Fiddle Jam Postponed 2011

With deep regret the Long Lake Parks and Rec Department has postponed the Spring Blossom Fiddle Jam slated for Sunday, May 1st. Unfortunately due to a State of Emergency by the Town of Long Lake it was recommended to reschedule the event for another time when all roads are open to full traffic.

At this time Route 30 from Blue Mt. Lake to Long Lake has limited vehicular traffic. No tractor trailers or log trucks are permitted from Blue Mt. Lake to Long Lake. All truck traffic is being diverted to Newcomb on Route 28N as trucks are not allowed through downtown Long Lake over the Long Lake Bridge on Route 30 until further notice.

Passenger vehicles have been getting through at their own risk.

We will reschedule with Frank Orsini and The Whippersnappers and Donnie Perkins and the Family Band for a future date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Always call ahead. All events are subject to change without notice.
May 1, 2011


Long Lake