Community Connector in Raquette Lake Opens

A 12.8 mile multiple use trail, named the 7th Lake Mountain trail, connecting the communities of Raquette Lake and Inlet through the Moose River Plains Wild Forest in Hamilton County is now open for public use. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today.

Snowmobile Trail Signage has been posted

The trail will provide four seasons of recreational opportunities for the public to snowmobile, hike and bike in Hamilton County. The trail connects the community of Raquette Lake in the Town of Long Lake to the towns of Indian Lake and Inlet. The new trail is joined with the current Moose River Plains Wild Forest trail system which is the center of trail system that connects to Newcomb in Essex County and Old Forge in Herkimer County.

The construction of this new multiple-use trail was approved in the 2011 Moose River Plain Wild Forest Unit Management Plan and constructed pursuant to the “Management Guidance: Snwomobile Trail Construction and Maintenance on Forest Preserve Lands in the Adirondack Park”

Ok – that’s the official word. So what really happened?

Well that’s a long story.

So here are some pictures of the ribbon cutting and a link to the map.

Riders ready to roll

Officials including Assemblyman Marc Butler were on site for the ribbon cutting. This new trail will allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy all that this rich natural resource has to offer. This was truly a cooperative effort along with the DEC, the townships, the State Snowmobile Association and the Student Conservation Assocation and it is gratifying to see such a wonderful result” said Assemblyman Marc Butler

Inlet Barnstormers had a great turnout for the ribbon cutting

Map of the new Moose River Plains Community Connector Trail

Long Lake Councilman Dean Pohl and Town Supervisor, Clark Seaman waiting for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

This trail starts on Sagamore Road in Raquette Lake and travels south for 12.8 miles into the plains. It’s a narrow trail, with lots of twists and turns and ups and downs.

The trail is 9 feet wide and starts on Sagamore Road in Raquette Lake.

It is recommended for experienced riders and not for speed. It’s a beautiful trail with access to some incredible scenery and forest. But did I mention, it’s not made for speed? Not all of the bridges have been installed yet, and is more work pending.

Interesting Fact: The Adirondacks is the most heavily traveled snowmobile region in New York garnering over 20% of the snowmobile economy of the state.

DEC crews from Regions 5 and Region 6 with assistance form the Student Conservation Association Adirondack Program, the towns of Long Lake, Inlet and Indian Lake, NYSSA and local volunteers worked tirelessly over the past six months to construct what is the most significant trail project to be undertaken in the Central Adirondacks in decades.

The Moose River Plains Wild Forest Unit Management Plan approved the construction of the 12.8 mile community connection trail and the closure of the 46 miles of snowmobile trails which existed in the more remote areas of this Wild Forest Unit. In addition, 15,000 acres of the Moose River Plains Wild Forest lands were reclassified as Wilderness.

A map of the trail may be viewed and downloaded here: Moose River Map

Thanks for the trail! We will enjoy it. Be safe.

Long Lake