Winter Recreation

Winter Blast Weekend

With over an accumulation of 15 inches of snow in the last week, we have to make the most of this first weekend in March.  It’s ideal for all your winter recreation activities. Come by sled, plan to go skating, enjoy backwoods x-c skiing and the beauty of our area before our special winter season ends. 




Snowmobile Trails! 

Park and Ride our trails. Groomers have been out all week, our highway crews are shelving the roadsides and you can enjoy our trail system.  Fun rides include S86 Lake Eaton Loop. Park and ride from the Lake Eaton Campground. 

Check out our Sabattis to John Dillon Park to Lake Eaton Ride – Park and ride NYS Route 30 located between the two Sabattis Road entries. The shelf on Sabattis is in its finest condition of the season. Loop around to C7B to S86 and take our trails into town. 

Newcomb Trail, park trailers at 1179 Main Street and access Trail along Dock Lane linking to Jim Bird Road to the Newcomb Trail. 

S80 Powerline Trail is a fun ride, hop on at Mt. Sabattis, trailer parking available in the lower parking lot. Head all the way to the top of the hill for an expansive view of Long Lake and then come down to the Pavilion to hop on the S80 Power Line Trail – and linking up to North Point Road. Go check out Buttermilk Falls while you are there! 

C8 in Raquette Lake loops along the Railroad Bed to Browns Tract. Conditions are good to go! 

The season is short get out and ride!

Snowmobile Weekends! No need to register! 

March 5-6 and March 12-13 for free snowmobiling by all out-of-state and Canadian snowmobilers. During these promotional weekends, the requirement to register in New York is waived for properly registered and insured out-of-state snowmobiling enthusiasts wishing to explore New Yorks miles of snowmobile trails.

Peggy Lynn performs

Things to do!

Saturday, March 5th at 1pm, Long Lake Town Hall 1204 Main Street, Peggy Lynn 

Peggy Lynn writes and performs songs about women and natural beauty of the North Country and her bluesy alto melts every audience.

Join us for this free and family friendly event.
She will be performing, “Songs and Stories of Adirondack Women”

All are welcome


X-C Skiing! 

Cedarlands is a great place to ski. Located at the end of Kickerville Road, continue past the Gatehouse down a private access road to the Cedarlands Parking Area.  Park at the parking lot and swish down the road to access the Mud Pond / McRorie Lake Road Gate to access the trail. Skiers love visiting the lean-to’s and campsites along the way.

Link here for more info. 

Ice  Skating and Sledding!

Enjoy an outdoor rink and sledding. Don’t worry if you don’t have gear, we provide skates and sleds to anyone that is looking to have some outdoor fun. Hey if you forget your mittens, gloves and hats, stop by Hoss’s Country Corner or the ADK Trading Post for your much needed outdoor Long Lake gear

Skating Rink Phone 518-624-3031

Weekend Hours

Friday 2:30pm – 10pm
Saturday 1pm – 10pm
Sunday 1pm – 6pm.

Long Lake announces Winter Wonderland Bingo highlighting activities and featuring outdoor recreation as a contest running until March 20th, the official end of Winter. 
The winter themed bingo activity cards will be posted on Long Lake and Raquette Lake social media channels, on the official Town of Long Lake website at and printed cards will be available at the Long Lake Town Office, Raquette Lake Tap Room, and our area libraries, post offices and area businesses starting immediately.  It is free to participate.
Participants are invited to do as many activities as they can with prizes available depending on how many tasks are completed. Participants completing one row of Bingo receive a classic Long Lake sticker, and participants completing the entire card will be entered into a grand finale prize drawing which includes merchandise from local vendors in Long Lake and Raquette Lake.
How to play?  Cross off activities as completed and take photos of the card showing completed tasks.  Submit digital photos via email or to the uploader for prizes. Participants in the game should submit photo proof of purchase for any meals/shopping and photos of activities to or can directly use an uploader link at Participants on Instagram are invited to post their fun activities and use hashtag #mylonglakebingo  #barkeaterbingo #YesLongLake and follow the page at
Featured tasks include indoor and outdoor activities from visiting our local libraries, exploring outdoor trails, engaging in winter recreation, shopping and dining at our local businesses, ice fishing, skating and more. 

Ice Fishing! 

Get your weekend fishing in.  Live Bait available at Hoss’s. We have plenty of hard water to choose from! 

X-C Ski Cedarlands in Long Lake, NY Winter Fun

Excursion to Cedarlands

Weekend X-C ski excursions.
While we have plenty of trails to explore in our area, we wanted to let you know about the Cedarlands Easement located off of Kickerville Road in Long Lake, NY.  This tract of land is open from the end of summer through June and you should get in there when you can.  The trick of it that everyone asks, is “how do you get there from here?” 
Access to the Cedarlands Easement is located off of Kickerville Road in Long Lake, NY. Once Kickerville Road ends the road continues and there’s a sign that reads “Private Road” so many visitors think they are in the wrong spot. The DEC has put up a marker just before the entry way of the road to reassure visitors it is ok to travel down this private road to access the Cedarlands Parking Lot which is 0.3 miles from the actual trailhead gate. So yes, you park and then you walk down to the access point, but it’s so beautiful that, it will just be part of your overall journey.
In the wintertime, Cedarlands is a great place to x-c ski. It has started to see more usage in recent years so if you head out, you’ll likely find a track already set and ready to go. You just get on your gear and go.  Fun destinations include the two lean to’s along McRorie Lake. Go on in and have a mid-winter picnic (depending on the temps!)
Just stay on the designated Easement section, the adjacent parcel is not open to the public and it is marked as such.
Check out the video if you are unsure how to get to Cedarlands, it provides a road side view version to get you to your destination. Please note – we sped up the video (in the interest of time, so no we weren’t driving down those roads super fast!)
Video production crew Erik Arsenault & Alex Roalsvig, shot on January 27, 2022.

Winter Bingo Challenge Complete!

The Winter Bingo Challenge of 2021 is now in the books!  

Participants and Winners:

Steph Hample Long Lake, NY

Tara Murphy Long Lake NY

Cathy Herrling Elbridge NY

Latasha Thompson Ballston Spa and Long Lake, NY

Julie Veronezi Chatham NY

Dave West Windsor CT


Stay tuned for more announcements heading our way for the Summer 2021 Outdoor Recreation Challenge!  

Winter Challenge Bingo Card 2021

Raquette Lake Winter Carnival

The Raquette Lake Winter Carnival will kick on Saturday, February 16th with youth activities start at 11am . Games will include a sack race, sledding, tire obstacle, balloon chase, and tug-of-war.  At noon there will be a Ladies Frying Pan Toss with cash prizes of $75, $50, $25. The Team Ice Golf Competition will be held throughout the day for teams with cash prizes of $75, $50, $25.
Registration for events will take place at the Raquette Lake Library.  Round out the day by warming up at the bonfire and the annual tug-o-war.
At 2p.m. Magicians Chris and Pete of Chris and Pete Amusements will perform in the Raquette Lake Library. The show is free.
Fireworks are slated for 7pm. Showcase will be weather dependent.  Check schedule updates.
On Sunday, February 17th, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. the Raquette Lake Ladies Auxiliary sponsor a $10 all you can eat Pancake Breakfast at the Raquette Lake Fire Hall.  
At Noon on Sunday the Cross-Cut / Chainsaw competition will be held on the Raquette Lake Village Green. In 2019 the Chainsaw Competition will be sponsored by the Moonlighter’s Snowmobile Club. This long-standing tradition is a not to be missed event featuring timed men’s, women’s and mixed divisions.  Competitors must bring their own chainsaw!
Cookie donations are requested for Saturday, February 16th.  Please drop off at the Raquette Lake Library.  As in years past the Raquette Lake Library will be open for hot chocolate, cookies and warmth all day on Saturday.  Raquette Lake Events Coordinator Kat Forsell will be coordinating the events of the weekend.
For more information

Pete and Chris Magicians at 2pm on Saturday, February 16th at the Raquette Lake Library and it’s free!

Newsday Article

5 Tips for Winter in Long Lake, NY

1.  Cross Country Skiing
If you’re looking for an excuse to get out of the house, and feel like you’ve earned those après beers, cross country skiing is a great way to do that.  Around Long Lake we have many options, ranging from beginner to more intermediate.  Just learning to glide the planks?  The Lake Eaton Campground loop, or Long Lake when it is frozen (and safe) are both flat open areas that are perfect for getting your feet under you.  For the more intermediate skiers, there is the Three Brook Ski Loop off the Northville-Lake Placid Trail, and the Owl’s Head Trail to Lake Eaton, that both offer slightly more technical skiing, but nothing too advanced.  One of my personal favorites is skiing into Great Camp Santanoni for a sunset beer.  The road in is wide and easy to navigate and usually has a ski track set in it, which is perfect for coming out via headlamp or by full moon. 

Bonus Tip: Three Weekends a year there are stewards on site to talk about the history of the camp and show people around (Jan. 19-21, Feb. 16-18, Mar. 16-17)

Sunsets at Santanoni.  Always be prepared with proper gear!  Remember cell phones shouldn’t be used as your only means of flashlight if adventuring out after dark. Be prepared!  

Skiing around Lake Eaton is well known among the locals.  The trail is groomed for snowmobiles, but it’s always a common site to find x-c skiers out sharing the trail. 

2.  Winter Hiking
While the High Peaks get a lot of press for their incredible vistas and often full day to multi-day excursions, not everyone is ready to be the next Verplank.  Around Long Lake we have ideal mountains for training for longer hikes, testing out new gear, or just exploring outdoor winter hiking for newbies.  Between our local Mt Sabattis and Owl’s Head, to the NPT, Castle Rock, and Blue Mountain, every direction you drive out of Long Lake has at least one good winter hike that doesn’t require all day and a Sherpa. 

Be Prepared. There is nothing worse than being caught without proper equipment in the Adirondacks.  The weather can change unexpectedly.  Don’t rely on cell phones for consistent service when hiking.  For more info and safety tips check out the information on the NYS DEC Webpage

Fire Tower in Winter

3.  Alpine Skiing
Although Long Lake is not the quintessential ski town that you might picture, it is centrally located between all six of the Adirondacks ski resorts, has year round dining and lodging options, and is significantly cheaper than staying in the bigger towns closer to the mountain.  Within just over an hour from Long Lake we have Whiteface, Gore, Titus, McCauley, Oak, and West.  The six mountains offer unique experiences at each depending on the type of skiing or vacation you are trying to have.  Not sure if you want to ski the same mountain for four days straight?  Stay in Long Lake and be able to decide the morning of which mountain to shred. #SkiADK

4.  Weekend Events
Exercising outside in the winter is the best way to beat cabin fever, but sometimes we just want to stand around a bonfire, drink beer, and talk about how cold it is.  With events planned throughout the winter weekends there is always something to do, and an excuse not to exert yourself too much. From the popular Winter Carnivals in Long Lake and Raquette Lake, to vintage snowmobile races on the pond, to guided winter birding weekends, it isn’t hard to find something to do on the weekend that doesn’t entail frostbite or physical exhaustion.

5.  Dinner and a Movie
Tired of being outside and wearing 23 layers at a time?  Take in a movie in one of the neighboring towns without breaking the bank.  The Indian Lake Theater and The State Theater in Tupper Lake are some of the last places in America to be able to catch a flick for under ten dollars, and just 25 minutes away.  Showing new and classic movies, both venues are a blast from the past in price point, but not amenities.

Bonus Tip: You can get Chinese food in Tupper Lake…and it’s pretty decent.

Blog by Tim Helms.

Tim Helms is a native Long Laker who enjoys everything he writes about in this article.  Tim can be found moving docks in snowstorms, skiing on his days off, pouring brews and making sandwiches at the Adk Growl and Grub, and working hard for the Long Lake Parks and Recreation Department preparing very very difficult trivia questions.  


Summer Guy Loves Long Lake in Winter

By Chris Rohner

Seward Mountain Range enveloped in low-lying clouds.  Still fortituous.

I like summer in Long Lake. My family has had a camp there for 100 years. I’ve been here every summer of my life.  I’ve never missed one. I came back from Japan just so I could get to camp before Labor Day weekend. When my first child was born and she was just five weeks old we packed her up in the car with all her stuff and took her to the woods. My family refers to our love of the Adirondacks as having “the fever”. As if it was an illness.

About 10 years ago I started coming up to Long Lake for the Winter Carnival. A few days of local community games, parades and snowmobile races that help keep this little town alive over the cold winter. As a kid I lived in Long Lake year-round for two years – that was enough indoctrination that I fell in love with the snow and ice – skiing, skating and playing in the snow. But until recently I just couldn’t find the time to get back in the winter. 

I guess I’d recommend to anyone who loves Long Lake in July to give it a shot in February. The place is exactly the same except that it’s completely different. If you think you going to find solitude in the Adirondacks in the summer just wait until you spend some time here in the winter. It could be the most peaceful place you’ll ever find. Fewer restaurants and hotels, but enough for you. And you’ll meet a whole new set of folks when you are out and about. 

Skis rented from ADK Trading Post

I rent skis at the ADK Trading Post. I ski on local trails or down the lake. This year I skied down to our summer house and stayed overnight. The house is not made for winter… it was like camping out, so I cranking the little woodstove in the cabin to stay warm. For a summer guy, it was fun to arrive at your house with snow up to your waist. But a little adventure never hurt anyone. And in fact I might suggest that we could all use a little bit more adventure in our lives. My wife and kids thinks I’m a little crazy, but they know how it makes me smile to be in the woods. I find it highly satisfying. It’s kind of like a reset button for the rest of winter before we can all return to the Adirondacks in May to open camp and begin another summer season.

View of Kempshall Mountain

From Chris’s  facebook reporting from Feb 12, 2018

“Took three hours to navigate to destination via skis to the northend. Spotted one large buck, lots of smaller tracks, and deer scratches and nesting spots. About 10 inches of snow on ground and lake, drifts up to 2-3 feet. Temps 32 until midnight, then dropped to 17. Morning nice and frosty, followed sled tracks back up the lake, no need for breaking trail, so fast in about 1hr45min. Great fun, have not spend a winter night down the lake for a very long time! All fun, but the outhouse was chilly!”

Your one stop shopping mall in Long Lake NY located on the Tupper Road.  Open year-round!

A family with a summer place on Long Lake holds a traditional ice harvest in February.  Chris happened to catch and help on his trek to the north end of Long Lake in mid-February.

Vital overnight survival supplies include one can of Genesee Beer, one bottle of milk and a saucepan to melt snow

This outhouse is closed

Got the fire going to thaw out the socks and ward off the chill in the air.

Ice Job, Fishing Derby and Poker Run Weekend 2018

February 9-10th, 2018 in Long Lake & Raquette Lake

Raquette Lake and Long Lake may be located in the central Adirondacks where generally people think of it as the place for summer escape, boating, and s’mores, but Winter time offers plenty of action and activities for everyone.  

Raquette Lake Supply has announced their annual ice job is slated for February 10th.  This long-standing tradition happens on the shores of Raquette Lake right outside of the RL Supply.  Teamwork, genuine ice cutting equipment and lots of sweat go into the cutting and storing of the ice which is used from harvest until it melts, typcially sometime in August.  This helps keep the entire building cool in the summer months.  Come over to Raquette Lake and see it for yourself and remember… if you are standing around, a little too close, you may be asked to participate! 


Plenty of activities in the Long Lake area February 9th & 10th, 2018. Visitors and residents in the area can enjoy an Ice Fishing Derby and a Poker Run.

The Long Lake Moonlighter’s invite you to participate in the Annual Poker Run spanning three communities from February 9th to February 10th. Cards will be available on Friday, February 9th at Noon at the Newcomb House located at 5699 NY-28N, Newcomb, NY 12852. And yes we are super duper excited the Newcomb House has re-opened for Snowmobile Season 2018, so make sure you stop in an let them know how happy we are they are open!

It is $10 per person and you can participate on snowmobile or by car.  Players pick up a card and receive a stamp at each location. For 2018 all ages are welcome to participate in this fun event.  Participating businesses with stamps available are

The Adirondack Hotel
Long Lake Ice Skating Rink
The Adirondack Growl & Grub
Ali Babas Liquors
ADK Trading Post
Owl’s Head Pub/Long Lake Diner
Hoss’s Country Corner
Raquette Lake Tap Room ** please note, Ice Job happening on Sat. Feb 10th. 
WW Durant Winter Boat

Upon completion of the run, players check into the Adirondack Hotel on Saturday, February 9th by 5pm. All hands must be drawn by 6pm the latest. No exceptions!  

Prizes 1st Place $200 2nd Place $125  3rd Place $75 

How does it actually work?  Players are dealt the number of cards corresponding with the number of stamps they collect. Player with the best hand wins. Travel by car, boat, bus, airplane or snowmobile. Snowmobile trails will be ready to go. For more information or a map contact 518-624-3077 or visit


The Long Lake Fish and Game Club will be hosting an Ice Fishing Derby on the waters of Lake Eaton and Long Lake on Saturday, February 10th, 2018. Registration is $25 per person at 6am at the Geiger Arena, 6 Pavilion Way, off of Deerland Road (across from the Long Lake Post Office)  On going registration will continue at the weigh in station at the Long Lake Town Beach located at 1258 Main Street.

Fish for Land-locked Salmon, Trout and Pike.  Lines in at 7am and derby ends at 3pm. There will be a 50/50 drawing benefiting the LL Fish and Game Club and cash prizes. Participants must have a valid NYS Fishing License.

The question is.. what sets this derby apart?  Long Lake and Lake Eaton are big lakes with all sorts of places to fish.  This casual derby is not high-strung.  There are cash prizes, but the atmosphere is family friendly, and all about the sport.  Come down to the Long Lake Shack which will be parked at the Town Beach to visit with our members of the Long Lake Fish and Game Club.  Great camraderie and good people and best of all.. Good FISH!  

The Ice Job on Raquette Lake has it’s roots steeped in Adirondack history.  

Looking at the Stewart’s Shop photo – can you wager a guess what year this was taken?  Send us your best guess and email it to  by Friday, February 9th.  Winner announced on FB and wins a genuine Long Lake pin! 

Catch them if you can! Lake Eaton/Long Lake Fishing Derby on Saturday, February 10th

Winter Lodging

Gabe Farr Competes 2010 Vintage Snowmobile Races

Gabe Farr with Two Racing Sleds

Feb 1, 2018 This post was originally published eight years ago! Hard to believe how fast time flies. Gabe doesn’t race anymore and he has TWO children. Gabe’s insights to the sport and his love of the event still shines through. Look for the next round of Vintage Snowsled Races sponsored by the Long Lake Lions Club on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018. Registration 8:30am, Hot Laps 10:30am, Racing at 11am. Admission for spectators $10. Kids under 16 are Free!

January 17, 2010 will mark the arrival of the Northern New York Vintage Snosled Races in Long Lake on Jennings Park Pond with races commencing at noon. The pond for your GPS can be entered as 1167 Main Street, Long Lake, NY

Gabe Farr, a native Long Laker, has been racing vintage sleds for over ten years and boasts several trophies and a few seasons back he garnered  title of Driver of the Year.  Gabe is married to his wife Kami and they have one child,  Griffin who Gabe hopes will eventually carry on the family tradition.  When not racing the circuit, Gabe works for the New York State Electric and Gas Company.

Gabe owns four sleds: 1976 440 Liquid Cooled Mercury Sno Twister, 1975 440 Free Air Mercury Sno Twister, 1975 340 Free Air Mercury Sno Twister and a 1975 340 Fan-cooled Mercury Trail Twister.

This year Gabe will travel to the World Championships in Eagle River, Wisconsin on January 6th.  His pit crew includes:  his father Brian Farr, in charge of motor and engine work and Johnny Walker, handler of fuel, antifreeze and suspensions.  He relies on the talents of his Dad and Johnny to pull him through the grueling schedule.  It is clearly a team effort and Gabe attributes his successes to the dedication of the entire group.

Gabe trains on Jennings Park Pond as soon as the ice is thick enough to plow and groom.  He races between eight and twelve times a year mainly on the Northern New York circuit.

Gabe admits his favorite place to sled is on the smaller tracks.  They may not be as fast, but do require more driver skill. The fastest he has ever been clocked was on a flooded track in Booneville at 76 mph, but his sleds are geared for up to 100mph.

Gabe races three of his four sleds in two classes for a total of six races in each competition.  There are three lap heats and five lap finals for each race.  Gabe states his training consists of practicing on the loop on the pond as often as possible which helps build his stamina and hones his skill.  This year Ryan Kitchen will ride one of Gabe’s sleds for his first time in the competitive circuit.

The Long Lake Lions Club works with the NNYVSR to bring the races to town, filling the long missed gap of the 100 Miler a notorious racing event from years past.  The Lions Club offers a variety of food and snacks from the Roach Coach.  Need a break from the cold, come on in, do some shopping and grab a bite at one of our local restaurants.

Gas, food, lodging, friendly folks are the earmark of Long Lake and we make no exception during the Vintage Races.  Please check # or for more information.

Plunging? You’ll be Feeling Long Lakey!

Long Lake is currently in a bitter arctic blast, but for the overall forecast Saturday seems to be the most tolerable day for anyone to be outside. And if you thought you wanted to plunge, but it’s just a little too cold, that’s ok, raise money and donations are encouraged!

The Feeling Long Lakey Polar Plunge is slated for Saturday, December 30th at 1pm at the Long Lake Town Beach.  The Long Lake Fire Department will be cutting a large hole in the ice starting at noon.  The plunge begins promptly at 1p.m.  All plungers are required to register at the Adirondack Hotel and have a blood pressure check.  During the plunge fire department members will be in the water to assist the plungers and ensure their safety.  

There will be three judges assessing plungers as individuals and teams.  Trophies are awarded for Most Funds Raised, Best Theme and Best Plunge Technique.  

The Long Lake Polar Plunge is unique as the plungers and or teams go in, one at a time and are encouraged to have costumes and themes.  Emcee Peter Michael Marino will be hosting. He banters with the crowd and plungers to build up the fun so get ready for laughs. The plunge is more than a plunge, its an immersive experience. (Literally and figurately) 

Peter Michael Marino will follow up his Polar Plunge emcee gig with a performance Saturday night, December 30th at the Adirondack Hotel in his one-man comic show Show Up, Long Lake Encore at 6 p.m. (More details here)

The big story in 2017 is the cold snap. The blast of arctic air enveloping the eastern seaboard has people concerned about frost bite.  Steve Caporizzo of WTEN weather out of Albany, NY spoke of the dangerous level of cold and that it should be taken seriously. Organizers of the event will evaluate the temperature and weather conditions on Saturday to assess risk to the participants. 

At this writing, on Friday afternoon at 2:55pm, the event is on. The Long Lake Rescue Squad will be taking blood pressures and be on scene at the Long Lake Town Beach in the event of an emergency.

Weather for Long Lake tomorrow at 1pm is slated to be 9 degrees. The high for the afternoon is 10 degrees. 

Historical Temperatures for previous Polar Plunges in Long Lake NY

Saturday, December 29, 2012  15 degrees with wind speed 4mph (NE)
Saturday, December 28, 2013  27 degrees
Sat Dec 27th, 2014 38 degrees
Sat Jan 2nd, 2016 25 degrees

This Plunge is to benefit High Peaks Hospice.  Funds raised will be used to support training and certification for three nurses.  Sponsor a plunger or a team.

Plungers are asked to be prepared. Plungers MUST wear shoes, which can be water shoes, tevas, sneakers, but this is a requirement.  Bring towels, blankets, change of clothes.  It is advised to have a plunging “pit crew” to hold eye glasses, towels.  Bring plastic bags for wet items.  There will be busses on site to be used for the holding pen for plungers in UNTIL they are called.  Plungers MUST stay in the bus before being called to plunge due to extreme cold temperatures as plungers go in one at a time.

There are changing areas at the Long Lake restrooms, on site.  It is advised to bring garbage bags to hold wet items.

The awards will be handed out immediately following the plunge at the Adirondack Hotel.

Long Lake Town Beach
1258 Main Street
Long Lake, NY 12847

Bonfire, warming busses and heated restrooms on site.

Mt. Sabattis Geiger Arena Opens Friday, December 15th


The Long Lake Geiger Arena Adirondack Skating Rink will open December 15th with attendant Sam Keller who will be maintaining the ice, and manning the rink. Call ahead for conditions. 518-624-3031

The Geiger Arena is an outdoor ice skating rink at Mt. Sabattis Recreation Area located at 6 Pavilion Way off of NYS Route 30 in Long Lake, across from the Long Lake Post Office. The rink offers free figure and hockey skates for visitors.  Sleds are also available to enjoy the Mt. Sabattis sledding hill.  Enjoy snacks, hot chocolate and play a game of foosball while you warm up in the skating hut. 

Look for fun events up at the Geiger this winter including a special December 23rd Christmas Caroling Bonfire starting at 6pm.  There will be bonfires throughout the season on Friday and Saturday nights.  Other events at the Geiger Arena include the Annual Winter Carnival on Saturday, January 13th, and Winter Wonderland Week from February 17th through February 24th with more events to be announced.   

Long Lake Geiger Arena Hours Starting December 15th

Regular Weekly Hours:
Monday, 2:30 p.m. -6 p.m.
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday
Thursday 2:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Friday 2:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Saturday 12 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday 12 p.m. – 6 p.m.



Sat, Dec, 23 12p.m.- 5p.m., 6-10p.m. Christmas Caroling Bonfire starting at 6 p.m.
Sun, Dec 24nd 12p.m. – 4 p.m.
Mon, Dec 25th CLOSED
Tues, Dec 26th through Sunday, December 31st 12pm-5 p.m., 6 p.m. -10 p.m.

Mon, Jan 1 – CLOSED

REGULAR HOURS BEGIN, Tuesday, January 2nd

Long Lake