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July 4th, 2021 Highlights! Long Lake, NY

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3 Essential Pointers for 4th of July and Egg Toss Survival

Pointer 1. Parking!  Park your car in the Municipal Lot, just below St. Henry’s Catholic Church.  1167 Main Street for you GPS users.  You can get right on the “Nature Trail” located along the pond and use that to walk to the Town Beach or the Ball Field for the games at 10am or Beach. 

I’d post a picture.. but I’m too tired, and can’t find one on my computer, I’d keep looking, but it’s really late! Anyway, the parking, it is free. Do your best.  That doesn’t suit you, Long Lake Central School has parking, Town Hall at 1258 Main Street has parking, even the medical center has a parking lot and sometimes people park all the way up there and walk to the beach and don’t forget Mt. Sabattis is an option for parking – and you can walk and participate in our Get Moving 2019 Challenge.  Which I just invented as I type this blog.  Remind me about that next week!  

Sorry, there will be NO Little Bus Shuttle for 2019. Due to extenuating circumstances (aka bus driver shortage) we don’t have anyone available.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Please walk!  


Pointer 2.

Kids Games – Happening at 10am on the Ball Field.

Do not miss this.  Start your own family tradition.  It’s a mini reunion, all ages, bring your lawn chair. The CTSO will be selling popsicles and water, so if you don’t have your hydration readily available, there will be some… 

This event is Free. But please… Parents.. please be patient at the prize booth… there are prizes for all the kiddoes!  Just please, be patient.  (Did I use the word patient more than once in the sentence)  We’re so happy to have you here!  Cindy Black does a great job setting up the booth!  Thank you CINDY!

On the 4th of July, everyone is a Kid in Long Lake so.. even adults get to play. Our MC this year is Tim Helms.  Since it’s his first year… you could try heckling him. (if you do, can someone record it and sent it to me) Thanks!

Fun fact – everyone that participates in the Egg Toss (and we mean everyone) gets a ticket to get a free ice cream cone at either Custard’s Last Stand OR The Park.  So.. find a lifeguard at the end of the Egg Toss.. and get your ticket!

POINTER SECRET – There is no running water on the ballfield.. so if you catch the egg and it breaks in your hand… ummmm.. bring something to wipe it off!  

Pointer 3.  PLEASE HAVE Fun at the Beach and BE RESPONSIBLE

Starting at 4pm the Long Lake Fire Department will be at the Beach cooking Sausages and Peppers and serving up the good eats, Penelope the Clown in the Gazebo, Lions Club Selling 50/50 Raffle and Bob Tice Selling Walking Sticks and Kettle Corn too… Did I miss anything?


Additional porta potties in the Adirondack Hotel outdoor Parking Lot.  Use the beach bathrooms or those porta-potties.  Thank you!

Do not use fireworks on the beach… really.  Don’t shoot stuff off on the beach, it’s crowded, and busy and unsafe.  (We didn’t think we had to write this up, but just in case people forget.. please don’t) 

Dance to Grit N Grace!  They start playing at 6:30pm and swimming is open until darkness.

Support our local organizations!  We have a year-round community that works hard all year and even harder in the summer time when everyone comes to visit (and this is our favorite time of the year too – well, next to snowmobiling season, but I digress)  Anyway.. our local organizations, appreciate your support as do our local businesses!  So check them all out!  We are small and unique and offer really great experiences at all our local merchants!  So check it out!  

Pointer 4

This is the unexpected, bonus pointer that you get, just for scrolling all the way down…

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This post was written from an undisclosed location on July 3rd, 2019 at 11:20pm at night.  Please note all times subject to change without notice.


This post written by Alexandra Roalsvig, Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism for the Town of Long Lake.  When Alex isn’t posting on social media, writing blogs, or paying bills, she’s usually sleeping or swatting at bugs.  For fun, Alex enjoys sunsets, boat rides involving snacks, driving on summer days without snow with the air conditioning on and the music cranked, and and she really loves cleaning, and doing laundry. 

Special Thanks to the Entire Long Lake Parks and Recreation Team. Without your hard work, there’s no way we could entertain everyone.. so thank you! 

Special shout outs to Erik Arsenault, Joe Roberts, Luke Rider, Cindy Black, Tim Helms, Kat Forsell, Wayne Kavanaugh, Lara McNamara, Lillian Dechene, Olivia Penrose, Jayde Dukette, Jack Skiff and Maria Black.  

Thanks to Chip Farr and his Pyrotechniques Crew and all our Fireworks donators. 


9 Reasons to Celebrate July 4th in Long Lake

Join the Town of Long Lake in celebrating the Fourth of July with our annual celebration festivities. The day is full of family friendly activities starting with the Fourth of July games in the morning, food, snacks, swimming and fun in the afternoon and a free concert with Grit n Grace. End the night with the best fireworks in the Adirondacks with friends and family.

1. Kids Games for All Ages!  

Starting at 10 a.m., join us at the Long Lake Town Ball Field for games for people of all ages. Classic favorites include a scavenger hunt for the youngest tykes under five, but you have to be there ready to go promptly at 10am for this unique treasure hunt for prizes.  There will also be a matching shape relay for the youngest, as well as balloon races, sack races, egg toss and a three-legged race and sack races and maybe some hula hoops.

Children will have a great time competing for prizes and, with over 1,000 prizes to choose from, children will want to join in the activities again and again.  The prize booth is not to be missed!  

The Long Lake CTSO Community Teachers Student Organization will be at the ball field selling water and popsicles!  So bring your money and support the local CTSO Too! 

2. Penelope the Clown!  Now in her millionth year!  Ok, we don’t know how long Penelope has been coming to Long Lake, but that’s ok, we love her.  It’s tradition, and if there’s something we love in Long Lake, it’s tradition.  Penelope will be set up at the Long Lake Town Beach Gazebo, painting faces, blowing up balloons and having fun with the kids.  She arrives around 4pm and will wrap up and go home around 7 or so.  So don’t miss out! 

3. New for 2019!  Patriotic, Hand Crafted Walking Sticks.  Local Craftsman Bob Tice will be on the Long Lake Town Beach selling his handcrafted hiking sticks with a patriotic theme, just for the 4th of July.  For the avid hiker, or the general walker, these sticks will help you maintain a good footing on the trail or the sidewalk!  Find him on the beach!  

4. Kettle Corn!  North Country Kettle Corn returns to the beach with their yummy treats.  Check them out. Cotton Candy, sweet and salty Kettle Corn!  Delicious! 


5. Ice Cream!  If you participate in the Long Lake Annual Egg Toss, every participant receives an ice cream cone from either Custards Last Stand or The Park.  Pick your favorite!  Everyone is a winner! Prize tickets awarded at the ball field at the end of the Kids Games.  Participating Egg Tossers only are eligible for this very special prize! 

6. The Long Lake Fire Department BBQ serves up Sausages and Peppers and Hot Dogs too!  Every year you shouldn’t resist this traditional meal on the beach. Hot, delicious and supporting a great cause!  This is one of two major fundraisers for the all volunteer department and they welcome your support.  Leaving the cooking to them!  

7. Long Lake Lions Club Raffle.  Look for members of the Long Lake Lions Club at the Long Lake Town Beach selling 50/50 raffles.  What you don’t know about the Long Lake Lions Club is that they are growing and expanding their outreach in the community! So keep your eyes peeled this summer.  They host several events a year, including Vintage Snowmobile Races in the winter months.  This summer they have invited a guest speaker to come to town to speak about 


Look for the Lions at the Paddling Olympics, serving up a delicious BBQ lunch, and the August Heart of the Park Craft Fair, again, serving up a delectable lunch. They also serve food at the Long Boat Regatta held the 3rd weekend in September at the Long Lake Town Beach. The Lions Club raises funds to help sponsor local children to attend camps and support local charities as well as fulfilling the mission of the National Chapter.  Check them out and say hello at the beach.  

The Lions Club will also be hosting “Logging in the Adirondacks” by Dick Nason on Tuesday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m. in the Long Lake Town Hall. Mr. Nason is a retired forester, for Finch Pruyn, and Co. formerly one of the largest land owners of Adirondack forest property.  So be sure to check them out.

8. Live Music with Grit N Grace.  

Really what is not to love.  Having made their debut at RondeauFest four years ago, and taking over the 4th of July duties on the beach three years ago, this band knows how to rock the house.  From Country, Rock, Pop and with a fierce lead singer, Jackie Pop, this band will have you dancing in the sand and cutting loose on the biggest celebration of the year.  This is a free show.  Pull up a lawn chair and a blanket and get ready to be wowed.  They start playing at 6:30pm until the fireworks go… usually around 9:30/9:45pm. 

9. The Best Fireworks in the Adirondacks.  

It’s true, for such a small town, we power pack this show with entertainment for over 20-30 minutes.  Big booms, little booms, with crackles and pops, your eyes will be dazzled by such a vast display shooting from the Long Lake Causeway near the Town Beach. Spectators can view from the beach or from their boat, and some find their own special spot along the Nature Trail or up on Mt. Sabattis. Pick your spot and enjoy the show!  Special thanks to our local businesses for contributing to the show, including Whitney Industries generous contribution to support the finale and our entire production.  

Donations from our local businesses include:

Helen & Bob Kentile
Eastern Starn Star Abenaque Chapter #745
Short Ridge Landscaping
Hoss’s Country Corner
Stewart’s Shops
Dr. Russell Rider
Whitney Industries

More to be listed as they arrive… 

9A.  Bonus!  Pizza Delivery to your BOAT! 

Celebrating the 4th In Long Lake & Raquette Lake

Raquette Lake celebrates the fourth with a breath-taking fireworks display from the barge in the middle of the lake.  This display can be seen from town, the boat, and all around camps and lodgings on the lake.  

For fun eats check out Tony Harper’s Pizza and Clam Shack, now open for the season, the Tap Room and the W.W. Durant.  

RL Navigation has a special 4th of July dinner menu with boarding at 4:30pm and cruising from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.  Call 315.354.4581 for reservations!

If you want a great view of the fireworks, board the Durant at 9:30pm for $2 for the best view of the fireworks, happening at 9:45pm.  

The temps look to be hot to get yourself in the lake.  Boat rentals available from Burke’s Marine and Bird’s Marina.  Be sure to get yourself the best seat on the lake!  

Join the Town of Long Lake in celebrating the Fourth of July with our annual celebration festivities.  The day is full of family friendly activities starting with the Fourth of July games in the morning, food, snacks, swimming and fun in the afternoon and a free concert with Grit n Grace. End the night with the best fireworks showcase in the Adirondacks.
From 10 a.m until Noon, join us at the Long Lake Town Ball Field for games for all ages.  Classic favorites include a relay for the youngest, as well as balloon races, sack races, egg toss and a three-legged race.  Children will have a great time competing for prizes and, with over 1,000 prizes to choose from, children will want to join in the activities again and again.  Games for the youngest set, five and under start promptly at 10 a.m. with a scavenger hunt and a fun relay.  Games for the older set start immediately following and include everything from sack races, three-legged races, hula hoop competition and the venerable egg toss. Everyone goes home a winner.
Starting at 4pm the fun continues at the Long Lake Town Beach.  Support the Long Lake Fire Department and enjoy a feast of sausage and peppers, and hot dogs.   Penelope the Clown returns to the Town Beach Gazebo and will be doing face painting and balloon animals all for free! For dessert on some kettle corn from North Country Kettle Corn!
Finish out the evening dancing until dark with live music from country band Grit n Grace, from central NY, starting at 6:30 p.m. Their blend of modern country, rock, hits and dance music will have everyone celebrating. The evening concluded with the best fireworks in the Adirondacks at dusk.  Fireworks can be seen from the beach, boat, or the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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