Dina Kennedy, Energy Healer in Long Lake, Year-Round!

Dina Kennedy is an Energy Healer, and Spiritual Growth Coach specializing in health and wellness.  Dina offers a wide range of services which can be personalized to the client and her studio space is open year-round.  A visit to the Adirondacks has historically been a place to re-connect with nature and rejuvenate the soul.  Dina’s services provide an opportunity to relax in the most serene locations reconnecting body, mind and spirit.  Dina strives to help clients release and reduce stress, move towards balance, joy and hope in every day life.  Dina works with clients to help heal, speed up, and repair physical injury, whether from surgery or other trauma. Dina works with clients in a variety of ways, via the phone, skype, in the office, via email or through distance healing. Her Long Lake studio is located at 2301 Tupper Road.  For more information check out her website www.dinakennedy.com

Dina Kennedy Energy Healer
Long Lake