Frosty Foliage Alert

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Heron in Shaw Pond

Heron in Shaw Pond[/Long Lake had two days in a row 9-30 & 10-1 where snow fell out of the sky. Two separate couples, summer residents (formerly winter residents) packed their bags and hightailed it out of Long Lake.. .I guess you’d call them snowbirds. Fare-the-well… we’ll be here waiting for you after the ice thaws!

The geese are honking as they fly out of dodge. It’s better than them taking residence on the Town Ball Field, which frankly is a bit of a menace for our soccer players & games. But as it cools off and the flowers turn brown, the geese will flee too.

On a mission to take scenic shots. Saw a heron at Shaw Pond and got a terrific view from the north end of town from a buddies’ beautiful property. A glorious view, don’t know how she leaves the homestead everyday.. and she’s a real woman too because she plows her own driveway and let me tell you, it’s not short. But that is a tale for another day.

Feeling Long Lakey! Harvest Festival Next Weekend should be a good time. We have McGill’s coming from Utica, a yummy food vendor, fried dough, chicken riggies and other yummy treats. Not to mention the assorted crafts that will be for sale and then the infamous… PUMPKIN DROP. We’ll have a panel of celebrity guest judges who make the call as to the best splatter.

Long Lake