Cedarlands Conservation Easement

Cedarlands Conservation Easement is located in Long Lake, NY. The easement is open to the public from September until June. It is off limits to the public during the summer months while the Boy Scout Camp is open.

Cedarlands Conservation Easement

Map of Cedarlands Conservation Easement

From Long Lake Hamlet (downtown) drive north on NY 30 and turn right onto Kickerville Lane. Go down Kickerville for 2 miles and the road turns into dirt. There are very forbidding signs on the right hand side of the dirt road that say No trespassing, private property and no clear marking for the easement property. The public does have access to the Cedarlands Conservation Easement Parking lot which is .8 miles down the dirt road on the left. Walk down the road .3 miles to three gated roads, take the gate on the left which continues the journey to Mud Pond and continues on to McRorie Lake.

You can hike to Mud Pond Mountain, but on the Cedarlands signs it is marked as OA Mountain. These trails are marked with tape and blue and silver discs. The hike offers beautiful views of McRorie Lake and the high peaks, but it’s a steep trek to get to the top. Use caution and take your time. Trail best climbed in decent weather. It is a faint path on an overgrown woods road and look for OA Trailhead sign. Use caution and always tell someone where you are going when hiking as there is no registration book at this trail site and it’s not a typical trailhead sign.

The DEC hasn’t marked these trails 100% at this writing and there are plans underway to someday make a more accesible portage to Mud Pond from the parking lot.

The hike into the woods is a pleasant wide road with some downed trees. The road is also open to biking.

The map (attached) This map has been compiled from many sources, and verified wherever possible, by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

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