Killer Whale Coming to Long Lake

The Town of Long Lake announces the purchase of a Killer Whale Submarine.

While Killer Whales are not native to the region, that did not inhibit economic developers from introducing this unique brand strategy to attract tourists to the region.

“Since the Adirondacks are over 6 million years old with over 3000 fresh water lakes and ponds and streams and rivers and Killer Whales are a very very old species that swim and live in water it was easy to connect the two fundamental ideas. We submitted the 27 page proposal to the Federal Whale Protection Fund part of the Global Challenged Initiative to Better the Human Race. We also matched our grant proposal with funding from the Wildlife and Human Connect Fund and with the Freshwater and Ocean Funding Plan and the Rural Tourism Hope Fund application. We were awarded 90 thousand dollars cash in a brown paper bag near the Long Lake Town Beach bathrooms,” said committee representative Olga Halstead.


Other local representatives on the committee to Reinvent the Economy say the whale rides will be launched at the Long Lake Town beach starting this summer.

When asked if the lake is deep enough for a fake killer whale, the representatives of the grant application said, “we’re more worried about rocks and large pike”

The Town of Long Lake will announce the launch date when the ice goes out which is expected in August.

Long Lake