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Leaf Peeping Trip to Long Lake 4 Days

There is a wealth of fun and discovery to be had in Long Lake and its surrounding areas. Make Long Lake your home base for exploring the region during leaf peeping season. Lodging information and much more is available at mylonglake.com. Once you set up your base in Long Lake, use this as a guide to get the most out of your fall foliage seeking experience. Long Lake is located at the intersection of NYS Route 30 (known as Deerland Road) and 28N (known as the Newcomb Road) The Long Lake Town Offices (more more info) is at 1130 Deerland Road. The Long Lake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Office can be reached at 518.624.3077

Day 1:
Start out your road trip adventure by meandering over to the Hamlet of Raquette Lake, there are many great places along the way to take in the blazing colors of the season’s foliage. First, be sure to take a slight side trip to Buttermilk Falls on your way out of Long Lake as you head towards Raquette Lake on North Point Road. These beautiful falls are not to be missed, especially when they are surrounded by the stunning colors of Autumn. As you continue your adventure, be sure to stop along the shores of Blue Mountain Lake to bask in the vibrant hues of the season. There are numerous other spots to enjoy the foliage along your drive. Raquette Lake is home to Great Camp Sagamore, 27 authentic National Historic Landmark designated buildings that were the wilderness estate of the Vanderbilt family from 1901-1954. Great Camp Sagamore is a wonderful place to explore and step back into the Guilded Age. Daily tours are offered at 1:30pm through October 14th. Round out you visit to Raquette Lake with a boating excursion aboard the W.W. Durant with Raquette Lake Navigation Company. The Durant offers a number of cruise options throughout October 19th, including luncheon tours, scenic excursions, and dinner cruises. Call 315-354-5532 for cruise schedules and reservations. (Trip suggestion: cruise aboard the Durant’s Saturday luncheon cruise from 11am-1pm and then motor over to Great Camp Sagamore for the 1:30 guided tour.) Upon return to Long Lake, be sure to visit one of our local restaurants for dinner, the Adirondack Hotel, the Cellar, and the Owl’s Head Pub offer up a variety of great options.

Day 2:
For the second day of your Long Lake adventure, head north along Route 30 to the Wild Center, a natural history museum with a 31-acre campus, located in Tupper Lake. The Wild Center is home to the infamous Otter Exhibit, along with numerous other engaging exhibits to explore, both indoors and out. Another relatively new exhibit, Planet Adirondack, features a giant interactive floating earth with an insight into all regions of the globe. Also, take a moment to check out the award-winning film, Flight of the Butterflies, an amazing story of Monarchs and their migrations. The Wild Center is open seven days a week, from 10am-5pm, through Columbus Day. Once you have completed your exploration, head back to Long Lake, be sure to take in the beauty of the drive as you pass by numerous ponds and lakes on your drive including Grampus Lake Outlet right along route 30. Once you return to Long Lake, stop at Helm’s Aero Service for a scenic flight. This is a breathtaking opportunity to take in the vastness and awesome beauty of the region with its multitude of lakes, streams, ponds and forestland. Call 518.624.3931 for a reservation or info.

Day 3:
On the third day of your adventure, head to the renowned Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake. Along the way, be sure to look for stunning pictures that could be entered into Long Lake’s Fall Photo Contest! Stop at the South Pond rest area and venture down the short path to the pond’s beautiful hidden shoreline. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to visit the museum, it is deceptive from the parking lot, there is a lot to this vast campus, featuring 22 exhibits. You can explore many facets of Adirondack history, including historic boats, logging traditions, various forms of transportation. The museum is home to the carriage that rushed Vice President Theodore Roosevelt to North Creek the night President McKinley died, Noah John Rondeau’s hermit cottage from Cold River at the north end of Long Lake, along with the fire tower from Whiteface Mountain. It is easy to spend the entire day at this museum, and you just might want to spend two with all of the historic treasures it has to showcase. Be sure to eat lunch at the museum’s Lakeview Café, providing a beautiful overlook of Blue Mountain Lake.

Day 4:
On your fourth day, venture over towards Newcomb, NY to get an amazing look at the high peaks and explore part of the route Theodore Roosevelt traveled on his midnight trip to presidency. Route 28N has recently been repaved and while some construction remains, this section of road is a great alternative route to access Interstate 87 aka the Northway. If you are traveling towards Interstate 87 to return home, this is a great option, providing spectacular views and a few points of interest along the way, including the remains of Aden Layer, where Roosevelt changed carriages on his way to the North Creek train station the night President McKinley died.

Ice Out, Fish On: Adirondack Fishing, Long Lake NY

Fishing is a year round sport in the Adirondacks and both Long Lake and Raquette Lake should be included on your Adirondack fishing destination list for 2016. In 2009 the largest Brook Trout in New York State was caught in Raquette Lake and we’re pretty sure there are more where that came from.

Fishing the waters of Long Lake and Raquette Lake is fishing in pristine surroundings. It’s fishing in solitude. It’s fishing in a place where heritage strains of trout are still found in the hidden depths of some of our bodies of water.

Long Lake is a widening of the Raquette River and is 14 miles long, a size of about 3904 Acres. The Mean Depth is 13 feet and an average depth of Long Lake ranges from 15-28 feet and at it’s deepest it boasts a depth of over 40 feet at a hole located at the north end of Long Lake, but if you don’t know where it is, you’ll have to come up and ask a local, because everyone likes to keep their favorite fishing spots a secret.

Long Lake is home to Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, Brown Bullhead, Yellow Perch and Brook Trout.

Raquette Lake boasts over 100 miles of shoreline with lots of bays and nooks and crannies to find a spot to drop a line. The lake is the second largest natural lake in the Adirondacks and is approximately six miles long, with a maximum depth of just under 100 feet. It is also the source of the Raquette River.

Raquette Lake is home to the following species of fish brook trout, lake trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, landlocked salmon, northern pike, chain pickerel, perch and bullhead. This lake is stocked yearly with lake trout and brook trout.

Freshwater fishing trips can be a great way to enjoy the abundance of lakes, rivers and streams of the Long Lake, NY region. Long Lake is located in the Adirondacks in Upstate New York, two-hours north of Albany, three hours south of Montreal and a days drive from New York City or Western New York.

Planning ahead is always a good idea. Pick up fishing gear at area stores, in Long Lake Hoss’s Country Corner is located at the intersection of NYS Route 30 and 28N and the ADK Trading Post will offer live bait, lures, and a wide variety of fishing equipment for the whole family. Not to mention bug dope. Yes, it’s true, we’re not saying it’s super fun to be here during the height of bug season (which doesn’t arrive until Mid to late May and ends mid-June, depending on the season) but we are saying it requires a certain amount of fortitude to withstand the critters, so arriving during early Trout Season which opens April 1st, is always a good idea. We say beat the bugs! Or Don’t fear the bugs. They aren’t as bad as the Green Heads that attack on the Jersey Shore (just sayin’)

Fishing Licenses can be purchased at at Hoss’s Country Corner. Call 518-624-2481 for hours.

Spring Fishing in the Adirondacks and Long Lake and Raquette Lake is always a terrific time to get out on the water. The crowds are light and the private fishing areas are plentiful and blissfully serene. Many area ponds, lakes and streams are stocked with fish.

For a boat rental contact Long Lake Marina, call ahead. The ice is out early this season, but if you are looking for a smallish water craft, call and they will arrange to put one in the water for you. If it’s one thing we have up here in the spring, it’s good customer service, you’ll get the attention you need and all your questions answered. www.longlakemarina.com at 518-624-2266 or in Raquette Lake, www.birdsboats.com Bird’s Marina 315-354-4441 or Burke’s Marina www.burkesmarinainc.com at 315-354-4623

Fishing is an unsurpassed Adirondack outdoor recreational activity for all ages. Kids under the age of 16 don’t need a fishing license. New York fishing licenses for those over the age of 16 are currently $29 annually for New York residents. Residents over the age of 70 pay just $5 annually. If you are out of state, the rates are a bit higher, call our local licensing office or check out NYS DEC website.

Long Lake and Raquette Lake offer unique boat access rental properties, motels, hotels, cottages and cabins on the lake which are ideal for a fishing expedition. For information about cabins or cottages on Long Lake or check out what’s available on the Raquette Lake Lodging page at Raquette Lake Lodging and for great Long Lake accommodations check out Long Lake Lodging

Lots of fishing regulations for Long Lake and Raquette Lake are listed here. We’ve pulled the most relevant fishing information for our area. Of note: Long Lake and Raquette Lake are located in Hamilton County, NY. Be sure to get a fishing license, fishing regulations booklet and get geared up for a great Adirondack Adventure.

Link to Info on Long Lake Fishing Regulations

Fishing Derbies in 2016
June 4, 2016 Kid’s Fishing Derby sponsored by the Long Lake Fish & Game Club, June 2, 2012 Registration 9:30am across from the Town Beach. Prizes galore and kids fish on a stocked pond.

June 18, 2016 Bass Derby Opening Day, Town Beach, Long Lake. Registration 6:30am. $25 per person. Cash Prizes.

July 9, 2016 Long Lake Bass Derby sponsored by the LL Fish and Game Club. $85 per boat. Registration information email long.lake.fish.game.club@gmail.com or call 518-624-2145

July 23, 2016 Raquette Lake Bass Derby sponsored by the RL Fish and Game Club. $110 per boat. Cash prizes for weight and lunker. 150 registrations max. Breakfast served and first boat launches at 6:30am. No fishing for contestants starting Wednesday before the derby.

The great sport of Adirondack Fishing is ON for family vacations, outdoor recreation and fun. Send us your photos! We’d love to see them!

Please note: LIVE BAIT IS NOT ALLOWED IN LITTLE TUPPER LAKE in the Whitney Wilderness and a Catch and Release policy protects these waters. Please educate yourself on the NYS Catch and Release programs and protect our waters.

Baitfish Regulations for Purchased Baitfish and Green List Baitfish

The following baitfish are the only species that can be purchased and used in any water body in New York where it is legal to use fish as bait. These baitfish are commonly used throughout New York and are not considered to be a threat to other native New York fish species (except for trout in waters where baitfish use is prohibited). Limiting the use of baitfish to the Green List will help prevent the accidental introduction of unwanted species.
• Golden shiner
• Northern redbelly dace
• Emerald shiner
• Blacknose dace
• Common shiner
• Longnose dace
• Spottail shiner
• White sucker
• Banded killifish
• Northern hogsucker
• Fathead minnow
• Creek chub
• Bluntnose minnow
• Fallfish
• Logperch
• Eastern silvery minnow
Use, Possession and Transportation of Purchased Baitfish
Certified Baitfish
Certified baitfish are those that have been tested and found to be free of specified diseases. Use of certified baitfish helps prevent the spread of fish diseases. Certified baitfish purchased from a bait dealer can be transported overland in a motorized vehicle and used on any body of water where it is legal to do so.
For baitfish to be considered certified, the seller must provide a receipt that contains:
• the seller’s name,
• date of sale,
• the species of fish, and
• the number of each species sold.
The buyer must retain that receipt while in possession of the baitfish. Baitfish without a receipt or with a receipt that is older than 10 days shall be considered uncertified bait.

If You Catch a Large Fish
Each year, New York anglers catch a number of trophy-sized fish. If you catch a really big fish, DEC wants to hear about it. You may qualify for an award in our Angler Achievement Awards Program. The program recognizes exceptional catches in several categories: annual award, catch and release, and state record.
An angler whose fish breaks the current state record receives a custom engraved plaque, an Angler Achievement Award lapel pin, and a Certificate of Achievement.
To participate in New York State’s Angler Achievement Awards Program, simply follow these guidelines:
• Fish must be taken by angling in New York State waters in accordance with New York State fishing regulations.
• Fish must meet the minimum qualifying weight or length for that species and the entered category.
• Fish entered in the Annual Award and State Record categories must be weighed on a certified scale by the owner of the scale or an employee, and must be witnessed by at least one other person.
• Fish submitted as a potential State Record entry must be identified by a DEC biologist or a designee.
• Qualifying fish must be entered on an official entry form or facsimile.
• All entries must be accompanied by a clear, sideview photograph of the fish or the angler with the fish.
• Entry forms must be received by DEC’s Bureau of Fisheries within 30 days of the catch.
NYSDEC, Bureau of Fisheries, 625 Broadway, Albany, New York 12233-4753.

Entry forms are available at http://www.dec.ny.gov/outdoor/7727.html
Some information provided here was collected from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation online resource.

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