes of Christmas music designed, implemented and produced by resident Long Laker and electrician Bill Ellick.

Bill started the show in 2008 because as he says “I wasn’t in debt deep enough and there were so many dark houses in Long Lake at the holidays, I felt I could do something to brighten things up.” He wanted to offer the people of the community something fun celebrating the season and he also admits he likes projects “so I started up with this.”

Long Lake Lights 2011 Photo by Bill Ellick

The lights are controlled by channel boxes purchased from Light-O-Rama in Glens Falls, NY. Each card has 16 channels and are managed through a software program to control the lights and music. To save a few dollars Bill purchases kits to build the controllers used for the show. Bill’s show airs on 87.9 on a legal FM transmitter and when the show isn’t running there is over 40 hours of Christmas music playing.

Bill programs the entire production himself and selects the music for the show. The first song he ever programmed is Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s “Father Christmas” and it still remains one of his favorites. Bill works on each song to follow the music beat by beat. “I have to listen to each song about 400 times.” It takes a minimum of three to six hours to program one minute of music and Bill has 40 minutes of show time. He has also implemented two songs designed by another programmer.

To test the show Bill can control the show remotely through his laptop and wireless router right from his car. As the season progresses he adds new elements having just added candy cane spinners over the weekend. The show is constantly evolving depending on how much time he has and what treasures he unearths in the basement. A bargain hunter, Bill often takes advantage of the end of year Christmas sales to enrich his collection of decorations.

This project is continuous. Next season he hopes to showcase an animated sleigh with reindeer to fly across his house. This year he didn’t put out the choir, or “plastic people” as he calls them. He has plans to create a mountain top with a church, and set the “plastic people” throughout the trees to create a narrative winter scene set to music. At this point he’s looking at an investment of about $8000 for the props so that portion of the project is on standby. He has also considered lighting up trees behind his home to add some more depth to the production.

Bill uses high quality strings of LED lights. There are 120 strings of LED’s illuminating his Christmas tree and each string is about $20 to $25 and “knock on wood, they’ve lasted four years so far.” The electricity bill has been reasonable because the animation of the lights it isn’t drawing as much power as people think. The program and the radio station run off one computer. Everything is timed and all in all, he estimates he uses a total of about five minutes of full power for a 40 minute show.

He doesn’t mind the look of the LED’s either. “LED’s have a deep color, some people don’t care for the pure white of the LED’s and prefer the look of the incandescent glowing yellow colors, but only five percent of my show utilizes incandescent lights.” Bill wishes he had more lights, but he will only use the best quality to avoid the pitfalls of power outages and unpredictable weather. The lights have held their own through torrents of rain, ice and snowstorms.

Bill has been working with electronics all his life and he continues to make this project his focus because at this point “I’ve gotten so carried away and gone overboard with the investment I can’t turn back now.”

At night he keeps the lights off in the front of his house so he can see the cars out front. He gets about 1/2 dozen cars a night, he senses there are more visitors each year.

Bill starts installing the project in October and it runs nightly from 5pm to 10:30pm on weekends and nightly 5-9:30 during the week. Bill will have the show running on New Years Eve and through the first week of January.

Show runs rain, snow or mud!

Tune your FM radio to 87.9 FM to hear the music.

Visitors should not block the main road, keep your radios at a reasonable level, and please turn off your headlights so that everyone can enjoy the show.

Lights are running 6-9:30pm Monday-Friday and 6-10:30pm on Saturday and Sunday nights. Random Lights run from 5pm – 6pm. The lights will be up and running late night on New Years Eve so hop on the LIttle Bus and make a stop at the Long Lake Lights.

For more information about the Long Lake Lights or upcoming events call 518-624-3077.

First Storm of the Season

The Town of Long Lake in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains boasted 6 inches of snow on Wednesday, November 23rd. While it didn’t surpass other surrounding towns with snowfall total, it still required every snowplow in the area to go out and clear off driveways. One plow owner plowed twenty-three driveways in a matter of a few hours.

Ice started to form on Jennings Park Pond and the inlets and bays of Long Lake, but not enough to stick for very long. Covered docks bore the brunt of the heavy wet snowfall. One covered dock, visible from the Town Bridge, was partially submerged next to the shore. Over the weekend the snowpack melted and the dock has visibly recovered.

Unfrozen lake and heavy, wet snow starts to sink covered dock

Braving the snow for the Town Wide Photo

On Thanksgiving Day thirty-five hearty folks trampled on the snow covered ball field for the Town Wide Photograph, that’s up 75% participation from 2010.

Coming up is Celebrate the Season debuting with the live musical performance of Cinderella on Friday, December 2, 2011 at the Long Lake Town Hall at 7:30pm. Kids under 12 are FREE. Did you hear that? Kids under 12 are free! Don’t miss this show! Great performances by Long Lake actors and actresses including Natalie Luxford as the Fairy Godmother, who’s hilarious characterization stuns the crowd into feats of uproarious laughter. Singer/songwriter Jason Hall explodes on stage as the Prince’s Steward, Lionel. Jason sings, dances and manages to balance Lionel’s complete panic with composure and control, but taking the audience along on the ride.

Cinderella and her entourage

Other regional actors participate in the project to bring the Cinderella magic to life on stage including Colleen Pine from Indian Lake. This week Colleen is performing in Violet at the University of Miami, but she’ll be back on Friday for the show! The community cast has created a cohesive and delightful production for all ages to enjoy. Purchase tickets online at Adirondack Lake Center for the Arts or by calling 518-352-7715.

Saturday Evening everyone is encouraged to attend the Snowball Gala at the Big Tupper Ski Lodge from 7pm – Midnight. Guests will enjoy delicious hors d’oeuvres, beer and wine as well as a diverse selection of live music. Tickets for the snowball can be purchased at Snowball Tickets Call 518-624-3077 to catch a ride on the Little Bus.

On Friday, December 9th the Long Lake Library will be hosting Tupper Lake Band, Abbott Hayes, for a free concert at 8pm. From Indie Update: “With musical influences such as The Beatles, REM, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Elliot Smith on the list, Abbott Hayes couldn’t go too far off course.” The Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney Long Lake Library received funding from the Stewart’s Shops Matching Fund grant program to sponsor this great event for all ages, and area teens are encouraged to come enjoy this live rock concert.

On Saturday, December 10th the Friends of the Long Lake Library host a Christmas Craft Fair at Long Lake Central School starting at 10am. George and Elizabeth Cordes of the High Peaks Opera Studio will be performing “A Winter’s Journey in Song” at 7:30pm. Concert is free. Donations accepted at the door.

The Long Lake Lights are back! Long Lake will be putting out a map featuring highlighted homes that are decorated for the season. Come on over to Long Lake, check out the lights and visit a small business while you’re here! Long Lake Lights Special Stop

Look for Zumba, Saturday mornings at the Long Lake Town Hall at 9am.

Lunch with Santa will be on Saturday, December 17th starting at 11:30am. Long Lake residents can sign up their children by calling 518-624-3077. Please let us know the name, age, and the kind of toy on your child’s wishlist this season.

Hope to see you in Long Lake, the best place to be in the Adirondacks!

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