Fall Foliage 2014

This is the best time of year to get out. The swamp maples are red, the yellows are yellow, the greens are green.. well the foliage is terrific. It suddenly popped just in the last few days. Was it rain, was it sun, was it a combination of both? Who knows? All I know is I was invited out in a 1945 Gar Wood today which was amazing and seeing the lake in this classic boat was a real treat! Then I hopped in the car, drove down Endion Road and also skirted out to Sabattis County Route 10 and then circled around back on the Tupper Road south on route 30 to head back into Long Lake.

There’s going to be plenty of incredible sites this weekend. We have plenty to do. Joan Collins will be hiking into Lows Ridge, there are still spots available, contact our office at 518-624-3077 to check in and sign up. This hike is free and there will be $12 boxed lunch delivered to you on the trail! Indian Lake will be hosting the Moose Festival and Tupper Lake has their annual OckTupperFest. Lots to see and do around the area. Make Long Lake your home base to explore!

Long Lake