Fishing Derby

Snow Plus Snow

Equals snow. We have it. Wet snow, packed snow. It’s winters February whisper, the wish we had been waiting for back in December to cover our stumps and rocks on our snowmobile trails. It is a huff in midst of a season of expectation.

We have our Adult/Kid Ice Fishing Derby on Saturday, March 6th. A team can fish water all around Long Lake. More details will be forthcoming. No registration fee, but cash prizes and a family fun event. Think of it as going to the beach. Bring the grill, the lawn chairs, the kids and instead of towels, bring blankets. Instead of floatie devices, carry tip ups, instead of parking in the lot, hop on the snowmobile to find your point of operations and start a snowmobile tail gate party.

March has been known to be the best recreational winter month… hard to believe as Spring time is due… but rumor has it labeled as the best kept secret of the Adirondacks and thought you should know… we will still be grooming trails.

On another note… my friends snowmobile burned up the other day on Long Lake. He thought his hands were getting really warm from his hand warmers and the next thing you know flames are bursting out from the undercarriage of the sled. He was just past round island. The fire dept chief arrived on scene relieved the sled didn’t melt thru the ice as the DEC would have to be notified. After the excitement died down the sled was retrieved… handlebars the only thing that remains. I don’t know what brand it was, but I do know it had just flipped to 600 miles… so it didn’t get as much wear as it deserved. My advice to anyone traveling… never sled alone!

Long Lake