Ladies Frying Pan Toss Rules

Ladies Only Event slated for 3:30pm Sat. Jan 16.  All times are approximate, please be patient.

This Looks Nothing Like the Frying Pan We Use

Pan will be provided, no practicing prior to event, except in your own backyard!  Everyone throws the same pan. 

No food allowed on the pan.

No special resin allowed on hands before tossing. 

Throw underhand.

Decapitation of any spectator is grounds for disqualification.   

Winner is selected based on distance after the pan comes to a complete stop.  Where the pan hits the ground has no bearing on the final decision of the judges.   Distance after complete stop is the measurement used.   

Competitors must register by signing in on clipboard marked
Ladies Frying Pan Toss.  

You may only throw once and no one can throw for you.

You must be 18 or older to compete in this event. 

Steroid use will not be tolerated.

Judges decisions will be final.

Costumes are encouraged, but have nothing to do with the actual rules of the event.

All rules can be changed day of event as can the schedule of all events.

Long Lake