Jumping Thru Hoops to make Orbs

The E-Lumination installation continues in Long Lake, day two.  The day picked up at location number 2 located at the intersection of Deerland Rd and Owl’s Head Lane.

Day Two 8:17am Ethel's House

Day Two 8:17am Ethel's House

The location had been procured the day before via a phone call to the gentleman renting the place.   Thanks Mike!  Permission had to be granted to allow trucks and a front loader on the property as well as access to electricity to operate the slide projectors which will be in use starting on Friday night.

AT 8am, Thursday morning Scott and Matt started to take the boards off the second eight foot by eight foot mold of snow.  The screws were cold and uncooperative.   Scott announced he locked Matt’s key’s in Matt’s truck.  Matt arrived with a Maxwell House tin can ready collect hardware.

Structure awaits more attention

Hours later they make their third mold at the site of the Blarneystone.  Sides off boasts a  hardened form with the texture and solid lines sliced like a cake. The sides appearing  in clouds of dirt, salt and a sprinkle of snowstorm season on the side of the 2nd “borg” box.

Jackie and John Heron gave permission for the third site, the former site of the Blarneystone for the town and artists Scott Fuller and Matt Burnett to install the structure.  Now all we need is permission from one more land owner to get power…(please note: hoop)  We’ll see where we get tomorrow.  Fourth and final location, the Long Lake Spillway.  Historic Fun Question:  This spillway was built during the depression.  True or False?

The Orbs View from the Spillway

One by one.  The sides of improvised wooden boxes come off, but square they shall not remain.

The setting forms  hold their structure, and the artists embark on the challenge to create circular magic.  Mold the squares into orbs and illuminate them with light.  What kind of light?  Winter, cold, Long Lakey images to change every night.   Observe, enjoy, have a cocktail party near the lights. Check back for the contest trivia questions.  Winner receives an original Matt Burnett artwork.

The four locations for the orbs are the  Blarneystone, Spillway, Ethel’s house, Mt. Sabattis.  Wondering, what will they project on these borgs?

We are too… stay tuned…

This project is made possible in part from support from the following organizations: The Arts Council for the Northern Adirondacks, New York State Foundation for the Arts, The Adirondack Museum, The Town of Long Lake, Union College, St. Lawrence University, Gillis Reality and with public funds from the New York State Council of the Arts Decentralization Regrant Program. In Hamilton County the Decentralization Program is administered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts in Blue Mountain Lake.

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