Long Lake’s Winter Wacky Week Jam Packed with Events

February 20-26th

The Long Lake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department is gearing up for the 2nd Annual Wacky Winter Wonderland Week with fun activities for all ages.

Winter Wacky Week in Long Lake is a combination of outdoor fun and indoor decompression. We invite and encourage folks to make Long Lake “Family Headquarters” for Mid-Winter Break.

Long Lake lodgings offer lakeside views, cozy cabins and affordable accommodations. Our central location makes exploring ski areas around our area a snap. In one week hit the slopes at our area mountains including: Gore, Whiteface, McCauley and Big Tupper.

If fun zany family events are more your style, try out for Winter Shorts! Experience a cross-country ski clinic with Caleb Davis. Take in a concert at the Long Lake Library with Adirondack Folk Artist Chris Shaw or go for the gold at the Long Lake Winter Olympics.

Don’t miss out on the 2nd Annual Hors D’Oeuvres Throw Down between this year’s exclusive participants, The Cellar and The Adirondack Hotel.

Last year’s winners for Best in Show and Best Hors D’Oeuvres go head to head with gastronomic delights to please the palette. Their top secret selections won’t be revealed until game night! Finally the week rounds out with a wild winter geocaching adventure.

Check out our full schedule. For lodging information go to our website at

SUNDAY 02/20-25: Winter Wacky Week In Long Lake!
The Geiger Arena will be open each day of February Break for free skating and sledding from 1-5pm and 6-10pm (except Sunday, when it closes at 9pm)!
SUNDAY 02/20
6-9pm Winter Shorts! Casting Meeting at the Long Lake Town Hall. Actors of all ages and experience levels are invited to this one week intensive acting experience right here in Long Lake! Audition on Sunday, rehearse from 6-9pm on Monday-Thursday, then perform on Friday night!

MONDAY 02/21
10am-4:30pm Youth Indoor Rock-Climbing Trip to Rock Sport in Queensbury. This is the perfect introduction to rock climbing for 3rd-12th graders! $10 for a full day of climbing, all equipment provided. Transportation provided to and from LLCS. Pre-registration required. Call 518-624-3077 to sign-up.

10:30am-12pm Cross Country Ski Clinic at the Long Lake Ball Field. Get out your skis or rent a pair at Hoss’s and learn all the basics of cross-country skiing! Free. Minimum of three people required. All ages welcome. Call 518-624-3077 to sign-up.
1pm Long Lake Winter Olympics at the Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center. Sledding, skating, races, and more! All ages welcome. Call 518-624-3077 for more information.
7pm Christopher Shaw Concert at the Long Lake Library. Join us for a free concert by the legendary Adirondack folk singer and storyteller.

1-2:30pm Snow Sculpture-Making at Mt. Sabattis. Create and paint your own snow masterpiece! Free.

10:30am-12pm Cross Country Ski Clinic at the Long Lake Ball Field. Learn all the basics of cross-country skiing. Free. Call 518-624-3077 to sign-up.
1:30pm Capture the Flag and Manhunt (reverse hide and seek) for kids and teens ages 10-19 at the Mt. Sabattis recreation area.
6-8pm Hors D ‘Oeuvres Throw Down! The Adirondack Hotel and The Cellar go head to head for the title of “Best Appetizer In Town!” Taste 3 appetizers at each restaurant for $10 total, then buy more if you’d like, or sit down and have a full meal! Must pre-register by Friday 2/18. Voting cards available on a limited basis on the night of the event. Drive yourself or let The Little Bus be your chauffeur from 5:45-10pm for no extra charge! Call 624-3077 to reserve a spot.

FRIDAY 02/25
1-3pm Hip Hop Dance Class at the Long Lake Town Hall. All ages are welcome to participate in this free class with professional dancer, Anton Briones of New York City.
7pm Winter Shorts! Performance at the Long Lake Town Hall. Come see your Long Lake neighbors and friends in this unique production brought to you by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts!
$15/10 Arts Center Members.

Jumping Thru Hoops to make Orbs

The E-Lumination installation continues in Long Lake, day two.  The day picked up at location number 2 located at the intersection of Deerland Rd and Owl’s Head Lane.

Day Two 8:17am Ethel's House

Day Two 8:17am Ethel's House

The location had been procured the day before via a phone call to the gentleman renting the place.   Thanks Mike!  Permission had to be granted to allow trucks and a front loader on the property as well as access to electricity to operate the slide projectors which will be in use starting on Friday night.

AT 8am, Thursday morning Scott and Matt started to take the boards off the second eight foot by eight foot mold of snow.  The screws were cold and uncooperative.   Scott announced he locked Matt’s key’s in Matt’s truck.  Matt arrived with a Maxwell House tin can ready collect hardware.

Structure awaits more attention

Hours later they make their third mold at the site of the Blarneystone.  Sides off boasts a  hardened form with the texture and solid lines sliced like a cake. The sides appearing  in clouds of dirt, salt and a sprinkle of snowstorm season on the side of the 2nd “borg” box.

Jackie and John Heron gave permission for the third site, the former site of the Blarneystone for the town and artists Scott Fuller and Matt Burnett to install the structure.  Now all we need is permission from one more land owner to get power…(please note: hoop)  We’ll see where we get tomorrow.  Fourth and final location, the Long Lake Spillway.  Historic Fun Question:  This spillway was built during the depression.  True or False?

The Orbs View from the Spillway

One by one.  The sides of improvised wooden boxes come off, but square they shall not remain.

The setting forms  hold their structure, and the artists embark on the challenge to create circular magic.  Mold the squares into orbs and illuminate them with light.  What kind of light?  Winter, cold, Long Lakey images to change every night.   Observe, enjoy, have a cocktail party near the lights. Check back for the contest trivia questions.  Winner receives an original Matt Burnett artwork.

The four locations for the orbs are the  Blarneystone, Spillway, Ethel’s house, Mt. Sabattis.  Wondering, what will they project on these borgs?

We are too… stay tuned…

This project is made possible in part from support from the following organizations: The Arts Council for the Northern Adirondacks, New York State Foundation for the Arts, The Adirondack Museum, The Town of Long Lake, Union College, St. Lawrence University, Gillis Reality and with public funds from the New York State Council of the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamilton County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake.

Let it Snow – Winter Carnival Weekend 2011

Long Lake celebrates winter in style the weekend of January 15th and 16th 2011 with the 10th Annual (or maybe 11th, the bean counters are checking) Winter Carnival on Saturday and the Vintage Snosled Races on Sunday, January 17th.

This year winter carnival kicks off at Noon with a celebratory Snowmobile Parade.  The idea emerged after last years winter carnival where the ideas flew from installing a chairlift to the top of Mt. Sabattis, inviting clowns, hiring a band, renting a tent and having a radio station broadcast live from the mountain.  Among the ideas included the concept of a snowmobile parade.

Starting at Noon snowmobiles will gather at the top of Mt. Sabattis in the parking lot of the Pavilion.  Participants will proceed in formation down the hill in a single line showcasing their sleds.  Once all the sleds and riders have gathered the Moonlighter’s will regale the crowd with the traditional  coronation of the King and the Queen of Winter Carnival.

Events including the popular Cardboard Sled Box Race, Golf, One-Shot Basketball, the Ladies Frying Pan Toss, Goalie’s Day Off and Broom Ball round out the day followed by a fantastical display of fireworks.  Warm your hands by the bonfire.  As nightfalls check out the illuminated human size snow sculptures around Mt. Sabattis, the Ball Field and the area by the Long Lake Town Beach featuring images of local Long Lake lore and celebrating winter.

The Little Bus will be shuttling residents and visitors around town starting at 6pm from the Geiger Arena Parking Lot to anywhere within Long Lake until 11pm.  Make your reservations, take your family out and have a great time.    We’re hoping visitors take in the nightlife at the Long Lake Diner, The Cellar or The Adirondack Hotel and we’re all about promoting safety, so please call if you need a ride.  Make calls to the Geiger Arena until 10pm.  After that the bus will shuttle around to area businesses to collect riders until 11pm.  Geiger Arena phone is 518.624.3031

Sunday boasts the Vintage Snosled Races at Jennings Park Pond.  Registration starts at 11am and the races commence at noon.  Check out local riders hitting the track.  Admission is $10 to benefit a local Long Lake Charity.

Special thanks to the Moonlighters, The Long Lake Lions Club and Jim and Paula Piraino for being instrumental in continuing to make this weekend one for the record books.  Think SNOW!

Long Lake Receives Snowmobile Grant

The Town of Long Lake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department is pleased to announce the New York Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has approved a grant to offset the cost of trail development, maintenance and grooming 70 miles of snowmobile trails in Long Lake and Raquette Lake. This year’s grant award is $43,980.

This year, $4.3 million is to be made available to municipalities for the maintenance, development and support of approximately 10,500 miles of trail throughout the state. The funding is based upon the fees collected from snowmobile registrations. If there are insufficient registrations to support the total award of funds, an adjustment to the final 30% payment will be made.

Please join the local Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club and register your sled. Winter has arrived and the trails will be open before you know it. Gear up and get ready. Rev those engines. Safety first!

Also The Town of Long Lake has a new website – to find information on Snowmobile Trail conditions find us under What 2 Do or Calendar of Events to link to information about Snowmobile Events.

Long Lake Winter Carnival is Saturday, January 15th
Raquette Lake Winter Carnival is Saturday, February 19th – Sunday, February 20th.
Winter Wacky Wonderland Week, February 20th – 26th in Long Lake featuring Winter Shorts Theatre Festival, Hip Hop Dance Class, X-C Ski Clinic, Winter Snow Sculpture Building, Long Lake Winter Olympics and lots and lots of Winter Fun!

Come on! Bring the family! We’ll keep you entertained. Small town fun and charm. Escape the rat race and experience Long Lake.

Last Vintage Race of 2010

Trailers and Trucks Park on Long Lake's Field

Gabe Farr Waits to Race

Bright beautiful and slushy describes Sunday, March 7th for the final day of the New York State Vintage Snosled races. Brian Farr vigilantly plowed the ice track for several days leading up to the final event, determined to make the track ride able. On Friday the pond boasted 20 inches of ice and according to the guide base on clear, blue, hard ice on no-running waters, that should hold about 25 tons. Of course slush ice is weaker and there was plenty of that as the day wore on.

A snowmobile race in Long Lake elicits winter memories of the 100 miler. The humming noise as the engine revs and the track spins, the smoky haze and familiar smell of snowmobile exhaust all tell a story of adrenaline, competition and passion for speed, the snowmobile race always revered as a Long Lake tradition. The ball field was crowded with trailers hailing from all over New York State. A roster of folks who have been traveling the winter circuit since the middle of January.

Bill and Phyllis Ryan Command Roach Coach Central

Phyllis and Bill Ryan were set up on the Town of Long Lake Roach Coach, grilling food, selling hot dogs and sodas for the Cybercreek Café. Pat Benton, Dick Farr, Ali Hamdan and Michelle Helms gathered at the base of the muddy road leading from the the Long Lake Central School parking lot onto the field collecting ten dollar entry fees.

Pat Benton exclaiming “everyone pays, even if they are racing. It’s a fund raiser for the Lions Club. Everyone has been polite and kind and really pulled together for this event. We are all pleased to see such a great turn out.” Lew Plumley popped down on the field hauling hay bales and orange cones pleased to see a good turnout, exclaiming they had twenty five more racers than the previous race in January. Whispers around the sledding circles spoke of a racer in Warrensburgh who had been injured and one of the races was designated a fundraiser for him, but details were elusive.

Sleds were transported from the field to the ice with ATV’s driven by Devin Freeman and Gregg Wallace with flat plywood trailers to help keep the path from the field to the ice passable. Bleachers were set up overlooking the pond, but the action was on the ice. Over 225 people gathered, pit crews, racers, time keepers, and spectators all gathered to watch the slushiest race of the season.

Racer Ryan Kitchen, Johnny Walker and Karl Turner

Racer Ryan Kitchen, Mr. Anonymous and Karl Turner

Catching up with Ryan Kitchen of Delmar, NY was a breath of fresh air. A junior in High School he exuded calmness and enthusiasm for his new sport. This is Ryan’s first season racing. His first season out of the gate was pretty successful. He hit the circuit in Booneville, Winthrop, Orangeburg as well as Long Lake. He took Home a 1st in Winthrop, a 2nd in Booneville and a 3rd in Long Lake. He rides on number 29 a Merc Trail Twister sled. Today’s race in the 340 Fan stock.

Ryan sported protective gear , covering his chest, knees, shoulders and his helmet. Ryan spoke of his race in Winthrop. “It was a very slushy track and I like to pass on the inside, but the track spins on the slush making it tough to pass on the outside” but he did it, taking home a 1st place win.

Brian Farr, Johnny Walker, Marty LaPlant are all ready acting as advisors, pit crew, and coaches. Gabe Farr, experienced rider, clues Ryan in about the track when he has time, gives hints to Ryan “Gabe tells me where to go, what to do, who not to be next to.“ At the starting line Ryan admits his thoughts go to “not getting cut off, not crashing and trying to pass on the outside” The fastest he’s been clocked this season was 60 mph in Booneville, but he anticipated hitting greater speeds on the Long Lake track this day as the crew changed gearing, making the sled go faster.

Spectators truly get their money’s worth watching the racers avoid crashing into each other and stretching their ham strings maximizing the G-forces as they round curve one. This final race demonstrated the confidence build as the season wore on. The race in January was plagued with a very slick and cold track and the racers were looser, sliding over the track, trying to get a handle on their sleds. This race exuded an air of confidence, racers hitting their stride as they round the corners, the weekends of racing providing lessons and experience that only gels with time.

It’s sad to say goodbye to winter, but we are also very pleased we had one and a great one at that. Our snowmobile trails are no longer being groomed and the ice is going out over outlets and running water and the channels are breaking up. Spring thaw came quickly.

Brian Farr and Mike Ross Talk about the Track

A huge thank you to the Long Lake Lions Club for hosting a great day and to Mike Ross and the organizers of the New York State Vintage Snosled Races. Come out next year, make it a weekend, it is a great fun way to spend the day in Long Lake.

Congrats to Ryan Kitchen and Gabe Farr for an excellent season.

Ryan Kitchen on his Sled

Sleds Prepping for Transport to Ice

Ryan Kitchen (in the helmet) with his Fan Club


Snowmobile Safety

Long Lake and Raquette Lake Snowmobile Map

Vintage Racing Long Lake

Sledding on Jennings Park Pond Long Lake

With winter comes recreational opportunities Long Lake continues to embrace. We are moving forward and building up our economic strength with our infusion into our snowmobile program including the purchase of a new groomer slated for 2010 if it has board approval.

In addition to continuing to maintain our trails we need to continue to lobby to get our snowmobile trails OFF THE LAKES. This is not a convenience issue, it is a life or death issue.

Each year we invite visitors to sled on our trails and we are encouraged to promote tourism of snowmobiling, but due to regulations and land use limitations we are unable to get these important snowmobile trails off our lakes.

Locally in our town there are those of us who have been personally touched by tragedy and the loss of someone on a lake, whether a friend, a neighbor, a family member, or a rescue worker who has worked tirelessly to bring these victims to safety.

We must, as a community accept that snowmobiling is part of our economy, but we need to examine our responsibility as a community and continue to pursue our lawmakers and implore them to get our trails off the lakes. Not only would we be safer, we would finally be opening up promised corridors that would broaden our economic efforts to build winter tourism traffic and inject our local businesses with the much needed jolt and support it needs.

We have fourteen weekends of snowmobile traffic which is 28 days of commerce, but families won’t come here with their young children and put them at risk to sled on a lake.

Please consider writing the following people to lobby for our trails:

Trails in Long Lake and Raquette Lake are:

Please implore the DEC to open up Sargeants Pond Snowmobile trails to connect Raquette and Long Lake. Get the sleds off of our lakes! Save lives!

Betsy Lowe
Region 5 Director
Ray Brook Headquarters – DEC
P.O. Box 296
1115 State Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977-0296

Senator Betty Little
45th Senate District
Albany Office
506 Legislative Office Building
Albany, NY 12247
Phone: (518) 455-2811

Senator Betty Little
45th Senate District
District Office
5 Warren Street
Suite 3
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone: (518) 743-0968

Senator Betty Little
45th Senate District
Plattsburgh Office
137 Margaret Street, Suite 100
Plattsburgh, New York 12901
Phone: (518) 561-2430

Teresa R. Sayward
113th Assembly District
7559 Court St. Rm. 203
PO Box 217
Elizabethtown, NY 12932

Teresa R. Sayward
140 Glen Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801

Teresa R. Sayward
LOB 940
Albany, NY 12248
To Write To The Governor:
David A. Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

To contact New York Senators in Washington

Long Lake