Top 20 things to do in Long Lake & Raquette Lake NY… or more

This post was originally posted in 2014, but we’ve had some additions and changes and new things to do… got a suggestion – please send it on into us at We’d love to add it!

Well it’s always a hotly contested debate when the family and friends arrive in town. What to do? What to do? We see what it says in the guidebooks, but what do the locals suggest? Here are some great tips for summer adventure (some or all are at your own risk!)

Selfie Orders
Buy a Long Lake sticker and put on your car
Order Take Out from The Cellar
Jump off the Boob (ask a local)** (don’t ask us)
Visit the CV Whitney Long Lake Public Library – no contact service available.
Climb Mt. Sabattis and check out the view
Have breakfast at the Diner
Go to Bog River Falls
Double check the events calendar for things to do!
Pretend you’re riding on the snowmobile trails and make loud noises while you do it
Check out Wide River Antiques
Do the Raquette Lake Scavenger Hunt on July 22nd at 11:30am
Take in a concert on the Long Lake Beach

St Williams on Long Point in Raquette Lake Concerts and Events

Take in a Concert at St. Williams on Long Point in Raquette Lake on Thursday nights – all summer
Get a bottle of Rachel’s Raquette Lake Elixir and mix up a yummy Bloody Mary
Boat cruise to Turtle Beach Where’s that? The northernmost beach on Long Lake, NY Long Lake Boat Tours.
Have a beer at the Hotel
Play Monday night soccer with Coach Jim Piraino

Get in trouble at the Long Lake Transfer Station and sit in the Time Out Chair! Always recycle and please take the caps off your recyled bottles! And get your sticker
Get some cool 2nd hand consignment items clothes and furniture at My Sister’s Attic
Do the Long Lake Road Rally on July 18th – zany fun games for the whole family
Check out the tree growing up through Hoss’s
Take in a concert at the United Methodist Calvary Church in Long Lake on Thursday’s all summer
Participate in the classic Boat Parade in Raquette Lake on August 4th
Go on at least one of the hiking expedition series with either Spencer Morrissey or Joan Collins. Great treks! Call 518-624-3077 for info!
Buy a loaf of bread at Northern Borne (they have the best bread aisle view anywhere!)
Jump off the mini trampoline at the swim dock

Check out Martin Sexton on July 25th
Take a group of friends or a date to try out the awesome food and drink at the new Long View Lodge open for Lunch and Dinner.
Check out Death Brook Falls in Raquette Lake – although this time of year, likely a trickle of water.
Get your marriage license at the Long Lake Town Offices from Dixie or Amber
Read the cooler at Raquette Lake Supply and ask Ed the Butcher a lot of annoying questions
Go see the old Blast Furnace in Newcomb
Get some supplies at Ali Babas Liquors
Comparison shop for party barges at Burke’s and Birds Marina in Raquette Lake
Swim at Lake Eaton
Visit Wayne at the Raquette Lake Transfer station and ask him how the trails are
Go to the Heart of the Park Craft Fair on August 5th
Find the Fire Department Building – the new one and Find the Old One at the LL Town Hall- take your selfies and hashtag #feelinglonglakey
Visit the Wild Center and Adirondack Public Observatory in Tupper Lake, NY
Sit in an Adirondack Chair over looking a lake
Overnight camp at a lean-to. Catlin Bay, Kelly’s Point are good choices.
Find the Historic Buttercup behind the Town Offices. Read the story!
Take a class at Incapahco Artisans. Louisa is an incredible teacher and artist. All ages. Located across the street from Stewart’s.
Check out Helms Village Furniture Store – did you even know there was a furniture store in Long Lake!
Find the phone booth in town and call your cell phone
Drive all the way to the very end of North Point Road and turnaround.
Have a Lobster Roll (only on Friday’s) at the ADK Trading Post
Swim at Golden Beach Campground
Go on the Wild Walk at the Wild Center in Tupper Lake

Check out the Long Lake Farmer’s Market – Every Thursday at Mt. Sabattis. Open 10am – 2pm
Visit the Long Lake Cemetery
Visit Chax Knives shop on North Point Road. Hand crafted knives.
Check out Tony Harper’s Pizza & Clam Shack in Raquette Lake.
Check out Forked Lake Campground
Walk the Long Lake Nature Trail between the ball field and Adirondack Hotel – feel free to pick up any garbage you see along the route!
Go to the Long Lake Marina and say hi to Joel or Jason
Rent an SUP from Raquette River Outfitters across from the LL Town Beach. Stacy is a great teacher!
Ring the train bell at the Adirondack Museum aka Adirondack Experience Museum on Blue Mountain Lake
Ask a local where the ice goes in the summer
Get some Reiki with Dina Kennedy. By appointment only!
Must stop in for a catch up, visit, and deli sandwich or yummy salad at the Growl and Grub. Get a Growler to Go. Great Craft Beer selection, Cider, Wine and more.
Picnic at Buttermilk Falls – stop at Chax Knives – you know you’ve always seen that sign, let’s go!
Camp out overnight at John Dillon Park stay the Handsome Pond Lean To (it’s Free!)
Go White water rafting in our neighboring town and launch from Indian Lake
Take a seaplane ride with Helms Aero Service
Hop aboard the WW Durant for a dining cruise, you won’t want to get off the boat! Located in Raquette Lake
Tour Great Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake – the birthplace of Great Camps Architecture.
Try ice cream and send us pics of the ultimate taste test at the infamous Ice Cream Corner The Park, Custards and Stewarts and Raquette Lake Supply. Take a cell phone video of yourself doing all these things and submit it the the Long Lake Facebook page! #feelinglonglakey
#mylonglake #longlakeny #raquettelake

For more information about anything on this list please call 518-624-3077 and we’ll be glad to get you on your way!

Longest Winter Ever?

It’s been a long winter, a cold winter. Many places in and around the town had frozen pipes, Joe and Keith from the Water Dept have been out with a variety of methods to help the neighbors unblock the frozen water. There was a water main break in Raquette Lake and they had to cope with boil water notices for a stretch of time, but it all got fixed as fast as it could. These water crews have been out in epic sub-zero temps for sometimes 18 hours a day. They always pull out the stops and make things work, when they can and my hat is off to these guys for doing what they do. It hasn’t been easy, who can predict the frost line and how it’s going to wreak havoc on plowed driveways and un-snowcovered areas.

We got a few day of the teasing sunny melting day spring is almost here kind of day. Blue sky, while driving through town at lunch, observing salty trucks idling on the side of the roads neighbors chatted up with neighbors and yup, I saw actual smiles on their faces. In March, literal smiles. Folks were so happy the sub-zero had disappeared.

Here's another infamous phone booth found in the middle of the woods along a canoe carry on North Point Road.  Get a map and make a call.

Here’s another infamous phone booth found in the middle of the woods along a canoe carry on North Point Road. Get a map and make a call.

Well of course maybe we spoke too soon. Snowmobile season technically runs until April 1st. Just remember is “snowmobile” season, not “drive on the snowmobile trail in the car” season. Yah, we don’t have one of those, really, unless you count Uncas Road and Browns Tract. Right now we continue to have ample snow coverage in the woods. Today, St. Patty’s day, it rained, then it snowed and now it’s freezing. You never know what you’re going to get. Then suddenly the cold and flu season has re-emerged after it made the kick off in November. We had a few months of quiet recovery and then BAM. Warm weather, here’s some chest congestion and a runny nose!

Winter was full with excitement, as always. We kicked it off with the balmy Polar Bear Plunge raising $4900 for the Wounded Warrior Project, then the Cardboard Sled Racing Circuit and the Winter Carnival, Ice Fest, Winter Wacky Week, Ice Skating DJ Dance Party, Kids Movie Night, Trivia Nights, Poker Run, Round Robin, Raquette Lake Winter Carnival and Ladies Night to 50 Shades of Gray, the Mid-Winter Geocaching Event, and wrapping up with a Beatles Tribute Concert with Hey Jude. So the winter season has been jam-packed with events, anything to ward off cabin fever.

Last week we got to find out about special “Weird” Hamilton County sites in the blog and now I’m not going to lie, I’m a little obsessed with the trend of the weird Adirondacks. Long Lake got some cool shout outs for the Hoss’s Tree, the Shamrock phone booth and the Boob. The Indian Lake Project garnered mysterious speculation. Then it made me wonder about Long Lake’s history with UFO’s, but there are some things we just don’t talk about! (or at least not yet…) and do you know about Mother Johnson’s gravestone? (another LL Legend)

So we wait for our Spring and our mud season. Some of us flee to parts unknown to miss the transition of winter to spring to winter to mud to spring to bugs. (also known as April/May) Some of us stay and enjoy the peace and quiet. Some wait for camps to open, waiting to see what pipes explode as water gets turned on at our family compounds as we anxiously await the arrival of summer and what may or may not have nested while we were away.

Summer? It’s coming, I’m pretty sure it is right around the corner.

Adirondack Day in Albany

Critical issues are facing residents and property owners and all New Yorkers who own over three million acres of land in the Adirondacks. On Monday, April 29, 2013 local Adirondack leaders head to Albany to swarm the capital with all things Adirondacks to bring attention to the region and shake the political trees in Albany. Visitors to the Well Wall at the Legislative Office Building will have the opportunity to visit with Live Wild Animals, hear the sounds of the forest and sample the foods of the Adirondacks and learn more about new recreational opportunities stretching across the park.

Hot topics include the recent acquisition of the Essex Chain of Lakes Property, slated for opening to the public sometime this summer pending a public hearing process across the state to find out from the people what they want to see happen to the Essex Chain of Lakes. The DEC has made their recommendation to the APA and soon it will be up to the public to put forth their input.

Another huge topic on the docket is the settlement of the Township 40 dispute in Raquette Lake.

What is Township 40?
The State of New York claims it owns over 90 percent of “Township 40.” About 220 parcels of land covering slightly more than 1,000 acres in Raquette Lake, once Township 40 of the Totten and Crossfield Purchase, are contested.

Township 40 was never surveyed into lots, so deeds were often unclear as to exactly what lands were being conveyed.

The Legislature passed the amendment in 2012, but constitutional amendments must pass two consecutive sessions of the Legislature before they can be presented to voters in a statewide referendum. The Township 40 issue must be voted on again before this Albany legislature finishes their session in June. This is the opportunity to make sure this critical amendment continues down its path to completion. When the amendment is passed it will be heading to a statewide constitutional ballot vote in the fall and put to the voters to decide an issue over 100 years in the making.

What does this mean for Raquette Laker’s?

Provisions of that legislation would list the more than 200 parcels of land in Township 40 in Raquette Lake in Hamilton County, allow those with disputed titles to opt in or opt out of the settlement process and require a payment from occupants which would be used toward purchase of replacement land of greater benefit to be added to the Adirondack Park.

The legislative arrangement would provide this and future generations of shoreland owners free and clear title to their properties, a significant and enduring benefit to them, their children, the Village of Raquette Lake, Town of Long Lake and Hamilton County. It would remove for all time the threat, the uncertainty and the costs involved in a challenge from the State.

Join residents, leaders and the politicians at Adirondack Day, Monday, April 29, 2013 from 11am to 5pm.

So where is this Well Wall? Albany, “Well” of Legislative Office Building – Concourse Level, Empire State Plaza, Albany, New York, 12234


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Long Lake’s Adirondack Affair Episode 1

On October 1st, 2011 fans of As The World Turns stars Martha Byrne and Ellen Dolan arrived in Long Lake NY to participate in a unique fan weekend. Soap fans had the chance to act one on one with real life soap opera stars.

The story follows Grace Duryea (Martha Byrne) as she returns to her hometown of Long Lake, NY for the reading of her estranged father’s will. She’s reluctantly returned after 20 years. The characters she interacts with are all played by fans participating in the unique weekend.

Charlotte (Ellen Dolan) is upset about Grace Duryea’s return to Long Lake. Charlotte wants to keep the ghosts of the past buried, but now it is nearly impossible.

Episode One

Please note: All characters are fictional and created for this project. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is a coincidence.

Special thanks to Ali Baba’s Liquor Store and Quackenbush’s Long View Wilderness Lodge in Long Lake, NY for providing us with great locations.

It’s just one of many events offered to visitors in Long Lake, NY. More episodes to follow and look for Adironack Affair in 2012. You can act with the stars!

Long Lake Weekend Round Up


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

8pm, Long Lake Town Hall

“Tragedy tomorrow, comedy tonight!” Broadway’s greatest farce is fast-paced, witty, irreverent and one of the funniest musicals ever written! Enjoy this non-stop laugh-fest in which a crafty slave struggles to win the hand of a beautiful, but slow-witted, courtesan for his young master. $22/$15 Arts Center Members. An Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts production. To purchase tickets, visit or call 877-752-7715.

Weekend on the Waterfront

July 15-17

The Town of Long Lake in partnership with the Long Lake Association and the Long Lake Artisan’s Cooperative announces a weekend of free family-friendly events celebrating Long Lake and the waters of the Raquette River! Join us for unconventional boat races, sink your rowboat race, musical entertainment, cardboard box boat races, Arts on the Water and the Long Lake Wooden Boat Show. A weekend you won’t want to miss!


Cool Crazy Regatta

9:30am-3pm, Long Lake Town Beach

Try your hand at wild and fun aquatic navigational competition! Free registration at 9:30am. Canoe, kayak and sailboat events for all ages from 10am! Stop by the Lions Club tent for a delicious BBQ lunch.

Float Night and Cardboard Box Boat Face-Off!

5-8pm, Long Lake Town Beach

Wear you life jacket and bust out your floaties for one night only! Lifeguards will be on duty and WON’T yell at you for wearing flotation devices!

Float around the beach, then get building your ultimate cardboard box boat for the face-off! Cardboard and duct tape will be available from 5-7pm for boat-building (but feel free to build ahead of time–there’s lots of cardboard at the dump!) while ADK DJ Glen LeBlanc spins tunes and runs awesome games.

Face-off takes place at 7pm where we’ll see who can sink the other boats and be the last boat floating!

Big prizes for top three boats (free airplane rides, kayak rentals, and ice cream!).

Art & Photo Show Meet the Artists Reception

7-9pm, Long Lake Town Hall

Kick-off the Annual Art and Photo Show with this special reception to meet the local artists featured in the show.


Art on the Water

10am-5pm, Long Lake Town Beach Waterfront

Members of the newly-formed Long Lake Artisans’ Cooperative set-up at the beach to display their art, sell their wares, and conduct live demonstrations. See local jewelry designers, knife-makers, painters, photographers, paddle-builders, woodworkers, and more! Stop by, take a look, do some shopping, then take a swim or sit back and enjoy the beautiful view of Long Lake. Free.

Art and Photo Show

1-8pm, Long Lake Town Hall

Once you’ve seen Art on the Water, head to the Town Hall for even more of your daily dose of beautiful masterpieces by local artists! Free admission. Sponsored by the Friends of the Long Lake Library.

Long Lake Wooden Boat Show
12pm-4pm, Long Lake Town Beach Waterfront

Wooden motor boats, Adirondack Guide Boats, rowing skulls, war canoes, and wooden canoes will line the beach and waterfront all afternoon Sunday for the annual wooden boat show! Come down (admission is free) and check them out! Wooden Boat Parade will take place at 4pm. Vote for your favorite for Spectators Choice!

Art and Photo Show

1-8pm, Long Lake Town Hall

Free admission

Enjoy your Weekend on the Waterfront!

Long Laker Gets A Big Job

WASHINGTON, D.C. – National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Administrator Thomas D’Agostino today welcomed Anne M. Harrington as the new NNSA Deputy Administrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation. Ms. Harrington will manage NNSA’s $2.7 billion nuclear nonproliferation program, in more than 100 countries to secure vulnerable nuclear material around the world, stop nuclear smuggling, and prevent the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

“Anne Harrington brings more than two decades of nonproliferation and threat reduction experience to this position and is the perfect choice to lead the world’s largest nonproliferation program,” said Administrator D’Agostino. “Her experience in government, non-profit and private sectors both domestically and internationally are tremendous assets in helping to implement the unprecedented nuclear security agenda President Obama outlined in his 2009 speech in Prague.”

Ms. Harrington most recently served as Director of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences Committee on International Security and Arms Control from 2005 to 2010. Prior to her service at the National Academy, Ms. Harrington served at the U.S. Department of State as an expert on nonproliferation and cooperative threat reduction, and was responsible for developing policy and implementing programs aimed at preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and missile expertise in Russia and Eurasia.

“I am honored that President Obama has given me the opportunity to lead NNSA’s nonproliferation programs and work with our international partners,” said Deputy Administrator Harrington. “I look forward to working with the talented and dedicated nuclear security professionals across our enterprise and around the world to keep the American people safe and secure.”

Ms. Harrington graduated with a bachelor’s of arts degree from St. Lawrence University, an M.A. from the University of Michigan, and an M.S. from the National Defense University National War College. She has two children, Meredith and Owen Lynch.

Established by Congress in 2000, NNSA is a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy responsible for enhancing national security through the military application of nuclear science in the nation’s national security enterprise. NNSA maintains and enhances the safety, security, reliability, and performance of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile without nuclear testing; reduces the global danger from weapons of mass destruction; provides the U.S. Navy with safe and effective nuclear propulsion; and responds to nuclear and radiological emergencies in the U.S. and abroad.

Long Lake