Biking Trips:

Here are some great biking routes worth trying. Please note: If the DOT designates an area as a “bike route” bikers are required by law to use it and not the main highway lane.

Route 28N/30 and Route 28 The entire distance to North Creek is a bike route. (approx 40 miles).

Route 28 South through Raquette Lake is a bike route, but the shoulders are narrow. Use caution.

Route 30 North towards Tupper Lake includes designated bike paths.

Great loop includes Long Lake – Blue Mountain – Indian Lake – North Creek – Minerva – Newcomb Loop. From Long Lake follow Route 28N/30 south to Blue Mt. Lake and turn left onto Route 28 east to North Creek and then back onto Route 28N through Minerva and Newcomb.

Endion Road in Long Lake. A winding paved town road, 2 miles. Look for Endion Rd. intersecting with Route 30 on the left side of the highway, North of Long Lake Village.

North Point Road. This paved county highway begins 3.2 miles southwest of the LL Town Hall off route 28N/30. (Deerland Rd) It is about 11 more miles to the end at North Point, near the edge of Raquette Lake. Please use caution, there is plenty of New York State land to explore and visit, including Buttermilk Falls and Forked Lake. Please be cautious and do not go on private property.

Sabattis Road. Travel 6 miles northwest on Route 30 (Towards Tupper Lake) you will reach Sabattis Road on the left. Ride 12 more miles to the end of the road to see the abandoned railroad tracks part of the Adirondack Railway running from Utica to Lake Placid.

A link to NY recreational webmap is available here. Use the icons on the upper left of the map to layer hiking or biking trails in our area.

Adirondack Interactive Trail Map


Long Lake