The Long Lake/Raquette Lake Hiking/Paddling Challenge

Completed rows can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

No deadlines for completion.
Hike/Paddles from 2020 are eligible

Please do not access easement lands when closed.
*GCS = Great Camp Sagamore Historic Easement
Cedarlands & John Dillon Park have easement restrictions.


Please check NYSDEC website 





Complete one row on front of card for Dunning Cruiser Patch
Complete two or more rows for Rondeau Rambler Patch
Complete entire card for Sabattis Max Patch
Patches are $5 each
Send $5 and completed cards or copies of card to:

Town of Long Lake Challenge
PO Box 496
Long Lake, NY 12847

Please follow Leave No Trace Principals. Visit loveyouradk.com for info.

Earn all three patches! 

Take your time, and everyone is welcome to collect all three patches.  Work your way through the challenge. There’s no rush! But as you complete the card you can collect additional patches.

Please note: Patches will not be ready to go until August 2021. So please be patient!  There will be a roster of completed challenges on this page! 

PADDLING! To qualify for the Challenge – any amount of paddling on any listed water way is acceptable.  Please follow all navigation laws, wear a lifejacket and familiarize yourself with safety getting in and out of your paddling watercraft. 




1. Shane Holmes, Long Lake, NY – ALL LEVELS COMPLETED 1.. 7/31/2021. Dunning, Rondeau & Sabattis 

2. Doree Holmes, Long Lake, NY – ALL LEVELS COMPLETED 2.. 7/31/2021 Dunning, Rondeau & Sabattis 

3. Cory Rinella, Queensbury, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/15/21

4. Maria Rinella, North River, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/15/21, Rondeau Rambler Completed  9/6/21

5. Vinnie Rinella, North River, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/15/21, Rondeau Rambler Completed  9/6/21

6. Kylie Rinella, Winter Garden, FL – Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/15/21

7. Hailey Rinella, Winter Garden, FL – Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/15/21

8. Vincent J. Rinella III, Winter Garden, FL – Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/15/21

9. Vincent J. Rinella IV, Winter Garden, FL – Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/15/21

10. Colby Rinella, Rochester NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/3/21

11. Sage Rinella, Rochester, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/3/21

12. Kathi Weidman, York, PA – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/23/21

13. Tony Martell, York, PA – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/23/21

14. Ellen Woodworth, – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/23/21

15. Julie Mattina, Cazenovia, NY- Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/17/21

16. Nancy Sellers, Cazenovia, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/17/21

17. Cathy Herrling, Elbridge, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/24/21

18. Jack Irvine, Saratoga & Long Lake, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/26/21

19. Molly Irvine, Saratoga & Long Lake, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/26/21

20. Carol Irvine, Saratoga & Long Lake, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed

21. Jeremy Lince, Fort Plain, NY – Dunning Cruiser – Completed 7/13/21

22. Donielle Lince, Fort Plain, NY – Dunning Cruiser – Completed 7/13/21

23. David Pepper, LeRoy, NY – Dunning Cruiser – Completed 8/4/21

24. Patty Holdredge, Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/30/21, Rondeau Rambler Completed 9/29/21

25. John Holdredge, Dunning Cruiser Completed 7/30/21, Rondeau Rambler Completed 9/29/21

26. Joyce Rodella, Penn Hills, PA Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/13/21

27. Deb Fox, Summerville, PA  Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/13/21

28. Dan Nielsen, Indian Lake, NY Dunning Cruiser Completed 8/13/21

29. Thomas Penders, Queensbury, NY ALL LEVELS COMPLETED 3.. 8/26/2021. Dunning, Rondeau & Sabattis 

30. Noelle McCrum, Chestertown, Dunning Cruiser & Rondeau Rambler Completed 9/10/21  Sabattis Max Completed. 5/20/22 ALL LEVELS COMPLETED.6 5/20/2022

31. Susan Sliva, Chestertown, Dunning Cruiser & Rondeau Rambler Completed 9/10/21 Sabattis Max Completed 5/20/22 ALL LEVELS COMPLETED 7. 5/20/2022

32. Rose M. Wagner, Gansevoort, NY, Dunning Cruiser Completed 9/30/21

33. Gerard J. Wagner, Gansevoort, NY, Dunning Cruiser Completed 9/30/21

34. Robert G. Williams III, Waterville, NY, Dunning & Rondeau Completed 10/8/21

35. Lisa Cavi, Queensbury,NY Dunning Completed 10/8/21

36. Glen Cavi, Queensbury, NY Dunning Completed 10/8/21

37. Carolyn Koestner, Dunning Cruiser Completed 10/23/21

38. Becca Halter, Dunning Cruiser Completed 10/23/21

39. Lenore Reber, Saratoga Springs & Indian Lake, NY- ALL LEVELS COMPLETED 4. 10/23/2021. Dunning, Rondeau & Sabattis ** Choose your own spot Sagamore Lake

40. Jack Reber, Saratoga Springs & Indian Lake, NY – ALL LEVELS COMPLETED. 5 10/23/2021. Dunning, Rondeau & Sabattis ** Choose your own spot Sagamore Lake

41. Doreen Curtin, Morrisonville, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 10/12/21

42. Mike Gagnier, Morrisonville, NY – Dunning Cruiser Completed 10/12/21

43. Barbara Blum, Brant Lake – Dunning Cruiser & Rondeau Rambler Completed  5/20/2022

44. George Kushner, Bridgewater, NJ Dunning Cruiser Completed 5/14/2022


This section is organized in alphabetical order (like the back of the card) 

Hike – 3-Brook Loop – (Moderate) 5.2 Miles. Access this trail off of the Southern Access to the Northville-Placid Trail in Long Lake located along Newcomb Road, Route 28N. This 5.2 mile trek will loop you along a x-c ski loop as used in the winter. Stay on the trail to access Mt. Sabattis Overlook and you can knock of TWO challenges in one day! 



Hike – Buttermilk Falls – Easy. 0.2 miles.  Access off of North Point Road, County Route 3 just off of Deerland Road/Route 30 in Long Lake, NY.  This is a super-duper, short and easy trail with an outstanding waterfall. There are some rocky scrambles to get down to the base of the falls, but work all the steps. Use caution after rainfall as the rocks get slippery.  Expect heavy visitor traffic to one of the most popular destinations in Long Lake. 

Hike – Cascades – (Easy)  Located in Raquette Lake, NY off of Route 28 and Sagamore Road, adjacent to the Great Camp Sagamore Historic Complex.  This 1.5 mile one-way trail stretches along the western bank of the outlet stream from Sagamore Lake.  The hike ends at South Inlet Falls. Great spot for a picnic.  Use caution, crossing the waterway to access the other side is not advised! (and not part of the challenge, so just do the Powerhouse Trail on another day!)

Hike – Catlin Bay – 1.7 miles one-way. Easy.  Access this off the Northern access to the Northville-Placid Trail in Long Lake, NY off of Tarbell Hill Road. Lean-to and picnic area available. 

From the intersection of Route 28 and Route 30 in the Town of Long Lake follow Route 28N toward Newcomb. Continue on 28N for about 3-miles to Tarbell Hill Road on the left. Follow Tarbell Hill Road for about 1-mile to the parking for the Northville/Placid Trail on the right. The trail is 100-feet further, just over the hill on the right.


Paddle – County Line Flow – Parking lot located 1/2 between Long Lake & Newcomb. This is a conservation easement on private lands and so there are special restrictions that apply. Fishing is not allowed from the shore of the flow but is allowed from the banks of Fishing Brook upstream of the flow. From County Line flow there are views of Kempshall Mountain to the northwest, Windfall Mountain to the south and Goodnow Mountain to the east-southeast. You can paddle well over two miles upstream on Fishing Brook as long as you don’t mind negotiating some blockages and beaver dams. There is a short carry from your car to the put-in.



Hike – Death Brook Falls – Easy – Raquette Lake. Parking lot is located off of route 28 across from Golden Beach campground. 0.2 miles one way.  Unique brook and waterfall. Family Friendly. 


Hike – Ferd’s Bog – Easy – 0.4 miles to a floating platform walk. Trail head is located approx 5 miles down Uncas Road traveling from Raquette Lake. There is a hill and wooded trail, leading you to a floating walkway and bog.  Your shoes might get wet! Popular spot for birders. 

Ferd’s Bog Info


Paddle – Forked Lake – Easy  Start at the Forked Lake Campground. To put your boat in at the state campground you will have to obtain a day-use permit and pay a small fee. These can be obtained on site at the caretaker cabin. Also, as another amenity, there are state DEC canoe rentals for you to use to get to and from your campsite or to just enjoy the water.   When out on the lake be sure to explore the many fingers of the pond including going up the Raquette River to the rapids. The eastern end near the campground is where the dam resides; you will not be able to paddle further downstream. 

**To qualify for the Challenge – any amount of paddling on any listed water way is acceptable.  Please follow all navigation laws, wear a lifejacket and familiarize yourself with safety getting in and out of your paddling watercraft. 


Hike – John Dillon Park – Long Lake, NY.  2150 Tupper Road, Long Lake, NYAll persons entering International Paper John Dillon Park must register at the Welcome Center. Day use hours are from 9 AM to 6 PM. Proof of a valid rabies inoculation must be provided before any dog is allowed in a campground. All of our over 3 miles of trails are built be be accessible to everyone. The steepest grade is 8% over a very short section of trail. Most of the trails are under a 6% grade.

**Pick as long or as short an adventure. Mix and match! Family friendly! Access is free!


Paddle – Lake Eaton – Day Use Fee.  1671 Tupper Road, Long Lake, NY.

Launch at the Lake Eaton State Campground for a day-use fee. Explore the shorelines and waterways.  Lake Eaton also has boat rentals available. 


Paddle – Little Tupper Lake – Located in the Whitney Wilderness off of Sabattis Road. Little Tupper Lake is six miles long. Moderate winds can create rough water suddenly. Use extreme caution. During periods of rough weather, canoeists are advised to stay near shore. If you a novice paddler, this is not recommended in windy conditions.  


Paddle – Long Lake – Access this lake from the Long Lake Town Beach, or the state boat launch at the end of Dock Lane. This is a 14 mile long lake. Long Lake is 14 miles long and winds coming down the lake can create large waves. During periods of rough weather, paddlers are advised to stay near shore. The lake can be accessed via the DEC Long Lake Boat Launch.

This is part of Northern Forest Canoe Trail and the Raquette River Corridor. Long Lake, being so long, is divided into a North and South section which is split by Route 30 Bridge and the Village of Long Lake. With ample paddling, there are also several miles of trails that skirt the shore, as well as plenty of camping opportunities along the way. All of this makes for an easy destination to plan for an extended stay.

** Remember – a paddle of any length is acceptable for this challenge! 


Hike – Lower Sargent Pond – Moderate.  2.2 From the trailhead you will remain on a very flat course and quickly come to Grass Pond which can be seen just slightly off the trail.  

Driving Directions. Start at the three corners in Long Lake drive south toward Blue Mountain Lake on Route 28N/30. North Point Road will be on the right, in 3.0 miles – drive down North Point Road. There will be a fork in the road a few miles in; right leads to Forked Lake Campsite, left to the trailhead. The trailhead will be marked with state DEC signs on the left side of the road at 4.6 miles.




Hike – Mt. Sabattis Overlook – Moderate. Start at Mt. Sabattis Recreation Center in Long Lake, NY located at 6 Pavilion Way. Parking available at the Geiger Arena & Tennis Courts or up at the Mt. Sabattis Pavilion.  Hike approx 0.2 mile up a gravel road to access the clearing atop of Mt. Sabattis. Former site of the Hotel Sagamore Golf Course and Long Lake Ski Center. Use this trail to access the Northville Placid Hiking Trail – Hub Connector Trail. Beautiful views of Long Lake. Remember if you carry it in, carry it out.  There is no overnight camping permitted. 


Paddle – Mud Pond – Cedarlands Easement located at the end of Kickerville Road in Long Lake, NY.  Travel to the end of Kickerville Road, pass the stone gatehouse and proceed down a private dirt Road.  Travel along this corridor for a mile or so and there will be a NYSDEC Parking lot on the left. Park there and unload your boat. There is a newly constructed 0.5 miles carry to the put in at Mud Pond.  Access to this pond is open year-round from the Parking Lot Only. There is alternative access from August 23rd until June 23rd every year.  Continue past the state parking lot to drop off watercraft at the gate to access. But you must park your car at the state parking lot. There is only unloading and loading available at the gates to access Mud Pond and Mud Pond Mountain.


Hike – Mud Pond Mountain -Moderate/Hard –  Cedarlands Easement** PUBLIC ACCESS ONLY OPEN BETWEEN AUGUST 24TH & JUNE 24TH (Closed mid-Summer) In order to get to Mud Pond Mountain, you will need to park in the designated parking and hike the 6.6 miles round trip. You will need to pay close attention for the Mud Pond Mountain trailhead marker to the summit on your left near the halfway point. The sign says “OA Trailhead” (Order of the Arrow) – a name the boy scouts gave to the mountain. Along the way, you will pass by Mud Pond and McRorie Lake outlet.

This trail is on the Cedarlands Conservation Easement. The hike to Mud Pond Mountain is along a dirt road and a foot trail to the summit with a rocky scramble to the top.  Turn left to the trail to the top of Mud Pond Mountain. The  climb up is steep and passes a false-summit, and then the trail rises and falls, before emerging at the top of the mountain.Expansive views of Kempshall Mountain, McRorie Lake and Long Lake and the High Peaks can be seen and enjoyed.     

It is 2.5 miles from the parking area to the start of the trail, so round trip 5 miles excluding the trail itself.  The trail itself up and down is 1.6 miles. So is approx 6.6 miles round trip from parking lot and back. 



Hike – Nature Trail – Easy. The Long Lake Nature trail is best accessed from the Long Lake Municipal Lot located at 1179 Main Street.  Travel along a path from the town ball field along Jenning’s Park Pond. Enjoy the views of this pond, and three interpretive signs to identify the wilds and wonders all around us.  Use caution and don’t venture off the path or you may run into some poison ivy! 

MAP OF LONG LAKE NATURE TRAIL  map courtesy of adirondackatlas.org

Hike – Owls Head Mountain – (Moderate to Difficult) – This is a 3.2 Mile hike one-way to the summit. Trail head is located on Endion Road off of NYS Route 30. Starts out with some elevation then levels off for about two miles.  Last mile of the hike is a bit of a scramble, lots of roots and climbing up and must be vigilant with your footing. Fire Tower. Great Views. 


Paddle – Raquette Lake – The many bays of this large lake, boasting over 100 miles of shoreline will provide hours of exploration.  Keep your eyes out for historic Great Camps. Explore the two-mile channel of South Inlet and Brows Tract Inlet. ** Remember for this challenge you may paddle as much or as little as you want. There is no mileage expectation for paddling!


Paddle – Round Lake – Round Lake access via Sabattis Road, County Route 10 off of NYS Route 30. The Round Lake waterway access site into the Little Tupper Lake outlet provides access to Round Lake and the eastern portion of Little Tupper Lake. There are 11 designated campsites on Round Lake. Explore your exploration. 


Hike – Sagamore Lake – Great Camp Sagamore Historic Complex, Raquette Lake, NY. 3.7 miles to complete a loop trail. Family friendly, relatively level in wooded area. Catch glimpses of Sagamore Lake from the trail. 


Hike – Slim Pond – (Moderate) 2 miles one-way. Located off of Route 28 1 mile east of Golden Beach Campground in Raquette Lake. Slim Pond Trail is a 4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Raquette Lake, New York that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options. The trail is marked with blue trail markers and follows parts of old logging roads. 


Paddle – South Pond – Public access to this pond is located off of Route 28N/30 just outside of Long Lake, NY as you head towards Blue Mt. Lake. There is a sizable parking lot.  There is a steep carry, herd path to access South Pond. 


Hike – Upper Sargent Pond – (Moderate) Located off of North Point Road (approx 6.2 miles from NYS Route 30) in Long Lake, NY.   This trail is 1.2 miles one way. Ends at a nice pond. 



Long Lake Parks and Recreation has developed a Hiking and Paddling Challenge and it is now officially launched! It includes a variety of hikes and paddles in the region stretching from Long Lake to Raquette Lake.  There are 24 activities on the card with over 50 miles of hiking, 3 mountains, one Adirondack Great Camp and nine paddles enabling participants to achieve a variety of patches.
It looks like Bingo, but it’s a little different!
Complete one row and you will be an Alvah Dunning Cruiser. 

Alvah Dunning was an experienced guide and hunter who wanted to live a simple life. He lived his life off fish and game and sharing his knowledge with sportsmen who traveled to the region in the 1800s.  He moved around to avoid the influx of tourists visiting the Adirondacks newly developed tourist destinations. He lived in Blue Mountain Lake, then on to Raquette Lake where he made homes at Indian Point, Osprey Island, Brown’s Tract, and Golden Beach .  Dunning starting hunting and trapping at the young age of six and guiding his first solo excursion at the age of 11 and died in 1906.
Complete two or more rows of the challenge to become a Rondeau Rambler, named after Noah John Rondeau the hermit who lived in Cold River Country.


Rondeau was an infamous Adirondack Hermit who built himself two cabins and several wigwams, and lived on trout, local game, and greens. He lived alone in Cold River City from 1929 until the blowdown of 1950 when he had to leave due to the forced closure of the area after the 1950 blowdown.
If you complete the entire card you will be rewarded with a Sabattis Maximum patch named after Adirondack Guide and Long Lake legend, Mitchell Sabattis.

Sabattis first came to Long Lake at the age of 8. Sabattis was known for his fearlessness and hunting prowess. He guided and fished in the woods of the Adirondacks and made Long Lake his home until he died in 1906. 
The selections of trails and paddles were made in collaboration between with Long Lake local  outdoor enthusiasts Shane and Doree Holmes along with guidance, and suggestions from the NYSDEC Region 5 staff and rangers.

The goal of the challenge is to get everyone outside to recreate on trails and waterways they may not have otherwise discovered.  Some adventures are short and easy with a variety of terrain, views and unique places along the way.  
Participants will be asked to keep track of when they complete their hikes and can submit for a patch as soon as one row is complete. This is not a year-round challenge as lakes and ponds freeze thereby making paddling impossible. There is no deadline or timetable associated with this card. Take as long as you need to complete the challenge. If you got outside in 2020 and already completed some of these tasks, feel free to document them to count toward your accomplishments.
Some of the challenges utilize NYS DEC Conservation Easement lands and are not always open all the time.  Participants are asked to check out the rules and regulations, and open dates. More details will be available on-line at mylonglake.com/hiking-challenge as the web page evolves.

Visitors will be directed to the Cedarlands Easement, John Dillon Park, County Line Flow Waterway Easement off of Route 28N.  Please note that the Cedarlands Easment is only open from August 24th until June 24th, but paddling access to Mud Pond is open year-round. John Dillon Park is located on NYS Route 30 and open only during the summer months.
While completing the tasks of the challenge everyone is asked to please adhere to the 7 Principals of Leave No Trace,  and take the pledge at www.loveyouradk.com
For waterway challenges, any amount of paddling is acceptable. If it says paddle Long Lake or Raquette Lake, you can paddle as much or as little as you can handle, but please use common sense and wear lifevest and follow all NYS navigation laws. Take a lesson on how to get in and out of your canoe or kayak and get comfortable before venturing out. Check out boat rentals at Birds Marina, Burkes Marina in Raquette Lake or Another Paradise Cove or Long Lake Marina in Long Lake.  
Many of the paddles listed have short carries from the car to the water, so be prepared to use some muscle to get your boat in the water. A log of those who complete the challenges will be posted at mylonglake.com/hiking-challenge


Patch Update! We didn’t want to delay the challenge, so the patches are NOT ready to go yet.  But if you complete the challenge before they arrive, we will take your name and information and log it on the site and as soon as our merch arrives, we will get it out to you!  We ask for patience during this time!  Thank you so much. We can’t wait to get underway! 

Questions email longlake@mylonglake.com  

Long Lake