Spring Things to Do

Long Lake & Raquette Lake are Open and Ready for You!

Shamrock Motel & Cottages

Journey’s End Cottages

Sandy Point Motel

Motel Long Lake

The lodging properties are open and ready for you.  Memorial Day was the kick-off and property owners began the task of opening their doors for customers for the long holiday weekend.

Spend the night, weekend, week or longer!
Do book a stay at one of our traditional lodgings now open.  Check them out at


We are ready to go with desirable, affordable comfort, hospitality and lake side lodgings in our local motel rooms, cottages and cabins. Many places are offering a no-contact check in and some changes to their overall operations in order to keep your stay as safe as possible.  The best part of a visit to Long Lake and Raquette Lake is definitely the fresh air, the great outdoors  and waterways just outside your lodging room door.

If you are traveling to our area – welcome, we are glad you are here.  Everyone wants to know what the rules and regulations are? 
We ask our visitors to be mindful of others, be patient and follow the Best Practice guidelines as we continue re-open. And please, ask questions if you need more guidance.
Do watch your health
·      Be alert for symptoms. Watch for fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other symptoms of COVID-19.
·      Take your temperature if symptoms develop.
·      Practice social distancing. Maintain 6 feet of distance from others, and do your best to stay out of crowded places.
·      Currently in NYS gatherings are no more than 10 people to a group.
·      Please wear a mask inside our local businesses and when you are less than six feet away from others.
·      Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer. We’ve provided hand sanitizer to our local businesses so be on the lookout when you visit.


Raquette Lake Supply

Do visit our local merchants. 
Our stores are open.  Don’t miss a stop at Hoss’s, the ADK Trading Post, Another Paradise Cove, Northern Borne, Stewart’s Shops and Raquette Lake Supply for all the essentials. Everyone is working hard keeping everyone safe, and the doors are open.  All the business owners just ask that you please wear a mask when entering the store or if you are less than 6 feet away from others. 
Stop on by for goodies, souvenirs, fishing licenses, bait, food, snacks, t-shirts, clothing, outdoor gear and more.  


Adk Trading Post 

Turner’s Pizza

EAT!  A Lot! 
On Thursday June 4th our restaurants were permitted to seat customers in their outdoor dining areas. Restaurants have prepped their porches and decks with tables spaced six feet apart.  Menus are bulging with unique offerings and specials with a traditional array of eats and beverages to entice everyone.  Standard pub fare from homemade pizza, Buffalo wings, burgers, steak sandwiches, lobster rolls, Italian dishes to grilled, broiled, roasted and Fried Chicken specials, Taco Tuesday’s and Fish Fry Friday’s and ice cream.  Our outdoor dining and take-out options in our little corner of the world are everything you need for your stay and beyond.
Want current updates on who’s open?  Check out our Local Updates pages – updated daily.https://mylonglake.com/local-updates/
As we have started to see visitors return and come in for long weekends our lodgings are open and you will find we are ready to accept visitors. We ask our guests to do the best you can do and follow the directives by each individual property.

We are grateful we have so many open spaces! We also have lots of small local businesses that will be happy to welcome you and offer take out and groceries and no-contact social distancing shopping.
See you soon!

Raquette Lake Tap Room

Adirondack Growl & Grub

The Park Long Lake 

The Cellar Restaurant and Pub Long Lake

The Long Lake Diner

Donnelly’s Sunset Point

Ali Baba’s Liquor Store

Community Bank

Raquette Lake Preservation Foundation

Warren/Hamilton County Nutrition Site

Raquette Lake Supply

Cover Photo by Instagram@dirtandglass  

Courtesy of Motel Long Lake

Special Thanks to all our Essential Businesses that Stayed Open during the Stay Home PAUSE orders.
Community Bank, NA with no-contact banking
Warren / Hamilton County Office of the Aging Meals on Wheels
Hoss’s Country Corner for no-contact groceries
ADK Trading Post for no-contact groceries
Ali Babas Liquor Store & Laundromat
Northern Needles and Volunteers for making masks!
Stewart’s Shops
Long Lake Transfer Station
Raquette Lake Transfer Station 
Long Lake Central School Teachers & Chef Karl Geiger and his amazing staff and all the drivers for door to door delivering food to our students!
The Teaching Staff and Noelle Short for their continued commitment to the LLCS students
Adirondack Hotel for Takeout and  delivery of Saturday Meals for our most vulnerable population.
The Long Lake Lions Club for their financial support for the Saturday Meal delivery
The Cellar Restaurant and Pub
The Long Lake Diner/Owls Head Pub and their Random Act of Kindness Gift Certificate promotions for our Essential Workers
The Long Lake Post Office and Kim!  And Jim Jennings and Bruce, Virginia and Skip for delivering the mail, packages and keeping everything running
Raquette Lake Post Office for letting us put out masks, posters and delivering packages!
Hamilton County Highway Department
Long Lake Highway Crews
Long Lake Water Department
Town of Long Lake
Long Lake Rescue Squad
Long Lake Fire Department
Raquette Lake Volunteer Fire Department
Raquette Lake Ambulance Squad
NYSEG & National Grid for keeping on the power
SLIC & Frontier for our INTERWEBS!
UPS and Gene
Our Fed Ex Drivers
Raquette Lake Tap Room
Raquette Lake Supply
The Long Lake Beach Bathrooms
To everyone else who closed their doors due to state requirements, we thank you for waiting out the storm! Now that we can turn on the valve and re-open our businesses, let’s stay and support our local businesses, the life-blood of our small town communities.
Camping –New York State has authorized the NYSDEC Camprounds to be open, but as of this writing, we don’t have confirmation as to when we can expect our area campgrounds to be open and ready to go. We know they have to staff-up, and get reservations in order in line and as soon as we know, we’ll let you know.
And if we forgot anyone please feel free to email a photo and update to longlake@mylonglake.com
From NYS Department of Health
Local Health Departments (LHDs)  must utilize the following definitions in determining whether or not to institute a mandatory or precautionary quarantine: 
Mandatory Quarantine
·      Person has been in close contact (6 ft.) with someone who is positive but is not displaying symptoms for COVID-19.
·      Person has traveled to China, Iran, Japan, South Korea or Italy and is displaying symptoms of COVID-19.
Mandatory Isolation
·      Person has tested positive for COVID-19, whether or not displaying symptoms for COVID-19. 
·      LHDs must immediately issue an order for Mandatory Quarantine or Isolation once notified, which shall be served on the person impacted. 
·      Precautionary Quarantine- Person meets one or more of the following criteria: 
·      Has traveled to China, Iran, Japan, South Korea or Italy while COVID-19 was prevalent, but is not displaying symptoms.
·      Proximate exposure to a positive person but has not had direct contact with a positive person and is not displaying symptoms. 
·      Any person the Local Health Department believes should be quarantined that is not addressed through the interim guidelines, should contact the Department of Health.
Hamilton County Department of Public Health 518-648-5497 or email:
Erica Mahoney erica.mahoney.hcphns@frontier.com
Hamilton County Public Health and the North Country Chamber of Commerce have provided our area businesses with numerous webinars helping illuminate all the safety protocols, expectations and more just to help owners get a handle on how to greet the public while meeting safety protocols. Our businesses are working hard to go above and beyond the expectations!

3 Amazing Adirondack Retail Stores and a Waterfall

What else is one supposed to do in April in the Adirondacks?   The snow is melting, the black flies haven’t arrived, but the weather is getting nicer daily and you just want to go out and explore the region before it gets mobbed with visitors and you can’t go boating, because well, the lake is still frozen! Take a road trip and head north!

The Adirondacks is well-known for the High Peaks, Lake Placid and even Lake George, but there are small communties, 101 towns and villages dotting the travel corridors of the Adirondacks waiting to be discovered. Many folks who travel and visit to our well-kept secret communities may not want us to flaunt our existence for fear of over-trampling by the masses, but our small town character is well-preserved and retained and we can certainly handle a few more visitors curious about the more undiscovered playground of the Adirondacks.  All are welcome to discover all what make our small-town year-round communities unique. Travelers will be amazed by mother nature just by taking in the outstanding beauty on the drive.  Visitors may spot a loon on the lake having just returned from its southern vacation. Not seeking a rigorous hike, but longing to get outside and take in the fresh air, take a short trek to discover a roaring waterfall.

In Long Lake visitors have to check out Buttermilk Falls located on North Point Road, County Route 3, for a short trek and roaring falls.  Travelers heading along the NYS-Route 28 Corridor can stop at Death Brook Falls in Raquette Lake, located across from the Golden Beach Campground.  Park by the yellow gate and make your way to Death Brook, best seen in times of high water, and spring definitely fits that bill. 

Once done with the rejuvinating outdoor adventure, don’t miss out on our unique places to shop, which happen to be open, even in April!  Not everyone goes away for Spring Break.  We’ve pulled info on amazing retail shops located in Long Lake that you won’t want to miss. 

As Martha Stewart says, “if you can’t find it at 40-year-old Hoss’s, you probably don’t need it.”  

Operating for over 40 years, this family run business has something for everyone.  Warm clothes to layer up with (because it’s the Adirondacks, wait five minutes and the weather changes), fishing gear, camping gear, the hugest gluten-free food aisle (probably in the Adirondacks) and a vast assortment of gifts, toys, books and of course always a great deal on beer including some New York State home-grown favorites!  Oh and there’s a tree inside the store too. Really.  A tree.   

A fun fact, the Adirondack Hotel, the Adirondacks oldest continuously running hotel in the Adirondacks is open year-round, daily with dining, tap room and a retail store with a collection of great items.  From gifts and jewelry, don’t miss out on this treasure trove of fun items available for sale. 

Louisa Wright is a 7th generation Long Laker and has a retail shop, Incapahco Art Song Studio located behind Hoss’s Country Corner and across from Stewart’s Shops in Long Lake. Her spring hours vary, depending on cleaning and unpacking of inventory, but if her car is parked outside, pop on in and check it out.  Everyone is welcome. She offers art supplies, workshops, gifts, clothing, art all handcrafted locally.  It’s a gem.  So much to discover.  Louisa is always creating a new and unique project and visiting her store is a treasure trove of delight. 

The ADK Trading Post is located at 1601 Tupper Road in Long Lake.  Stopping at the Post and you can fill up your car with goodies.  The ADK Trading Post serves up fresh, hot paninis, great gifts, the local newspaper and homemade soups.  On your way to a dinner party, pop your head in next door at Ali Baba’s Liquors and grab a bottle of wine, or a nice hostess gift at reasonable prices and a convenient location.  You can even do your laundry and have reiki at Dina Kennedy’s studio, if the idea suits you.  1601 Tupper Road, is just shy of Lake Eaton, heading north to Tupper Lake and offers a retail experience, essentially all under one roof.  

Long Lake