Generous Acts Grant Awards Announced

The Town of Long Lake is excited to announce they have received $5000 in funding for “Wayfinding and History Kiosks: Finding Our Place in the Woods” from Adirondack Foundation’s Generous Acts Program.

This project will allow the Town of Long Lake to install historical, interpretive maps and kiosks at two new trailheads including the Mt. Sabattis Mountain Bike Park and a new trail to be announced and opened this summer.  The signs will provide hikers and bikers of all age’s insight and perspective on the Adirondacks, the waterways and the place-based history of the area.

“We are thrilled to accept this award from Generous Acts to help enhance our expanding trail assets and outdoor recreational experiences. We look forward to telling the story of these newly added trails with our kiosks and know they will enrich the lives of our community members and visitors,” said Alexandra Roalsvig, Long Lake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Director.

Mountain Bikers ready to hit the trails in October 2021 at Mt. Sabattis, Long Lake, NY

Raquette Lake has the longest ambulance ride to a hospital in all of New York State!

The Adirondack Foundation is awarding $14,705 to the Raquette Lake Fire Department for the Community Room Basic Facility and Communication Support.  The Raquette Lake Fire Department is planning to break ground on their new Fire Department building in the summer of 2022 as they celebrate their 75th anniversary. The funds received from the grant will cover the cost of furnishings for the new community meeting room in the new building. 
Raquette Lake is known as being the community with the longest ambulance ride in New York State with mileage of 76 miles either direction to Utica or to Glens Falls.

Long Lake Rescue Squad Captain Carl Turner announces the Long Lake Rescue Squad was granted an award of $3000 for the replacement of 30-year-old CPR mannequins. The new mannequins will be used to coach EMT trainees and student users to perform proper rate and depth of compressions during emergency training.
The award also replaces outdated AED (automated external defibrillator) training equipment.

New training devices will be purchased by the Long Lake Rescue Squad with grant funds. 

The Adirondack Foundation awarded a Generous Acts grant to the C.V. Whitney Long Lake Public Library in the amount of $1,800.00 for “Bridging the Digital Divide” encompassing the use of digital services and future demands of the community.
Library Director, Kristel Guimara, stated, “the award provides a service to the library by continuing the use of internet tools and operating services, engaging the public through social media to showcase new items in the circulation, upcoming programs, community events, and share photos on the beauty of our town.”

Long Lake Library continues to offer digital access with their grant funding. 

The Town of Long Lake, located in Hamilton County, is a year-round Adirondack family destination, bursting with activities and nature for all. The town encompasses two well-known lakes, Long Lake and Raquette Lake, and waterways including the Raquette River as part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail, the 90 Miler Route and abundant hiking trails. The Town provides locals and visitors with the quintessential small town Adirondack experience. The communities of Long Lake and Raquette Lake look forward to a sustaining a prosperous future for the next generation.
Support for this work is from Generous Acts at Adirondack Foundation – a force for good that pools gifts from generous donors who love the Adirondacks and care about our communities. Adirondack Foundation enhances the lives of the people in the Adirondacks through philanthropy. To learn more, visit adirondackfoundation.org/GenerousActs

New hiking trail opening this summer. To be announced! Stay tuned!

Maps for Mt. Bike Trails will be highlighted on new kiosk at Mt. Sabattis

Halloween 2020

Hightlights from Long Lake & Raquette Lake for the Virtual Halloween Party!  Share your photos!  


Halloween Photo Uploader Halloween 2020 Costume Uploader!

Tentative Agenda Posted 2020.08.26

Due to technical difficulties, the Town of Long Lake is posting the Tentative Agenda for 8.26.2020 on this blog page until upgrades to the back end of the website can be completed.

Long Lake Town Board Meeting Tentative Agenda 8.26.2020




2020 Great Adirondack Garage Sale Weekend

The Great Adirondack Garage sale is underway from August 7th – August 9th thoughout the Adirondack region.

For specific times and info please check out the live website for links and details regarding the sales. Some sales listed on that map, are not listed on the paper map.  Also keep your eyes peeled for pop up shopping too!

Most sales happen on Saturday, but early birds should cruise the community to find out the Friday happenings.  

Here’s the Link – Great ADK Garage Sale 2020

The Raquette Lake Library is hosting their Annual Book Sale on Saturday, August 8th from 10am – 5pm, so be sure to check that out too!  

Great Adirondack Garage Sale!

If needed, Please drag marker to the correct location Click to Select / Use This Location! Over 200+ miles of garage sales with treasures to behold Cranberry Lake to Speculator and everywhere in between! With offerings of vintage antiques, rustic furniture, jewelry, kitchen items, toys, clothing and more – there is always something for everyone.

Nature Trail Interpretive Signage Installed!

The Long Lake Nature Trail was originally conceived and developed starting in 2009 by former Long Lake Water Superintendent Keith Wamback with coordinated effort by the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department. Over the years, with property owner permission from Carol Inserra of the Adirondack Hotel and Long Lake Central School, and a New York State waterfront Revitalization Grant, the Nature Trail has seen widening, a packed gravel pathway and a bridge constructed.
The location of the Nature Trail connects two separate areas of town through a wooded path along Jennings Park Pond. The Nature Trail connects one the oldest operational mercantile stores in the Adirondacks, Hoss’s Country Corner, to the oldest operating working hotel in the Adirondacks, The Adirondack Hotel.  The trail overlooks Jennings Park Pond, a manmade pond, built in 1933 by community members of Long Lake in an effort to provide employment to community members during the Great Depression
The Long Lake Nature Trail provides access to some of the best wildlife viewing in the center of town. Great Blue Herons, bald eagles, loons, otters and more can be spotted regularly from the pond. Fishing is plentiful and stocked with trout annually by the Long Lake Fish and Game Club and the Town of Long Lake. 
Long Lake is excited to announce the unveiling of the three interpretive signs along the Nature Trail in the summer of 2020.  Naturalist Ed Kanze crafted the narrative for two of the nature themed panels and Adirondack Historian and Long Laker, Phil Terrie researched and wrote the panels outlining the history of Jennings Park Pond.  Three panels will be installed in early July showcasing its special connection and mark a truly unique experience while exploring our community.
Ed Kanze is a naturalist, author, and wildlife photographer. He has been guiding people into the wilds for over 30 years.  Ed is a seventh generation Adirondacker.  Check out edwardkanze.com
Philip Terrie is an Adirondack and environmental historian, and the author of five books on regional history, including Contested Terrain: A New History of Nature and People in the Adirondacks.

Meeting Change Long Lake Town Board Meeting 3.25.2020


County of Hamilton, State of New York
March 25, 2020 Long Lake Town Board Meeting: 
Pursuant to Executive Order No. 202.1*, issued by Governor Cuomo on March 12, 2020, and advisories issued by Federal, State and Local officials related to the COVID-19 virus, the Long Lake Town Board will convene its Wednesday, March 25, 2020 meeting remotely as follows: 
The Long Lake Town Board meeting will commence at 7:00 p.m. and shall be conducted through the use of GoToMeeting, a web-based video conferencing tool with local, desktop client and smartphone applications that will allow the Town Board members and the public to participate electronically and remotely. 

Public access to the Long Lake Town Board’s March 25, 2020 meeting is by audio connection:
You can dial in using your phone. 
United States: +1 (571) 317-3122
Access Code: 447-881-573
Please note that this meeting will be conducted remotely only and will not be held at the Town Hall or the Town Offices, access to which is presently restricted. 
This meeting will be recorded and transcribed. 
By Order of Town Supervisor
Dixie LeBlanc
Town Clerk
Town of Long Lake
Monday, March 23, 2020
* Pursuant to Executive Order No. 202.1, the Governor conditionally waived provisions of “….Article 7 of the Public Officers Law, to the extent necessary to permit any public body to meet and take such actions authorized by the law without permitting in public in-person access to meetings and authorizing such meetings to be held remotely by conference call or similar service, provided that the public has the ability to view or listen to such proceeding and that such meetings are recorded and later transcribed.”   


Link to Meeting Agenda: https://mylonglake.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/2020.03.25-BOARD-MTG-AGENDA-3-25-2020-Tentative-Agenda.pdf

2020.03.20 Internet SLIC & Frontier Info

Here is a list of available Internet Web Providers in our Long Lake/Raquette Lake Area.  We will update it as more information becomes available.  

New customers – Free Installation
SLIC is lowering the cost for additional bandwidth for the next several months to assist families with their increased online demands, including school.
$10 tier upgrade for existing customers.
Start up promotion Pricing for Frontier internet ranges from** all prices subject to change depending on location
70 Mbps $44.99
24 Mbps $34.99
6   Mbps $27.99
Verizon Cell Phone Service


AT&T Phone/Wireless Service





Black Friday

Black Friday Sales Local Merchants!

Black Friday and beyond. Shop our local merchants in Long Lake & Raquette Lake. Great gift ideas that make a difference include purchasing gift certificates from your favorite place too!  Take a peek and get some inspiration.  Spending in your two favorite towns helps keep the lights on year-round!  And talk about amazingly unique gift ideas!  Don’t miss out! 

Book a winter getaway in Long Lake.  Donnelly’s Sunset Point now offering a spectacular lake side home with plenty of room.  Thinking about a family reunion, or a girls weekend!  Check out this lodging.  Unsurpassed, amazing views of Long Lake! 

3 Essential Pointers for 4th of July and Egg Toss Survival

Pointer 1. Parking!  Park your car in the Municipal Lot, just below St. Henry’s Catholic Church.  1167 Main Street for you GPS users.  You can get right on the “Nature Trail” located along the pond and use that to walk to the Town Beach or the Ball Field for the games at 10am or Beach. 

I’d post a picture.. but I’m too tired, and can’t find one on my computer, I’d keep looking, but it’s really late! Anyway, the parking, it is free. Do your best.  That doesn’t suit you, Long Lake Central School has parking, Town Hall at 1258 Main Street has parking, even the medical center has a parking lot and sometimes people park all the way up there and walk to the beach and don’t forget Mt. Sabattis is an option for parking – and you can walk and participate in our Get Moving 2019 Challenge.  Which I just invented as I type this blog.  Remind me about that next week!  

Sorry, there will be NO Little Bus Shuttle for 2019. Due to extenuating circumstances (aka bus driver shortage) we don’t have anyone available.  We apologize for the inconvenience. Please walk!  


Pointer 2.

Kids Games – Happening at 10am on the Ball Field.

Do not miss this.  Start your own family tradition.  It’s a mini reunion, all ages, bring your lawn chair. The CTSO will be selling popsicles and water, so if you don’t have your hydration readily available, there will be some… 

This event is Free. But please… Parents.. please be patient at the prize booth… there are prizes for all the kiddoes!  Just please, be patient.  (Did I use the word patient more than once in the sentence)  We’re so happy to have you here!  Cindy Black does a great job setting up the booth!  Thank you CINDY!

On the 4th of July, everyone is a Kid in Long Lake so.. even adults get to play. Our MC this year is Tim Helms.  Since it’s his first year… you could try heckling him. (if you do, can someone record it and sent it to me) Thanks!

Fun fact – everyone that participates in the Egg Toss (and we mean everyone) gets a ticket to get a free ice cream cone at either Custard’s Last Stand OR The Park.  So.. find a lifeguard at the end of the Egg Toss.. and get your ticket!

POINTER SECRET – There is no running water on the ballfield.. so if you catch the egg and it breaks in your hand… ummmm.. bring something to wipe it off!  

Pointer 3.  PLEASE HAVE Fun at the Beach and BE RESPONSIBLE

Starting at 4pm the Long Lake Fire Department will be at the Beach cooking Sausages and Peppers and serving up the good eats, Penelope the Clown in the Gazebo, Lions Club Selling 50/50 Raffle and Bob Tice Selling Walking Sticks and Kettle Corn too… Did I miss anything?


Additional porta potties in the Adirondack Hotel outdoor Parking Lot.  Use the beach bathrooms or those porta-potties.  Thank you!

Do not use fireworks on the beach… really.  Don’t shoot stuff off on the beach, it’s crowded, and busy and unsafe.  (We didn’t think we had to write this up, but just in case people forget.. please don’t) 

Dance to Grit N Grace!  They start playing at 6:30pm and swimming is open until darkness.

Support our local organizations!  We have a year-round community that works hard all year and even harder in the summer time when everyone comes to visit (and this is our favorite time of the year too – well, next to snowmobiling season, but I digress)  Anyway.. our local organizations, appreciate your support as do our local businesses!  So check them all out!  We are small and unique and offer really great experiences at all our local merchants!  So check it out!  

Pointer 4

This is the unexpected, bonus pointer that you get, just for scrolling all the way down…

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for all the breaking news in and around town AND please start using hashtags.

Facebook.com/mylonglake#LLNY  #mylonglake #longlakeny and tag us in your posts Instagram @mylonglake  We’d love to see your post and we may even share them.. but you have to tag us.. ya know, so we can find you!



This post was written from an undisclosed location on July 3rd, 2019 at 11:20pm at night.  Please note all times subject to change without notice.


This post written by Alexandra Roalsvig, Director of Parks, Recreation & Tourism for the Town of Long Lake.  When Alex isn’t posting on social media, writing blogs, or paying bills, she’s usually sleeping or swatting at bugs.  For fun, Alex enjoys sunsets, boat rides involving snacks, driving on summer days without snow with the air conditioning on and the music cranked, and and she really loves cleaning, and doing laundry. 

Special Thanks to the Entire Long Lake Parks and Recreation Team. Without your hard work, there’s no way we could entertain everyone.. so thank you! 

Special shout outs to Erik Arsenault, Joe Roberts, Luke Rider, Cindy Black, Tim Helms, Kat Forsell, Wayne Kavanaugh, Lara McNamara, Lillian Dechene, Olivia Penrose, Jayde Dukette, Jack Skiff and Maria Black.  

Thanks to Chip Farr and his Pyrotechniques Crew and all our Fireworks donators. 


11 Places to go and things to do in Long Lake on Memorial Day Weekend

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