Fish and Game Club 100 Bird Shot Wrap Up

This year was as exciting as it can get for the 100 Bird Shoot. Great weather, good entertainment, lots of shooters and plenty of food. The new Pat Traps worked like a charm. There were 108 contestants. The campground was full. Some folks showed up 3 to 4 days early to enjoy the area for golf and kayaking. Friday night the Club provided a local band to show our appreciation. It was the night of the Blue Moon and the skies were clear and the dancing fast.

Bill Callanan began registration at 7 am and shooting started at 8 am. Our kitchen help whipped up breakfast sandwiches and lunch.


The list of winners are: High Junior – Ian Woodrick (95); High Lady – Tracy Schrom (93); High Veteran – Roy Darrow (96); Runner up – Joe Fredericks – (99); Champion – Randy Schrom – (99); High Team – Long Lake (485), team members – Joe Fredericks (99), Rick Liberty (98), Jared McCellean (97), Doug LaFrance (96) and Andy Pauls (95).


It needs to be noted that there was a three way shot off for champion and the Long Lake team consists of best hunters of the Orange Gate Camp. Many thanks to all the Club members that put in so much time in getting the field ready of this event. Vice President – John Pearson was tireless with all the projects. Donn Riffenburg for overseeing the Pat Traps. Jeff Canton and Al Innis setting up the kitchen. Karen Riffenburg and Angie Fink for serving the food. Duane Finch and Fred Fink on keeping the clay birds flying. Shawn Wright for scoring all day long with help from Vern Javes and many others. A special thank you to George Agorta and son Andy for providing the breakfast sandwiches. We look forward to putting on this shoot again next year and reuniting with friends.

The next Fish and Game Club Event is August 14th and 15th. It is the Long Lake Black Bear Annual Championship. It involves 2700 Match Bullseye Pistol Match. Come look and see what goes on. Shooting starts Friday 9am to 2pm and Saturday, 9am to 2pm. Cash Prizes. Camping available. Contact 518-624-2145 or via email Registration is the day of the match. The Location is 8196 Newcomb Road, Long Lake, NY. State Bulleyes match is Sept 18th & 19th, 2015. More events coming up include Hardball Shooting and Distinguished Revolver. Become a member of the Long Lake Fish & Game Club!


If you are interested in more information about the Long Lake Fish Game Club email

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