Long Lake Adirondack Ice Fest

The Ice Farm has arrived. At noon on Friday, February 3 Stan Kolonko and his sculpting partner Chris Uyehara installed the Raquette Lake Loon at the Raquette Lake Free Union School after a great lunch at the Raquette Lake Tap Room where they were regaled by local lore and jokes from the crowd.

Stan uses a lift, a handtruck and protects his ice in cardboard sheets. It took an entire week to produce the 18 blocks of ice that will be used in the Long Lake/Raquette Lake Ice Fest Event this weekend.

Stan's cart of tools used for the sculpture

Each block of ice weighs 300 pounds and Stan makes it himself at his farm. He uses a special Clinebell machine to freeze the ice. He has three of these units with two tanks. Each tank holds one block of ice and it takes three days to freeze.

Stan and Chris used three blocks of ice weighing over 300 pounds each for the Raquette Lake Logo. Care was given to the location for the sculpture to avoid a location too close to the road so the salt doesn’t kick up and melt it too quickly.

Lou Burke, Stan Kolonko, Bob Brewster, Claudia Brewster, Erik Arsenault, Danielle Gagnier and Chris Uyehara. Photo by Alexandra Roalsvig

The largest ice sculpture Stan has ever made was 30 feet tall.

This summer he will be showcasing at the Syracuse State Fair with over 500 blocks of ice on display.

Buttercup is being carved this afternoon, February 3rd at the Long Lake Town Offices at 1130 Deerland Road.

On Saturday the schedule is

8am The Long Lake Diner – Eat Breakfast!
10am Hoss’s Country Corner – T-Shirt Sale
12:00pm Long Lake Library – Kids Reading Hour
2:00pm The Shamrock Motel and Cottages – Delicious Warm Beverage served
3:30pm Mt. Sabattis – This sculpture will be the largest with five blocks of ice – you don’t want to miss this! Free Hot chocolate & popcorn too!

Come on out and watch world class artisans at work with their chainsaws, grinders, chisels, torches and newspaper.

Long Lake